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  1. Nevada beat Cal. Cal beat Colorado. Colorado beat Georgia. Georgia beat Tennessee. Well, that's two SEC teams down.
  2. Everyone I know likes to yell at me because I agree with this.
  3. Does Shane remind anyone else of a smooth Joe Biden?
  4. Considering I think this is just another enthusiast site who was late to the party trying to take a slice of the (now a bit stale) pie.
  5. While it is apparent that these people do not really understand the internet, I applaud you guys for ending the joke and keeping it classy here before it did go too far (although for some, it seems, "too far" happened a little while ago). Glad to be part of this TPR lore though.
  6. They've already got Kemah, but for a demographic that large I agree that another would be warmly welcomed.
  7. In the past week, 43 pages have been posted on this thread. The previous 43 pages posted in this thread took two years to post.
  8. Hasn't it already? I wouldn't consider the reactions a success.
  9. If what you said about 16 year olds out banging chicks is true, then the plan of a 24 and 25 year old should be nothing more than getting crazy smashed. We can guess that's how they bought it as well... being crazy smashed.
  10. There is a whole army of people sitting around waiting to get offended about something so they can yell about stuff.
  11. They are going the Xcelerator route! I wonder if they'll have several different trains with custom license plates.
  12. The not-Flight-of-the-Conchords New Zealander graduated from university in '08. I'm still supposed to believe a guy two years out of college can fund this?
  13. I bet Busch Gardens does something about that. I really can't see them letting that fly. They obviously chose Moser over Intamin or Fabbri or whoever else for a reason.
  14. It's a good ride. I really liked the layout, it had a good amount of airtime and lots of twisting. One comment I would have is the ride seemed kind of slow, especially going over the larger hills and towards the end of the ride, when it was crawling along at around 20 mph. I'm not sure how this could get fixed except for major track adjustments or launch track somewhere.
  15. ^I hope someone Googles this and clicks on the ad having no idea what "Save the Big Dipper" is and who "Prince Desmond" is.
  16. Thanks you guys. It seems like the cheapest visa I could find would be a multiple entry visa for somewhere around $140. I think you're right Elissa, it wouldn't be worth it to cross over for one day. Thanks again for your help! I'm sorry for my lapse in common sense...
  17. Thanks for the info. Can I get a visa through a post office here in the States, or how else might I go about it?
  18. When Glee talks, people listen. This is why they're writing in big topics like religion and homosexuality. They've got a big megaphone. And I applaud them using it for something other than sex. Not that that's a problem.
  19. I'm sorry for the double post, but I've got another question: are ferries or train rides across the border an option? I understand I'd still need the Visa and immigration, but would that be a good idea?
  20. ^You can't spell "coaster" without "shenanigans". The "henanigans" is silent. Why couldn't they have impulse bought Big Bad Wolf instead?
  21. Oh my god I need to celebrate. Why did no one tell me sooner?!
  22. Since this guy has never ever ridden a woodie, especially one as old as Big Dipper, he must have absolutely no idea what he's saving. I haven't ridden it myself, but if what has been said is true, then one ride and he'll realize that those thousands of excess dollars he had laying around would have been put to better use building a kitten chariot arena.
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