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  1. I got it perfect with Euler! I know how to make them now. Basically the initial values I used were Speed: 30 m/ps Force: 3g's Roll: 0 Height of the ground: 5 meters Then I made it a multiforce segment. Reduced the G force to 1.7g's, and rolled 20 degrees to the left, added another segment and made it so that it rolled to 95 degrees in the other direction, so a -115 degree bank. Then added another segment to keep the turn around even, then basically mirrored everything from the entrance of the hammerhead, and tweak somethings to make the height of the entrance/exit relatively the same, and you'll wind up with a hammerhead similar to Behemoths with the entrance/exit close together and it has the teardrop-esque shape.
  2. Oh I know! I was just basing it off of that hammerhead, that isn't mine! My mulitzones usually always overlap, but I was trying to "recreate" that one, but they do usually overlap.
  3. Thank you so much! EDIT1: I reviewed your creation and it's better than anything I've made in Newton2 but it seriously confused me more. I guess because multizones don't highlight which force section is which so trying to guess what sub zone is what made me more clueless. Someone over at Nolimit-exchange made this with one multiforce section and 5 equal roll/normal zones. I wish I had the file to see what transitions or forces he used because I'm completely lost. It looks so simple but I honestly cannot recreate it for the life of me, or even begin to create my own. EDIT2: I actually pretty much, just recreated that hammerhead, though it didn't flow as good as that one, it was pretty pleasing. I'm finally getting the hang of what I need to do!
  4. Well, I have some weird fascination with B&M hypers all of a sudden, and I got a really awesome idea for one, and I want to make it while I'm inspired.
  5. That's what I heard, for some reason B&M hammerheads refuse to be made properly in Newton2, I saw one really good one built over at Nolimits-Exchange, and I tried to "replicate" it to my best, but it turned out terrible, but thanks, I'll continue to fiddle around with it, hopefully I can get something decent soon!
  6. I tried all of that, I get like a weird twist that goes vertical and get frustrated, I'm usually good with doing this stuff, I already memorized how to make inversions, lifts, stations and all the "basics" but I cannot figure out the hammerheads for the lift of me. I wish there was like a quick text tutorial for a basic one to get the shape and banking and stuff.
  7. That's terrible, especially for the Zoo workers. Imagine riding Great Bear and slamming into the water at that speed, ow.
  8. Sorry for double posting. Does anyone have any tips for creating a B&M-esque hammerhead (similar to the one on Nitro) in Newton2? I know how to do everything else, but I am stuck and have no idea where to begin on creating the hammerhead.
  9. Thanks! I figured it out! I wasn't building the Zero G Roll right, I rewatched the tutorial and just made a simple launched B&M floorless with a loop, zero g roll, into an immelman, and it was as smooth and fluid as could be!
  10. I have a question for people that are experienced in using Newton2 I just got No Limits last night (I've had the full game before on my old laptop and was fairly experienced in hand building, not the best, but I could make decent rides) and Newton is really easy. I made a vertical loop and I wanted a zero g roll to follow it, but when I made it, it didn't come out smooth, there was a jolt and pump in between the bottom of the loop and the beginning of the Zero G Roll? How can I fix that?
  11. I think Flashback should be mad at Thorpe Park for stealing it's signature dive and twist drop that occurs during every part of the ride, if anything. The inverted drop is different on Thorpe anyways, Thorpe's turns left and does a full roll and drops, while Six Flag's just twists right and drops right so it doesn't fully 180* invert.
  12. Did anyone notice in the rendering of the layout, the hanger(tunnel) is before the immelmann, but in the video, it's after the fourth inversion before the turn around into the keyhole?
  13. Wes was most likely talking about the two people in the Green Lantern rendering being the same people in the X-Flight rendering.
  14. This is amazing, my inner aviator is thinking how awesome the control tower near miss is.
  15. It was already proven to be a Wing Rider on page 224! It's called X-Flight
  16. The only thing that makes me think this is NOT an Intamin wing rider, is because if you look in the middle of the puzzle piece, you can see the downward brace that B&M uses to mount their wing rider seats. Intamins are just straight off the side like a dive machine without the middle seats.
  17. Yeah it does, if you look closely enough at the girl in orange and the guy next to her to the left you can see "tealish" colored OTSR's
  18. It's so funny, people are like "OMG KING DA KA FELL DOWN, SO DID THE TORO RIDE!"
  19. ^If so, hopefully they design a lot more of their future rides high, because this thing could probably be the best invert to date.
  20. Twitter is going crazy with rumors that Kingda Ka and El Toro collapsed because of a tornado spotted near SFGAdv https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/six%20flags%20tornado
  21. I think there's supposed to be 6 inversion. Dive loop, loop, immelmann, zero g roll, zero g roll, and a wing over.
  22. http://www.potionmagix.fr/forumix/post44606.html#p44606 Apparently there will be no MCBR on this ride.
  23. It woke me up and was like, "So this is what an earthquake feels like, it's kind of fun"
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