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  1. I would have said that a change of management would significantly affect the way they produce rides. In more recent years the company seemed to have a scattergun approach to ride development, sometimes not proving successful and sometimes creating absolute gems (Tranan, for one!). I don't think it would be a bad thing if they took this change to have a more focussed approach to product development. Who knows, if they refine and develop one ride type perfectly, it could become the next Shot&Drop... Dave So that might mean, if the management did try to create a more "stable" - not scattergun - company, we might see less (what some could consider rather random) ride development? Which would mean that we wouldn't see S&S woodies lik HellCat/Avalanche at the same time they are building Ring Racer and Extreme Rusher. Blessing and a curse, I think your last sentence sums it up perfectly.
  2. Thank you Elissa. So I take it that crossing the border between Hong Kong and China isn't exactly a cakewalk like going between the US and Canada? Also, I was surprised to learn that I would need a legitimate Visa. Just a passport wouldn't suffice? I apologize if any of these sound like silly questions, I don't travel internationally often (or really at all). Many thanks.
  3. Like buy a crappy old Wild Mouse. Or get punched in the balls by a bear.
  4. Hi all, I am going to be in Hong Kong in late March/early April of 2011. Shenzhen, China is directly above Hong Kong and I know of at least two sizeable parks that exist there, Happy Valley Shenzhen and Knight Valley. I will probably only have a chance to visit one, so I was wondering if there are opinions on which to visit. Will both parks be open this time of year? Will the new attractions (the HUGE woodie and X-Cars at Knight Valley and the S&S launcher at Happy Valley) be open? Also, I would like to know if anyone has any tips about getting there and getting around from Hong Kong. Would a day trip into China be a hassle? Are either park hard to find? Google doesn't have the best relationship with China, so Google Maps isn't a terribly big help. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks! let1gre
  5. This is absolutely incredible. I remember stumbling upon your site several years ago and being in awe of the places you'd been and the sheer number of coasters you have ridden. Here's to many more!
  6. Perhaps more of those like the ones going up in Beijing and Shenzhen?
  7. Will this change the company in any way beyond management? Or will they continue to produce rides like they have been?
  8. Is it too early to start saying "Maybe next year?" yet? -le "Classic UVA lays an egg in a big game" t1gre
  9. Does anyone have a picture of this thing up close? I really want to know what it looks like on the inside.
  10. So, you want us to humor you and give you a chance. It would be easier to humor you if we had any inkling that YOU had any inkling of what you were going to do.
  11. The hilarious failure of the Avatar "Special Edition" re-release should be a message to Hollywood.
  12. Just a thought... is there any reason both of the coasters are launched? Like, the weather would ruin chain lifts or something?
  13. These people that bought the Big Dipper have what I call "PeTA Syndrome" (and no offense to anyone who is a member of and/or supports PeTA). They obviously think that they are doing something good, for themselves and many others, which it could certainly be argued that they are. However, by not telling anyone their plan or how they are going to orchestrate it, they are doing themselves much more harm than good. With the addition of people like Devious coming in here and posting what he did, he is giving off an overall negative image, for a cause that could be considered a good one. Moral of the story: Good heart, poor thinking. The group responsible for the purchase of this ride have been led by pathos as opposed to logos.
  14. She could potentially win way more money than she deserves.
  15. This is one of the big beefs I have with Hollywood. Unfortunately for what seems like a good 95% of Hollywood, money is the only thing that matters. It's not about telling a story anymore, it's about throwing together a half-a$$ed film as quickly as possible, toss a gimmick on it, and charge us $12 to see it. Almost every animated film these days is being released in 3D, and there has been talk of re-releasing TITANIC in 3D. SERIOUSLY?
  16. That second one would be a perfect station for Pizza Hut: The Ride.
  17. Is there a set date on when this will open? I'm going to be super close to it this coming April and I wouldn't mind popping over for a visit... it would make my life.
  18. Voted! You're in second place right now, but not by much! Good luck!
  19. Once again, another Euro Fighter! These really do seem to be the "stylish" coasters for parks to build these days. I guess it does fit the bill for a lot of smaller parks: lots of thrills and twisty bits, (possibly) crammed into a small area, and packs a punch. Can't wait to ride one.
  20. The new coaster looks great. I can definitely see the Grizzly influence, and I love how you built it into the side of a hill. +1 on the kid's area idea too.
  21. I really have to agree. I get that they were all take-offs of Britney Spears music videos, and it was nice to see Brittany get some screen time, but it was waaaaayyyy racier than usual. Maybe it's just because I was watching it with my mom.
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