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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tXaW48EC-U So good, but I prefer the album version (which is no where to be found on youtube, since they're so strict with her music)
  2. and it's gonna get faster as it warms up and breaks in, i approve
  3. Yeah, that picture is from FOREVER AGO, I posted it on No Limit Exchange. That was before the second camelback was even beginning to be worked on, i think before the turn around was finished too.
  4. ^I'm trying to make it as close to B&M's style because I have a really awesome idea, that's why. Other than that, I like to mess around with like 5g launches for the lulz
  5. Scrapped the old B&M Hyper for this new one, I now have more knowledge of Newton and I think I got the shape of the lift/first drop down pretty accurate. How does it look?
  6. Hammerhead+Helix= ampersand turn around/helix/hammerhead type thing. It looks like a hammerhead, but like a wraparound/reverse one. because it hits the high banking like the hammerheads do, and kinda resembles the Intimidator hammerhead but takes the cross over further and and wraps completely around. I have no idea what to call this element, but it's a gorgeous element.
  7. I think Shambhala may be the most photogenic roller coaster of all time. Just wait until it's finished and people with DSLR's start taking awesome landscape shots of it with saturated colors, etc. Future wall paper of 2012?
  8. It's a B&M hyper, that support is very accurate, I basically well, not basically but did, rip off the exact supports for the lift hill from Shambhala because I liked them so much, I just reversed them!
  9. This is only a hyper though. It's 256 ft if I remember correctly
  10. I wish the Windseekers came in other colors. I know Knott's is different, but all the others are the same so far.
  11. Her voice is so unique, I love her whole album.
  12. Looking at the side profile, I feel like the drop is only 80* looking at I305, it seems to be steeper, not by much, but a tad steeper. Either way, Skyrush looks awesome, and I can't wait to see photos of it with the creek at normal height, it's going to be so photogenic.
  13. ^According to my aunts who've been on cruises where that's happened, and that have friends that showed up late, you basically have to get to the next port where the ship is on your own and meet it there.
  14. Don't forget about the Floorless that just opened at Ocean Park. I do agree that the twist n dive drop would be fun on sit downs and floorless roller coasters.
  15. Holy crap, that's flying through the inline. Raptor is probably jealous These videos are like the best birthday presents ever!!
  16. I may be tempted to wait 5 hours for Leviathan or Skyrush because they look awesome. Other than that, the longest line I stood in for a roller coaster was like 2-3 hours at SFGAdv. The longest line I stood in was a couple Saturdays ago. The tattoo shop I go to was having a holiday special, $25 dollar tattoos all day, (they're the best shop on Staten Island) and we got there at 3, didn't get set up/start the tattoos for me and my friends until around 7:30.
  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!! I got: -Canon 50mm 1.8f prime lens -Slik Pro 700DX tripod (it's huge I'm 6' and at full height it's 5 inches taller than me) -Caselogic SLR-206 Laptop/Camera backpack, holds all my gear, with like 10 pockets still open, plus the tripod fits on the side -VersaEmerge (band) Jean Jacket -iwrestledabearonce t-shirt -iwrestledabearonce hoody -iwrestledabearonce's guitarist's clothing line t-shirt -Paramore tshirt -Axe shower gel/deodorant kit -iTunes gift cards -300 in cash
  18. Holy crap, the stengel dive totally made this my new 2012 favorite. Sorry Leviathan...
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