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  1. It would have been awesome if they didn't put up the new renders of the ride and built it like this because everyone would be mind ****ed.
  2. If only the chain linked fence pattern was on the track, it actually kind of looks cool.
  3. The ties are curved on the outside just like flyers and inverts, so it's definitely a hanging style coaster.
  4. Funny, I was just in Alexandria, VA and noticed the ferris wheel was basically done. I wasn't sure if it was this ferris wheel, since it's kind of far from DC, but it looks pretty cool.
  5. This all sounds like it's going to be one big mess. It should just be a normal RCT game, with overhauled more realistic graphics and all new content like scenarios, rides, people, shops as per usual with new games.
  6. Why was that path ever closed? The last time I was at GADV was 2007, so I'm not up to date on everything, but it just seems like a really weird move to close that path?
  7. I just want to see an official testing video of the whole layout Soon enough I'm assuming.
  8. It's not that bad, it's not the smoothest roller coaster, but it's definitely better than it was when it was all pink and had the previous restraints.
  9. ^That difference isn't really shown much because the camera is further away/not as high angled as the render. There's a drop off back there, so while things look tight and compact, there's still plenty of room for the inline/helix.
  10. I thought they just put the flags on the final piece of track they install... That's what they did on Swarm, Heide Parks Wing Coaster, the China Wing Coaster and a few others I remember.
  11. ^I think they mean, will Banshee go up at a faster pace than the Wing Coaster at Heide. But I doubt it since Banshee is a lot larger, but it will go up quick.
  12. That doesn't look like a footer, it looks like a concrete wall, but I can't make it out.
  13. I think you will be very pleased with Banshee if you consider Wild Eagle and Diamondback extremely intense. I haven't been on Wild Eagle, but Diamondback was decent, granted it wasn't Batman The Ride or Nitro's helix, but I did grey out in the helix into the MCBR, but that's about it. So not extremely intense, but it has an intense moment. Hopefully Banshee brings back the BTR intensity, but I highly doubt that.
  14. The entrance to the final helix looks crazy Find more photos here: http://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/4108-2014-neuheit-b-m-wing-coaster-heide-park-94.html#post120268
  15. Was he trespassing? If he was in a public place and the track was out in the opening, I don't see a problem. We just can't allow photos that were taken from a private area to be put on the forums. She said they were taken from the parking lot of the factory, so I guess she was trespassing
  16. So track has been produced, my friend that lives right next to Clermont Steel Plant showed me pictures of it, but those photos were taken from the plants parking lot, so I'm not sure if I can post them.
  17. So are the trains wider now because of the new restraints? It appears that way, but I'm not positive.
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