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  1. I have a feeling it might be a S:UF/Zombie/Tempesto/Phear Coaster clone, just seems logical to me. It's taller, has a short ride time, reasonably priced (I think, not sure of the actual cost)
  2. The last large Dive Machine opened 7 years ago, B&M very well could have slightly changed their track style by now. It's definitely a non-inverted coaster looking at the ties. Diving Coaster in China doesn't have flat cross ties either.
  3. This. I knew of the layout obviously as it's being built in my home park, but I've never felt airtime like that before on anything, so I had no idea what I was about to be in for when I rode it in the back the first time ever.
  4. Thats awesome!!! How would you compare it then to today? Besides the lift slow down making the first drop not as insane, it's basically unchanged. I was expectinf a drastic rougher ride because the last time I rode it before this year was in 2007, and the first two times I went this year it was 35 degrees and running slow, but i went about 2 weeks ago and it was 90 degrees out and it brought me back to 2006, smooth, intense, the only thing different was no Rolling Thunder, i wouldn't say the ride changed much at all, it aged very well.
  5. Today is El Toro's 9th birthday! It opened June 11th, 2006 and I got to be the first GP person to ride in the back row
  6. Last time I was at the park was May 26th and B & C were running perfectly fine, C was especially smooth. I only ride in the back row so I can't speak for the rest of the trains, but I'd find it hard pressed to believe the trains got significantly worse in 2 weeks.
  7. I have a basically useless season pass for this season. I've luckily been there 3 times and got on everything, but now that I've broken up with my partner (his choice), I basically have no way to go, as we'd go together. It sucks, but maybe I'll still figure out a way to go. I hope KK is up and running as fast as possible regardless. I got on it in April when we first went, it was rough, but still fun.
  8. I'll be there tomorrow all day, it's gonna be hot, but hopefully school and work keeps people away.
  9. Why even bother dirtying clothing? You guys should just show up naked. It's a win win situation!
  10. SFGAdv- The only park where you can ride 5 different B&M ride styles (Stand up, Flying, Hyper, Floorless, Invert) along with an Intamin Strata/PreFab.
  11. *Has flashbacks of that random user coming in here saying the Lake front is going to look drastically different next year and it's going to be an amazing photo op* So maybe there was some truth to his random posts, but if it's that far marked off. Seems like a pretty large attraction.
  12. Paramore. Last night in NYC at Beacon Theatre. My bangover from the show is ridiculous but they were perfect. 'Future' live is now my all time favorite live song, and it's even better than the studio version. Here are some of my videos (I was in the last row of the upper balcony, but that didn't stop me from going just as wild as Hayley on stage) I almost fell into the seats in front of me, and fell into my chair multiple times from jumping/headbanging. https://instagram.com/p/2XXOwBwyMB/ https://instagram.com/p/2XXXSAQyML/ https://instagram.com/p/2XXUT2wyMG/ Actual best show I've ever been to, even better than when I saw them in 2008.
  13. So you can't put your hands up on the launch of Ka anymore? I do it all the time. I just use closed fists so it doesn't snap my arms back from the drag of open palms
  14. In my opinion Sea Dragons and Pharaoh's Fury are equal. I love me a good ole Pharaoh's Fury.
  15. Not to derail the thread, but back the burrito talk. Living in NYC, we have Qdoba, we have Moe's, we have Chipotle, and we have another chain called Panchero's. I've at at them all and this would be my ranking of them 1. Chiptole (most flavorful foods, seasoned well) 2. Pancheros (food is almost as good as Chipotle's, but missing something, they also hand press the wrap from a ball of dough each time) 3. Qdoba (the queso is one thing I wish Chipotle would add, it would make Chipotle perfect. The wraps are gummy and stretch for miles before tearing, the fillings are decent, not the best) 4. Bodily fluids 5. Sewage 6. Moes (super dry, even with sour cream and salsas, i feel like I'm eating dirt, no flavor at all, the other 3 are way way way better) These are based upon the ones that are around me, so your chain stores may be different. I went to a Chiptole in Philly and almost threw it because it was terrible.
  16. Care to elaborate? Sounds like a great name for a dive machine to me! He really doesn't need to elaborate. The name stinks. Not only is it going to be terrible to try and pronounce, but nobody really knows what a Valravn is before they Google it. Because you know Rougarou is so easy to pronounce and EVERYONE knows what it is without googling it. It's still easier to pronounce than a name that ends with "VN". It's literally Val-Raven but without the E between the V and the N. It's not that complicated, and I'm sure it'll be like Leviathan, Gatekeeper, Banshee and have a giant bird statue with the name. People will put 2+2 together, and realize it's Valravn. Thus realizing it's pronounced Val-Raven.
  17. ^^If that's you in your Icon I'm 99% sure you were sitting two seats ahead of me towards on El Toro when they wouldn't let people sit in the back. I was so frustrated. I like the front but, the actual front. The middle is good, but it's too tame and the rolling thunder hill just doesn't have that oomf. It was running better than when I went 2 weeks ago, it was crawling that day, but yeah like you, i got 2 front rides on Bizarro, back row on Toro, a ton of rerides on Nitro, then did everything else once except for Ka, decided to skip it because it was cold. But overall, it was an awesome night. Won't complain other than Toro only having 1 train and Bizarro having 3. Also note, Nitro wasnt stacking, they had 3 trains when we got there at 4:30, then went down to 2. With the 2 trains, they weren't stacking for my ride, and if they did it was only because the train wasn't out of the station completely.
  18. As with everyone else, great night i got my last few rides on Toro but they were making everyone sit towards the front of the train. Still a wild ride, just not as wild as the back. I don't even know my ride count but we got on everything except Batman because both times we tried to ride it went down for difficulties lol.
  19. I'll be there at 5pm. I'm easy to spot. I have a bazillion piercings and tattoos and i'll be dressed in all black.
  20. I think we'll be fine. The park didn't shut down the day I went during Spring Break when the high temperature was 39 degrees, and it was misting the whole day, with periods of drizzle and every ride was open. Even Ka, granted it kept going down when it started to drizzle It's supposed to be sunny and warmish during the day, only getting cold at night.
  21. I talked my boyfriend into going to SFNE some time this summer, and he said yeah. So this will be my first RMC and honestly, I couldn't ask for a better one. I get a 200* stall, 2 zero g rolls, an overbank, and airtime. Plus Bizarro for the first time too. So stoked
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