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  1. It was super crazy this Saturday, but lines were moving. Bizarro had a 10 minute wait, Nitro was 15 minutes (from the 60 minute sign), Batman had a station wait. Runway Mine Train was the longest wait, about 45 minutes because the crew was slow, a train every 5 minutes. Not sure about any other rides because we catered to children, but I'm heading back this Friday, and I used to get insanely lucky on Friday's but that maybe have changed.
  2. El Toro went down for most of the night tonight, it was crazy busy, but the lines for the B&Ms were non stop moving. Nitro from the 60 minute sign was at most 10-15 minutes. Longest wait of the day was Runaway Mine Train, shortest was Batman. Got on Runaway Mine Train x2, Nitro, Batman, Bizarro, Ferris Wheel, Skyride 2x, Off Road Safari. The only reason we didn't ride more is because we had 2 children, one is only 3.5 and the other 5, and hard to manage, so our group trades off and I'm the ride partner. I'm going next Friday, just me and my friend, no children so it's my time to shine next week, If you see me (bridge piercing, both nostrils and septum, all black jewelry, and I'll probably have my black sclera lenses in for Fright Fest, say hi, I'm nice)
  3. I'll be heading there with a group tomorrow so we can all activate our season passes and stuff for this year/next year. So stoked to be reunited with my true loves El Toro and Nitro, it's been a year and a half
  4. Yeah, they would assign rows to groups, but every time I asked for a certain row, they had no problem giving it to me. If they did I probably would have brought up the fact that I just waited so & so amount of time in line, I deserve to choose where I want to sit.
  5. I went to Dorney yesterday and the longest line was for the Wild Mouse (as usual). Talon, Thunderhawk, Steel Force were all 1 train waits for just the front row, walk on everywhere else. We only spent 2 hours in the main park because we spent the day in the water park, which had normal lines.
  6. How much are tickets at the gate? Are they $47 as well or is that just the online price?
  7. The Dragonite keeps escaping me, he was there today at 6:30pm. We've probably been there at the same time, but go to the South Beach Fishing Pier right by Seaview Ave, it's always loaded with lure modules and I've caught most of my rare Pokemon from there, I got a 1098 Rapidash, 1002 Dragonair, Dratini, Electabuzz by the big rec center. Omanyte's, Kabuto, Jynx, and more. There's always like 100 people there too, even at like 2am.
  8. I would love to hit up SFGAdv with Pokemon Go. I usually hit up Historic Richmondtown and the Boardwalk by my house, I've been going every night and I'm halfway to level 23 and I have 114 pokemon out of the ones obtainable. I've met so many cool people and it's just fun. So I can imagine waiting for rides would be drastically improved by playing this game in an amusement park.
  9. Actually this wouldn't be an awful thing either now that I think about it. Yes, the crowds at night will be huge but the event is really amazing. We went last year and were blown away. If you haven't been to a big budget haunt like Universal I would almost suggest going out of your way for it if you're into that kind of thing. We were used to small regional park haunts (Six Flags Fright Fest, Halloweekends... things like that) and this is on an entirely different level. Since you'll be in Florida in October I'd suggest that or HHN if it works with your schedule. I wish it could but we're going down the 11th and leaving the 14th so the 12th is dedicated to BGT and the 13th for a Big Cat sanctuary.
  10. Everything is noted, thank you guys!!! I've always wanted to go because of Kumba and Montu. Plus my first Dive Machine and Cheetah Hunt looks so fun.
  11. I'm going to be coming to Tampa for my first time ever in October, and we're visiting BGT (per my request ) and I was just wondering if the major coasters are doable in one day and how busy it usually is around that time of the year? Really stoked for Kumba and Montu, I just got to force my friends to be up super early or they can meet me there and I'll cab/taxi.
  12. This roller coaster is what I imagine when I imagine the god of roller coasters. RMC is insane, and this just looks to blow every other roller coaster out of the water, I can't imagine anything better than this ride
  13. Today is El Toro's 10th Birthday, it opened June 11th 2006, and I was the first public rider to ride in the backrow. I waited from opening until they soft opened it at 1-2pm second in line. Ran straight to the back and sat with a preview rider and he told me to keep my hands up. I've never felt ejector like that in my life, it scared me so much, and from that day on it's been my favorite roller coaster ever. So HAPPY 10 YEARS EL TORO. KEEP KICKING ASS
  14. I'm not too sure about Sizzler's but I know the Super Sizzler I used to ride growing up could do forwards/backwards. Arms not rotating while the seats spun forwards/backwards like mad and a whole program combination of that. I like them better than Sizzler's, they're faster.
  15. And if first test runs are generally slow, it'll speed up even more, hopefully the trim doesn't impact the second airtime hill too much, because this is flying already.
  16. Also, is each row staggered because if the front row is going over the lift the back row is still on the lift, and if all the VR's are synced it would be a mess...
  17. Fun fact about me with Chiller is. I first rode Chiller in 2006, Batman side with the rolls. I never got to ride Robin with the rolls, but I got to ride with the S hill.. Batman side>>>>
  18. The old picture is from the opposite side of the corkscrew, if you could walk into the construction site and look through the corkscrew to where the new picture was taken from, everything lines up perfectly, as with the shaping. (as you can see the supports line up from that angle and so does shaping)
  19. It looks a lot nicer, and I'm guessing RMC had a lot of purple and green paint left over from SFDK's Joker coaster
  20. A video from "Mako Madness" showing new supports in place for Hulk. Re-Vertical construction has started (edit, i hope I'm allowed to post this, if not I apologize)
  21. We should remove TDK or relocate it and have a clone of B&R:TC done by RMC with the T-Rex track and LSM
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