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  1. This ride is amazing! I went to Thorpe Park on 7th May. I managed to get on Saw 5 times which was class as there were hardly any queues. The ride is smoothe and does not slow down. The dark part of this ride caught me out as I was not expecting what was in there! Its worth a ride.
  2. Thats what us west midlanders are like in birmingham! The 12 year olds were probably gypsies any way! Wonder what the 14 year old girl will get in return from Drayton manor? Bet she wished she had of gone to alton towers now! Poor 14 year old! Jonny x
  3. This attraction look 'Ace!' I can't wait to get back to Universal either this year or next year
  4. Hey it really was sad to see the black hole go. Its wierd I was there yesterday and the park was really quiet for a UK bank holiday monday. Rita had a few technical difficulties as well. It also had to close for a few minutes due to EXTREME weather conditions! Hail and heavy rain. But still was nice to ride rita wet!
  5. Never mind I was having a blonde moment I just looked above my post and found it lol!
  6. I really cant find the name of the song for the seaparadise video can anyone please help me i would really appretiate it. I asked my mom cus shes old and even she doesn't know the title of the song! AARGH lol Cheers :o)
  7. Oh my gosh i downladed Julian Johnson's "Don't Look Down 2005" Video Contest Entry video by accident and thought it was AMAZINGLY COOL! The music is upbeat and i love the way he has managed to get the coasters to the that reverse thingy with the music. This has got to be one of my FAVOURITES!! Cant wait to see them all Who actually sings that song anyone know?
  8. Rita: Queen of Speed at Alton towers. Me and my sister queued up 2 1/2 hours for a ride that lasts 12 seconds! Manic! Thankfully the single rider libe only took 20 minutes when i rode the second time.
  9. Mine was 'The Scorpion' at BGTB many years ago actually 10 years ago its amazing how time goes by . . . . so slowy . . . damn that madonna song is catchy!
  10. They havnt closed down the coaster at all its been running since it was opened! lol Im really sorry people for the repeat post of 'G-Force' . . . my bad . . .
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