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  1. So maybe I get a free pass for being a local? It was my absolute first coaster, so I have that attachment to it. But I didn't think it was Jesusride, because I really don't remember that much of it at all. So here comes the elephant in the room: a lot of people didn't think it was great because it was an incredible ride, but because of their personal history and memories around it. Maybe that's just the way I see it.
  2. I'm not sure I would really call the Golden Horse Wild Mouse models a "rip-off" per se, there are already at least six companies (besides Golden Horse) that make Wild Mouse-like coasters, and that's just from this page. There are surely others that are not called "Wild Mouse", like Reverchon and Fabbri. So that's eight. Unless they're all ripping off each other, I don't think it's fair to single out Golden Horse and accuse them on this one. The SLC lookalikes, though, that's pretty idiosyncratic.
  3. The station of that last one does look really cool in my opinion, I think you did a great job there. The new Arrow looks pretty good as well, a classic, but you have pulled it off. The last turquoise coaster just looks like it's trying to do too much here, which makes it way too complicated. Your terrain woodie is BY FAR the best that you've shown here, though - it's fabulous, different, looks fast-paced, twisty and fun, and the surrounding area is themed and landscaped well.
  4. While I agree with this, I think BGT and BGW have, in the last 15 years, tried to have an eye for rides that definitely aren't cookie-cutter. Loch Ness Monster is the only place in the world you can find interlocking loops. Montu and Alpengeist were both built when B&M inverteds were still relatively new, and most of the existing models in the world at that time were Batman clones. Gwazi, built in '99, is quite different from anything GCI has built (until Joris en de Draak) and was only the second pair of dueling wooden coasters built (after Twisted Twins). SheiKra and Griffon are two of only seven dive machines in existence, and the only two in America. So while the Busch Gardens may stick with things that seem more regular or normal at first look, I do believe that they try to make every ride something different than can be found at other parks across America. I do see your point though, and I am more than ecstatic that an Intamin will be appearing there, and a very unique Intamin to boot.
  5. Well, I would say the 26th and hope they've got a couple more days worth of track put up! Do you think they'll be working on this over Xmas Eve/Xmas? I'd be pretty surprised... In related news, I'm absolutely loving this. The supports-as-theming looks fantastic, the figure-eight is as sexy as ever, and that shot of the low turn under the rock made me giddy. I can't wait until this opens. In a similar vein, I REALLY can't wait to see what they do at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in the coming years!
  6. While that's possible, I think it's an extreme long shot. Considering Busch's patterns for adding rides in the last decade or so (Montu '96, Alpengeist '97; SheiKra '05, Griffon '07) it would only make sense that Busch would strike a deal with Intamin to add two coasters, one to each park.
  7. Total agreement here. Also, in the same vein with KD, Flight of Fear's ridiculous wait times and queue length (physical queue length, not the number of people in it. I like spaceships and I get that they want to reuse the theming but I think it's slightly ridic) Of course, my first visit to BGW sans Big Bad Wolf. Routine nostalgic sadness.
  8. According to their website, Golden Horse was at IAAPA 2010. Did anyone stop by to see what they had going on?
  9. A quick Google searched turned up this. Also, this post on a message board from March of 2007. That website linked to in the post is long since dead. Also, there is an interview posted here, on the appropriately titled "Fool.com" with the founder of this park. Looks like its fated for doom.
  10. I just love the fact that the temperature is 70F in the last screen. It looks fantastic. Custom scenery or non, this was a tough theme and you pulled it off really, really well.
  11. Great ride. It's got a really interesting, fun layout and pretty good elements and pacing throughout the entire duration. It reminded me of that colossal GCI invading China next year. For what it's worth, I did think the pre-lift was a little long and boring, though I did like the fact that there was a pre-lift as you just don't see a lot of those.
  12. ^That is a really interesting layout. Two things hope out to me immediately: The track passing through the loop does so really low, and it looks kind of weird, and the fact that the ride basically ends after the loop. I think a couple helixes in between the loop and the brake run would work pretty well.
  13. Found it! Tornado at Dowdy's Amusement Park in Nag's Head, NC. Linkasaurus. Well, that was a pretty good use of 15 minutes.
  14. Pizzeria is right. Pizzaria has little red lines under it. On topic, your buildings and landscaping has really improved. I'm looking forward to what will come next here.
  15. It's weird, I don't remember this part of the movies. Maybe it's the director's cuts. Prince Desmond is like a condom made of nightmares. Who knew? Famous 1980s movie star!
  16. I am now a member of Wesleyan University, Class of 2015.
  17. I use Photoshop Elements 4. I used to post entries on Worth1000 so these are from there (pardon the watermark). This one won a silver in something. This was my highest scoring one ever. In honor of Pokemon Profile Picture month.
  18. We could use more tits only chat! Nah, just kidding. I know exactly what you mean. I am one of the only people I know who uses proper grammar and punctuation in text messages, as well as most instant messages. Some stuff I see these days is so ridiculously spelled that it's impossible to make out, it looks like those lines of jargon that show up as a printing error sometimes.
  19. Great pictures! The blanket of snow covering the park is very beautiful.
  20. I love what they did on those supports on the turn there - it looks great, even though it's just a few feet more of extension. Cannot wait to see this finished. Great pictures! Thanks!
  21. I think they are going somewhere tropical, due to the word "REEF" in Clue #3. So that keeps Australia in the mix, as the Great Barrier Reef does exist there. As for the posteriors.... you're gonna get some ass?
  22. So...anyone want to guess how how it will take for these start up parks to start faltering and falling into disrepair?
  23. Good episode! I do feel like their last number was a little weak, but maybe that's just me... now no more peeps until the West Coast has seen it too.
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