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  1. RC-48 at Morey's Pier used to brake HARD. It f**ked my shins up the one time I rode it. I swear we went from 30mph-0 in 2 feet.
  2. 1. El Toro's crossover hill. 2. Great White's returning bunny hops next to the lift
  3. I miss this park so much. I really cannot wait to come back. That's all I have to say
  4. Well Batman was temporarily closed when I got there, but it opened up and was up the whole night
  5. It was up and down all day, when we got there it was running, then it was closed, then it was running, then it was closed. I think they might have gave up because when we went on the Skyride at like 8pm it was down. Same with Sky Screamer, it kept getting stuck. At one point for about 15 minutes they were stuck about halfway up the tower
  6. So we got there around 1:30-2pm and it was pretty quiet, but around 4-5 it became almost Fright Fest packed, all the kiddie rides were pretty packed, but none of the large coasters were really busy. We weren't really determined to ride much, though we did get on a few rides. Nitro 1x Batman 3x Dark Knight 1x Harley Quinn 1x Skyway 1x Skull Mountain 2x We got smores and ate a bunch and enjoyed the atmosphere and I got some pretty decent pictures with my Note 4. The lines for food were outrageous though, that's where 90% of the people were.
  7. I'll be headed there today. I've never been to Holiday In The Park before and I'm excited to get one last lap on all the rides
  8. I love the Skyscraper at Wildwood. It was so fun and relaxing when I went on.
  9. The pressure Green Lantern applies to my calves and lower legs makes them feel like they're going to burst which is why it's my least favorite coaster there.
  10. I'm not aware of an accident on Robin. Could someone give me the details? "During the 2006 season, Batman reopened on May 5 and ran along with the Robin side on and off until June 2, when a wheel bogie on the third car of the Robin train suffered a mechanical malfunction. While the cause of the malfunction is still unknown to most people, it has been reported that the train came to a halt on the lowest part of the track (between the Cobra Roll and Zero-G roll) after the launch. This problem is speculated to have happened because of wheel modifications that Premier Rides made on Chiller as well as all other Premier LIM coasters. Although the train was loaded, no one was seriously injured and all riders were evacuated. Both sides remained closed for the rest of the season."
  11. I started going to GADv religiously in 2006, I've been on Batman with the roll, never Robin, because of the accident. I've only been on Robin with the S-hills, but Batman's hangtime in the top hat was amazing.
  12. Went to the park today. Light crowds, longest wait was for The Joker. Everything else was walk on. Got on all the roller coasters that were open + Sky Screamer & Houdini, it's also very nice to have Skull Mountain back to normal so it's no longer 2 hours+ for a novelty. Ended with Toro and at one point were the only people in the station waiting for the backrow
  13. Sheikra at BGT. It was the last ride I rode before BGT closed, granted I rode it earlier in the day, so technically the newest was Scorpion because it was my least prioritized credit so I pushed it off to get Montu, Cheetah Hunt, Sheikra and Kumba first
  14. Well after being the literal first person to enter the park today, it has no official become my favorite park EVER. The atmosphere, the music, the animals, the theming, everything is so top notch, it puts SFGAdv to shame. Montu is CRAZY in the back, I f-ing LOVE it!! Kumba back right is the magic seat like everyone said, amazing Sheikra broke my dive coaster virginity and it was awesome, best airtime on the two drops. Falcon's Fury is my favorite drop tower ever, made me extremely nervous the first time, but after reriding 3 more times, I became addicted. All in all, I got to do everything I wanted, walk through the aviaries, and other walk through animal exhibits. Just wow, the food was even amazing, we went to the Smokehouse by Sheikra, everything was delicious and the whole area smelt amazing, even on Sheikra you got a blast of the smokers after the MCBR. I rode everything more than twice except for Kumba and Cobra's Curse because of the line length, and no time to go back to the back for Kumba. I need to get back here again Montu - 2 Sheikra - 4 Falcon's Fury - 3 Cheetah Hunt - 2 Kumba - 1 Cobra's Curse - 1 Scorpion - 3
  15. So we're going Wednesday, opening to close. Any tips for navigating the park? What to do first? My goal is to try and get on the major four (Sheikra, Kumba, Montu, Cheetah Hunt) as much as possible in back/front both sides of the train.
  16. I was at the park last night and I'm at the park again today, it's pretty dead for the weather. I'm expecting not much in terms of waiting. Perfect riding weather
  17. Every time I've been on Bizarro the attendants just talk until the trains are stacking and then finally start checking the restraints, I wanted to be like "chop chop, hello? I get that there are no lines for this ride, but that shouldn't make you hustle any less because that time sitting out there could be spent riding something else"
  18. Not on Kumba, back row far side or GTFO. Same seat as Nitro's hot seat for me as well. This is good to know. I heard BGT is basically like Dorney with no lines, so I'm definitely going to try and do a front/back ride on at LEAST Kumba, Montu, Sheikra and Cheetah Hunt. Sheikra is going to break my Dive machine virginity and I'm excited
  19. What are the best seats for each coaster? I'm going to try and ride everything as much as possible, but I'd at least like to get the best seat on Montu, Kumba, Sheikra and Cheetah Hunt
  20. Superman was closed all day on Saturday too, they tested it when we were walking in around 1pm, but it never opened or tested again. I wonder what's wrong with it.
  21. Tonight is absolutely dead at the park and I'm loving it. Got 2 laps on Toro, poor Nitro is still closed, VR Skully is pretty dope, not worth the wait again, though. Everything else is walk on, but all the B&M's except Bizarro and Green Lantern are currently down, along with Toro.
  22. Nitro, back right seat is the way to go, the pop of air when the train levels out into the MCBR, that's one of my favorite parts
  23. So now that you guys have saved my life from Friday, I switched shifts on work and am now going all day Saturday. No contacts because they can only be worn for 6 hours max, but if you see me (avatar) say hey.
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