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  1. I wonder if they put a cover over the wheels because if you stick your hands straight out sideways, it looks like you could get really close or possibly even grab the wheel assembly.
  2. Sorry for the double post but I found these pictures here: Click Here Those pictures pretty much confirm that, the train behind the Krake train was actually Raptors train.
  3. This just made my day, it's about time we have news on this. This is definitely my favorite project for 2011, I can't wait to see a HQ picture of the train.
  4. Dance Gavin Dance, iwrestledabearonce ( the only band I'm going for), Tides Of Man, Close To Home and Big Chocolate on March 25 and March 28th.
  5. Abandon All Ships, Upon A Burning Body, Confide, In Fear and Faith, and We Came As Romans was the last show I was at.
  6. Not my photo, not my problem. That's what I always say. Stupid dresses Stupid flowers Watermarks Rule, If you don't like the watermarks then you suck! I love things with watermarks on them, like blankets, and towels, and little bags, and photos, I love em, watermarks forever.
  7. I just got my Canon Rebel XS for Christmas, so I haven't had the opportunity to take a lot of photos yet, but come summertime I don't think my camera will leave my side. This is my Flickr
  8. I was just about to post that. I'm so excited, I keep having this horrible thought that somehow Superman is going to be in the way of the dive loop, even though I know it won't be.
  9. I never felt any sort of slow down or drag from the splash down on Diamondback, I'm sure it had some affect but it wasn't that great, but that splash down also isn't after the first drop.
  10. I'll consider Batman: The Chiller my rarest credit, no one will probably believe me, but I never got to ride Robin with the rolls, but I got to ride Batman. I did, however, get to ride Robin with the twisted hill, it was pretty fun, so could that be counted as rare because it only ran for one season without the rolls?
  11. So B&M once again is trying something new with elements again, the twist on the top of the immelmann is twisted as if the track was supposed to go to the right like on Sheikra, but the track stays to the left of the drop, like Griffon, so it's using the opposite turning direction it should be, I like it.
  12. That wouldn't make any sense, 4 pieces out of all the track pieces magically stay covered in snow while the rest don't..
  13. I was on Nitro back in 2007, and on the last day it was really windy and it knocked power out too that side of SFGAdv, so we finished the ride and got the final break run, and we had to be evacuated from it. It was pretty cool.
  14. Chilling on my friends couch, taken with my Macbook. I have 10 piercings in case you're wondering. lol
  15. I got the main thing I wanted which was my camera What I got. - Canon Rebel Xs, with a camera bag and 2GB memory card - Whitechapel (band) T shirt - Whitechapel Hoody - Carnifex (band) Hoody - iwrestledabearonce (band) Hoody - Hide and Seek (clothing line) Hoody - 100$ in cash - and still more to come from other family later I've been messing around with the camera all morning. It's so much fun.
  16. If that is the X Raptor train, which make sense because the restraint system is different from any other B&M's, it looks like the B&M Mega clamshell attached to OTSRs. Plus that dark green color kind of goes with the whole X-Raptor theme with Raptors being green. So it would make sense, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  17. I don't think B&M coasters are boring at all, sure they're not intamin, but they're still super fun, no matter what. This ride looks like it's going to be amazing, and most likely will be. I'm so excited for this though I'll never get to ride it.
  18. Oh, that looks really good, this means track work is almost done, so maybe we'll be getting a glimpse of the trains soon.
  19. From the looks of the track in the low quality image, it kind of looks like it's a steep climbing turn, because you can see the inside of the track where the next piece would connect, maybe they're doing an inclined immelman like Hyrda, but reversed?
  20. New member here. I am thankful for: -having been able to lurk this site for a long time now to find updates about roller coasters all over the world. -Robb Alvey and his wife for creating one of (if not) the best Theme Park related website in existence. -Having SFGAdv as my home park with Dorney Park about equal distance away in the opposite direction. -Being able to ride El Toro opening day first person to ride back row, that wasn't a special VIP. -Having a ton of sweet B&M creations located around me. -Having the worlds tallest roller coaster in my home park -Finally having the opportunity to ride my first stand up roller coaster (Chang/Green Lantern) -Concurring my fear of roller coasters many years ago, by riding Medusa in the front row. -Being able to stay with my friend in Ohio for 4 months over the summer, LEGIT at the mobile home park next to the B&M plant in Batavia, I spazzed each time I passed and saw B&M track sitting outside, I was like.....o.O that's B....&....M track. -Being able to go to Kings Island 5 times and riding the second best woodie imo, The Beast. -So many other unique and weird creations in the amusement park industry today. Changing and pushing the limits of roller coasters to the extreme!
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