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  1. It's a marriage of convenience. Also, Boise moving to the Mountain West is now like the unpopular kid coming to the party, as everyone leaves right when they join. If they were really serious, they should have joined the Pac-10 before Utah did.
  2. Considering it's still summer, it will probably be busier than other months of the year, but Sundays and Mondays will be generally less busy than other days of the week. When I went (on a Friday) last June, my dad and I invested in front of line passes. We were able to ride a few of the more popular rides (The Simpsons Ride, Jurassic Park, and most importantly Revenge of the Mummy) upwards of 5 times in a row without having to wait for more than 2 minutes at a time. Is it worth it? I think so, but they are really expensive.
  3. If they're going to take any cues from Flight of Fear, they probably will.
  4. Rumor time! How about an Intamin launchie that starts with a short dark ride section, à la Saw The Ride at Thorpe? (Yes, I'm aware that's a Gerstlauer, but it's a similar idea)
  5. Canon Rebel T2i/550d Adobe Flash (anything above CS3 would work great) Wacom drawing tablet Small list this year! Expensive list, but a small one.
  6. I've got to agree with you here, as a staunch critic of the animation industry, Pixar is the only major animation studio that gives me hope. They use animation as a true art form, as opposed to a medium used to sell to kids, like Disney and DreamWorks animation houses do, in my opinion.
  7. ^Me too, but because the BCS system is stupid and people like E. Gordon Gee, that would never have happened - even if Auburn lost yesterday.
  8. Just my take, I have to imagine that Disney wants to keep up the appearance of the outside of the tower as well as the inside. Just because it looks like it's old and worn down doesn't mean they actually want it to be.
  9. I know it's late and I know you're keeping the layout, I'd just like to offer my two cents on the first drop. I think a half turn and then a 90 degree drop that ended with the other half turn would have worked just as well and been more aesthetically pleasing. But that's just my (late to the game) opinion, and I appreciate you sticking with what you think is right.
  10. ^I'm just going to assume that was not a racial joke. In general, Black Friday is an idea that eludes me... I'm all for saving money, but maybe I'm just a more traditional "coupon-clipper" kid of deal getter.
  11. "Disclaimer! You need a sense of humor to view our site, if you don't have a sense of humor, or are easily offended, please turn back now!" Sounds pretty clear to me... *backs out of the room and back to a dark corner*
  12. ^"Take with a grain of salt" doesn't mean "discount entirely", just try to learn from it.
  13. That's awesome! Euro Fighters and Mega Lites definitely are in short supply in the US. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I must be wrong here), but wasn't Wicked at Lagoon the first Euro Fighter to have a launch?
  14. Online is the way I play it - I just don't love my family enough to get up at 4 in the morning to get them stuff.
  15. I agree with braztaz, the Arrow has a really weird layout, but not in a necessarily good way (in my opinion). The TOGO and its surroundings look nice and realistic though.
  16. That POV video is one of the more prolifically awesome things I've seen this week.
  17. Probably had something to do with the lifts on either hill not engaging fully or not pulling the train up as far as it needed to go.
  18. From the "Donations" page of savethebigdipper.org: next to a checkbox. I'm feeling like the "Recognition Wall" might as well be the side of a public bathroom stall at this point.
  19. A "layout mix up" is hard to believe, but it looks nice anyways.
  20. I love how all of your rides are so unique and yet not outlandish or overly large in any way. I would love to see updates on the new ones, and I'm sure it's coming. Can't wait!
  21. My friend and I had a spontaneous song-and-dance musical number today after school. The song I made up on the spot was (relatively decent) and actually rhymed and the chorus was fun too. Too bad nobody else was there... Oh well!
  22. If you want to get really obscure, no. But for all intents and purposes, yes. As I might be going to university in Connecticut, I am excited.
  23. Amazing report. I still cannot believe that this thing exists, but I absolutely love that it does, even if I never get to ride it.
  24. It's also cold and the track didn't sound oiled at all. That's a lot more friction than usual, which will slow it down. Does that also explain the high pitched whining sound? As in, that's just the track being cold and not oiled, not the trains?
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