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  1. ^Also, with that too Steel Dragon 2000, is 318 feet tall, but only has a drop of 306' 9". This is 306' with a trench, which would mean that the drop is most likely going to be 9 inches lower. So could the record for this ride be "Tallest and Fasters Roller Coaster in Canada with the longest drop on a traditional lifted roller coaster." Not only breaking two Canadian records but also one world record in the process...
  2. Welp, I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be. I was expecting a Millennium Force and I305 offspring made by B&M.
  3. If you guys want to watch the announcement live, here's the link to the New Station reporting it http://www.bttoronto.ca/video/
  4. The footers are on the other side of the park... Plus this is supposed to be 300+ feet tall, and I'm sure B&M and Canada's Wonderland aren't stupid and will make this differ from Behemoth.
  5. I made that and posted that here. It's the logo, the Leviathan eyes, and the track picture all combined together.
  6. I wonder if B&M would be daring enough to go the extra 3 degrees passed I305's drop and make it a 90 degree drop. Probably not, but maybe we'll have some B&M ejector air on it for a change from the gentle floater that's on B&M hypers.
  7. Thank you guys! I wonder if it'll be breaking the lenth record? Steel Dragon currently has it and is only 318 feet tall and 8000+ feet long. This is rumored to be 350' while I don't believe it'll be that tall, if it is, B&M's tend to be long rides, and it was supposed to "eclipse Behemoth in both height and length" so maybe we'll be seeing longest roller coaster in Canada or even the world?
  8. If anyone wants, I threw together a quick copy and paste Leviathan wallpaper with a 1280x800 resolution. http://i51.tinypic.com/34is0lx.png
  9. Robb, when the original image leaked, I got to see the URL for the direct image! "http://leviathan.canadaswonderland.com/_upload/images/site_backgrounds/tracks.png"
  10. I've never been to Canada's Wonderland, nor do I know if Behemoth has sand in it's tracks. But, if they don't put sand in the tracks, I can already picture how loud the B&M roar will be at the high speeds, especially if this is really a Giga and it's 98 mph. I am so stoked.
  11. It also looks like B&M has stepped in the whole game of I305 lift supports because the crest of the hill doesn't have any supports at all. Also unless they left it out of the graphics, I don't see any scoops on the train for a splashdown
  12. I don't personally care. I'm saying that on behalf of the park. With all the hype the park's put into this ride it'll be a heartbreaker to see the new coaster become a let down and not boost attendance. It's also a huge risk for CW to become B&Ms guinea pig. What makes a giga a giga is usually it's intensity (am I wrong?). B&M hasn't been known for it's intensity, so B&M will have to step up it's game to compete with Intamin. 1990's Beemers are known for their intensity, and it looks as if B&M is going back to their roots, they're making new types of rides (wing-rider) and whatever this may be. Look at the new inverted coaster going to Parc Asterix, it looks as intense if not more intense than the Batman Clones. So who knows how intense it will be, but whatever it is, it won't disappoint me since I haven't been on a B&M that's disappointed me.
  13. I doubt it's going to be a Dive Machine, the track isn't wide enough for the 8 wide or 10 wide cars, so depending on how many trains this runs, the 6 wide cars would be a capacity nightmare, especially if it uses a traditional chain lift and is 350 feet. Plus, in my opinion a 300+ foot dive machine would look incredibly awkward. A 300 foot turn above the ground would just seem look really awkward over the skyline. I think we're going to see something like Millennium Force mixed with I305 but from B&M of course. I also think we're either going to have Behemoth style trains, or a whole new train design for this.
  14. It Is "Bro" Isn't It- iwrestledabearonce It's the heaviest stuff they've ever done and it makes me happy
  15. You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices- iwrestledabearonce
  16. I prefer Coke products over Pepsi also, EXCEPT when it comes to Mountain Dew, because Mountain Dew is like the God of all carbonated beverages, every flavor of it is like drinking heaven out of a bottle, well maybe not that extreme but you get my drift!
  17. Oh boy, let's just say I have 10 facial piercings alone right now, soon I plan to pierce my ears with a 16g needle and stretch them (gauge, but proper term is stretching) to 2 inches. I have: -Bridge -Septum -Both Nostrils -Double Spiderbites (2 on each side of bottom lip) -Angel bites (Two upper lip piercings, one on each side) Oh, and I eventually want to get my deep clavicles pierced and maybe a few dermals. By the way, these are what I have so far On the right of course.
  18. ^Don't forget this either. Also, I've never been denied a front row ride on Diamondback, I just casually ask politely. I guess some ops aren't as nice as others.
  19. The whole "Born This Way" album-Lady Gaga It's perfection
  20. I was there that day too! I was 3rd in line, I waited since the park opened. It was June 11th!
  21. There are two possible ways this could go. 1. Just follow the track from the launch, it goes through the loop, through the dog tongue, through the large corkscrew, then crosses over in front of the lift hills drop, then goes into the building which it does whatever and turns around, then it goes up the lift hill into the dive loop, then the inverted top hat/overbank turn, then into the immelman and into the brakes. Or it could, go up the lift hill, into the dive loop, the overbank/top hat, immelman, inside, does whatever it does, and then launches and goes into the loop, dog tongue, corkscrews and hits the brakes.
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