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  1. All I did was ask the operators if I could have the front/back row and every time I did, they said yes.
  2. I rode Diamondback in the front and the back all last season, and I didn't notice any rattle at all? Maybe I just lucked out or something.
  3. What if all this stuff with Intamin is throwing us off, and it's a B&M 4D? I mean, it could be the premiere of the wingrider/4-d in the States and they could be doing that "fake" layout and web pages to have us all thinking Intamin and they slam us with a B&M. I don't know, I just feel like everything they released is so obvious that and pretty much giving away the ride.
  4. I love their style, but I saw an interview with them and sadly they're total toolbags! Lessening how much I like them considerably... They were most likely joking around, they are never serious about anything. I've hung out with them twice and they're really nice, they gave me free merch. lol
  5. This is my favorite band iwrestledabearonce, all the vocals are done by that petite little girl. They're amazing and they fuse jazz and tons of other random genres into metal.
  6. Judas- Lady Gaga I can't stop listening to it, I have 30+ on iTunes! JUDAS-JUDA-AH-AH
  7. I hope they're using the dark blue/purple train aka Blueberry, that was my favorite!
  8. I love love love the Zipper, Drop Towers, Break Dance, KMG Afterburners (and other similar rides)
  9. Maybe Kings Island, over by Firehawk, that area is sort of like a "high tech" zone. It would fit in.
  10. If America gets a wing rider from B&M soon, I think it should have some sort of Bird of Prey theme, the seats can essentially be the "wings" and the front design can be the face. Anyways, the ride looks outstanding.
  11. Raptor looks absolutely amazing, I need to get out to Italy. This was my most watched construction project for 2011 and it didn't disappoint at all. Plus, the ride is amazingly photogenic, it's just asking to have pictures taken of it, especially the trains.
  12. Is it weird that I sort of felt that forces in the inline twist?
  13. It could have been worse, they could have placed it near Drop Zone/Tower whatever it's called. They would have been like fraternal twins.
  14. This is probably going to be one of the best Windseeker experiences since you have the lake right there.
  15. The trains look amazing. I need to get to Florida once this thing is open.
  16. I don't know what coaster this is but I found it on google.
  17. ^I think that's that persons jacket, because if you look even closer you can see the same person, same shirt, and same color straps over the shoulder, towards the back of the train, I think they just reused the guy and he happened to have on a blue jacket that looked like shoulder straps.
  18. It's not a hydraulic launch system, it's LSM so it's shouldn't be cursed with as much downtime and wont have to worry about cable snaps.
  19. Another video of it testing surfaced, it seems like it's running a lot faster in the second half of the ride, than in the first video, so I'm assuming those trims where off?
  20. Born This Way - Lady Gaga Itty Bitty Piggy - Nicki Minaj Schei├če (Remix) - Lady Gaga Have all been on repeat for the past few days.
  21. Who proposed the idea of using supports as additional elements to the theme of the ride?
  22. Oh boy, 3 Inverts for Dorney, 2 right next to each other, this should be an interesting site. I miss Laser, the last time I was at Dorney was when Laser was still running, I really want to go now though so I can get on Possessed and the new ride.
  23. Oh, I can't wait! This looks amazing, possibly a lot of hang time on the inversions too.
  24. Maybe they'd use censors on the track that trigger a computer in the train to rotate the seats a certain way at parts in the track?
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