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  1. If this is in fact a full roll, the name "Outlaw" seems very fitting. It's breaking the "law" of traditional wooden coasters with inversions (hopefully ones that work and won't need to be modified). Plus all over the SDC website for the ride, just screams Outlaw with the police badges and stuff.
  2. Still working on a B&M hyper in NL, I'm trying to get all the shaping down before I start building the layout, I want it to be as close to B&M's style as possible. How does this look, (it's a gif so in about 2 seconds it'll switch)
  4. Good thing I don't plan on going to this maybe because I live in NYC, I have 10 visible facial piercings, and it's too much work to take them all out just to ride a ride... and 2 visible tattoos on my wrists. And when I get my tear drop microdermals, i can't take them out at all because they're embedded in your skin, guess no commercial shoots for me, if they're all like that.
  5. Positive: Robin: The Chiller in the Cobra Roll (I'm pretty sure it pulled 5g's, maybe my facts are rusty) Negative: El Toro (Hill over Rolling Thunder) Lateral: Wild Mouse, or maybe the final turn on Rolling Thunder that slams you into the right of the train.
  6. Ribbon roll. It looks like a bowtie or ribbon tied in a bow.
  7. I was there that day too, and I was pleasantly surprised at how SMOOTH Great Nor Easter and Sea Serpent were, even Great White felt smoother than usual. It was amazing.
  8. Sorta like the B&M Flyer mechanism that raises and lowers the trains into loading/flying position?
  9. The POV makes this ride look even better, if only I could afford a trip to spain.
  10. Trains B&M Wing Coasters Intamins 4 across (skyrush train) Intamin Wingrider S&S 4D 2nd Gen B&M Hyper Trains B&M Flyers Additional Features Cable Lifts Hydraulic Launches Dual Loading Stations On B&M Hypers and rides with Zero Cars, customizable zero car designs (or at least a choice between a few) Easier building of tunnels without 3DS Hyper/Dive Machine Splash Downs WAY LARGER WORKING SPACE More than one ride per map
  11. I wish I could get out to Spain to ride this monster. It looks absolutely amazing. I just wish they would have left the "Shambhala" and "Port Aventura" decals off of the zero car, it ruins it's essence in my opinion. I really want to know how the forces are in the "ampersand" double helix.
  12. Also, I'm pretty sure the straps are just for the dummies so the limbs don't flail around in the wind seeing as they don't have a brain to control leg movement, I highly doubt humans are going to have to use straps, lol.
  13. The only "complaint" I really have about X flight is that I wish the hangar wasn't just flat, but an actual hanger structure. Other than that X Flight looks amazing and might be my favorite wing coaster B&M has made.
  14. We also have SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER TRAINS!!! From Kirk Sponaugle at Project 2012 https://www.facebook.com/groups/Project2012/
  15. I love her, she's gorgeous and has a super unique voice.
  16. I'm usually the one to be stared at in lines for roller coasters (probably due to my facial piercings, well not probably. Obviously) and it amuses me to watch people make gestures about their face in regards to certain piercings I have, and at least once a line I get asked about my bridge piercing (goes through the skin between the eyes) so talking about that kills time, or any of my other piercings (10 in total just on my face). If I'm with friends we usually just talk and do normal people things in line, or watch as people stare at us and talk about it casually and laugh because we're a bunch of "freaks"
  17. I used to go to SFGAdv every weekend back in 2006-2007 and the more I rode the rides, the more I got comfortable doing the "knee up" to reduce stapling. Well I did it once on Nitro and the lap bar was about 2-3 notches above me, so I had a reasonable 1-2 inch gap between me and the lap bar. I was in the back row mind you, and I was fine and dandy on the first drop and over the hill that turns you out towards the hammerhead. On the first legit airtime hill right before the hammerhead, I legitimately thought I was going to fly out, that's how much I floated out of my seat, but I still didn't grab the restraint, needless to say, it was one of the best rides I had on Nitro, but after that I kept the restraint at about 1-2 notches above me. lol
  18. That doesn't look like it's taller than Nitro at all... Maybe because there's nothing to compare it too, but it only looks about as tall as Bizarro if even.
  19. Oh how much I miss Chillers roar. You new from the other side of the park when it was running. It's funny, I only got to ride the Batman side with the lapbars and the zero g roll. While I never got a chance to ride Robin with the zero g rolls. I only got t o ride Robin with the S-Hill. I seriously miss it.
  20. In the second picture, does the turn go over the path, or does the path start before that, it just looks like with a train there and people walking it wouldn't have enough clearance... but maybe it's bigger than it looks, there's nothing to put it into perspective.
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