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  1. This point in particular is interesting to me, in that Raptor being the first invert with a cobra roll is hardly more significant than Valravn being the first dive coaster with a dive loop. Beside Baron 1898, it's also the only dive coaster with a zero g roll and that element's carousel exit is somewhat rare (SFDK's Joker features quite nearly the same element and in that context it was praised). B&M certainly could have kicked it up another notch or two with this design, but I doubt that was the agenda presented by Cedar Fair. While on the one hand I'm sort of left wanting by Valravn, the realist in me also has to appreciate that it'll likely be the best of its kind. Don't forget about the new Oblivion dive machine at Gardaland, that has a Zero G as well, or would it just be a regular roll? Ugh, the holiday weeks are always frustrating because of the lack of updates haha.
  2. The fact that one piece of lift hill track weighs 17 tons amazes me. I'm drooling
  3. Could it be? Am I allowed to post this? It's from Carowinds Connection and apparently it's a new Hulk support (not 100% confirmed yet though) *If I'm not allowed to post this I apologize.
  4. Dragstor looks so good. Raptor on the other hand.... looks soooooooooooo amazing, after seeing Raptor repainted I believe that's one of my favorite color schemes on a roller coaster. It's so vibrant and it really pops against the blue sky.
  5. Are there anymore inversions planned on this, because it's at 6 currently (5 depending if you count the immelmann) Wingover drop Loop Zero G Immelmann? Zero G/Inline hybrid Corkscrew
  6. I can't wait for the lift and the drop to take shape. It's going to look stunning, especially on a sunny day with the sunlight glistening off of the golden brown track and royal blue supports.
  7. All I could hope for is that it loops around like a pretzel loop, because that would be an AWESOME entrance to a pretzel loop. Even if it doesn't, that's going to be a f****ng amazing roll and I need to get to Japan. More B&M's like this please.
  8. I've seen a better photo of it on another forum, but yikes, I would be mortified if that happened while I was on the ride.
  9. There's no way this is fake, and if it turns out to be, I'll be amazed. I'm excited but it's not really what I wanted. Hopefully it's a good replica of a zipper because if it's anything like them, I'll love it.
  10. ^The door and the two windows above it kinda make a shocked face. "HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS SFGADV! AFTER ALL THE DOLPHIN SHOWS I PROVIDED FOR YOU!!"
  11. Page 1111, Make a wish *Wishes for anything except a free spin*. Just kidding, I mean I won't complain if we get a free spin, as long is it rides like a zipper/similarly. But I also feel like we deserve something greater than a free spin since we're a flagship park and our last roller coaster was used.
  12. Wouldn't a Sky Rocket II clone fit in the spot too, I'd much rather have that than a freespin, but alas it'll probably be a freespin.
  13. I really enjoy that a lot of the new B&M coasters are experimenting with color palettes more. Gatekeeper has the two tone blue track, Fury with the Blue/green, Mako with the Purple/Blue and now Valravn with this almost Burnt Sienna/Grayish White.
  14. Granted I only ride in the back row and the last time I rode was May 27th. I wouldn't consider it anywhere NEAR rough, I wouldn't consider it anything except smooth...but that's just me.
  15. I agree, and even Raptor is open already, wouldn't it make more sense to postpone the opening of the ride that killed someone (do to the own guests fault) then to push back an announcement that isn't really correlated to it at all.
  16. I really hope they don't rethem/rename the ride, I for one thing Valravn is a great name, plus it fits the diving coaster. I mean if they want to change the name, I hope it's something to do with Falcons, but I feel as if that would be way to similar to Raptor since Falcon's are raptors. I mean, Falcons are known for their stoops which are the high speed vertical dives.
  17. People complaining that B&M roller coasters are rough? That just goes to show that no matter how perfect something is (aka B&M smoothness), people will still claim it's rough.
  18. At first I thought the climbing turn into the MCBR was also a roll and it exited the roll into the brakes and got stoked, but then I realized it wasn't and I was kinda let down because I thought that would have been really interesting to see done. Wish they would have because then it would have had the 4 inversions as claimed by that news site.
  19. This is definitely real now. That layout is decent, I expected a little more, but I'm not disappointed. Are we really surprised something from Cedar Point/Cedar Fair leaked, I feel like all of there announcements leak. The only thing I can think of is that this is another "The Bat" type of situation to throw us off, but I'm 95% sure that's unlikely.
  20. The animation looks like NL1 not even NL2. Also seems very short in height for what the actual track is showing. Also CP models usually have everything around the ride in 3D, not Google Earth, so I'm not buying it.
  21. More added to my leg, still only about 60% done of the vulture.
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