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  1. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=21832 See post #4, solution 2.
  2. That's big, but not quite "biggest attraction in the history of Hershey" big, as apparently this campaign is leading on.
  3. I am keeping an eye on this because I live in Virginia... and also because the park is quite nice. Your layouts (park and ride) are very believable and do not succumb to the classic "RCT3 misproportion" issue that so many parks and rides suffer from. Keep it up!
  4. I was informed today that I would be MCing a schoolwide open mic that afternoon, and I did, and it went great! People laughed at my jokes. Jokes jokes jokes.
  5. The layout, not at all. In fact, the design of the ride will be exactly the same (trains not known yet, but I have to imagine they would be same as well). The only thing different about it could possibly be the mechanics, changes in which are badly needed. How can you say this with such confidence? Comparing the RCDB pages of all five. They all have the same measurements (including the one yet to be built), so at this point, I just have to assume they're correct. RCDB
  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. The general opinion seems to be "Not the best, but if you're there, why the heck not?" so that's exactly the attitude I'll adopt! Thanks again.
  7. How long does KK hold its top speed? TTD? Honestly, how long did everyone think they were gonna travel near 150mph? If it were anywhere near what the majority of folks thought it'd be like, the damn thing would have to stretch to Dubai. I guess a lot of people believe that if it goes 150 mph, it might as well use its 150 miles per hour. Kindga Ka and Top Thrill Dragster (as well as a good deal of other launch coasters) use their speed to launch up a top hat, where as this hits right into trims. It seems like they designed it for the purpose of a fun launch coaster, and decided after the designs were finalized that they could go for the top speed record.
  8. The layout, not at all. In fact, the design of the ride will be exactly the same (trains not known yet, but I have to imagine they would be same as well). The only thing different about it could possibly be the mechanics, changes in which are badly needed.
  9. I'm really liking this so far. It's got a great small-park layout and line-up, but it really threw me a curveball with that Motorbike coaster. Looking forward to more!
  10. Hey guys, I'm going to be in Tokyo for a week in April. I can feasibly swing over to LaQua for a bit and take in some of the attractions there. Would it be worth it to make the trek over? I'd like the opinions of anyone who's been. I'm not terribly picky about my roller coasters, I'd just like to know if Thunder Dolphin is worth the trip/price/wait etc. Or, if there are any other good options in/directly around Tokyo. (Besides the Disney parks... probably already doing those!) Thanks and thanks again!
  11. B&M, Intamin, Maurer Sohne, GCI and all the others must LOVE China right about now - they have a huge booming theme park market (we'll see how many are still around in ten years) that are all just begging for custom coasters that wow the crowds and bring in the audiences. We've seen the Mega-Lites and Dive Machines at Happy Valley, the S&S launchies at the other Happy Valleys, that mega GCI going in at Knight Valley, the 10-Inversion Coaster at wherever that was, and now these. China, like Europe, I have to imagine, has more lax safety regulations with a public that is much less likely to sue, which allows the coaster companies to create absolutely INSANE rides and not having to worry about restraining the passengers six ways to Sunday (cough, I305). Basically, these Chinese boom parks are keeping B&M, Intamin, S&S and the like thriving and I have to imagine the coaster companies are loving not only the business end of it, but what they get to come up with.
  12. One-trick ponies (especially tricks like Dive Machines) are big guest hits. Especially a dive machine that *gasp* goes upside-down. So, I can definitely see SFMM getting a Dive Machine for the sole purpose that it will be a hit for the general public. I, too, would like to see SFMM install something that is completely different from anything they have at the park. But it will be what it will be.
  13. You're right and I agree with you. It was just my opinion that it's unfair to disregard one type of ride just because it's elements can be found elsewhere in the park.
  14. ^ I was being facetious, although I did like the ride. I'm sure you're coming up with something much better to replace it, though, so no worries.
  15. ^^ If it's from S&S, actually, I would love to see one of the Happy Valley Beijing/Shenzhen launchies. Those looked absolutely fantastic, and SFMM doesn't have a complete-circuit launcher yet. With the Busch Gardens franchise soon to get Intamin launchers (probably for BGW) and having a monopoly on dive machines, SFMM might go in a completely different route, as we've already seen à la Ball Coaster.
  16. ^^To follow the same logic, what is the appeal of a coaster that goes up and down and has airtime when there are 18 other coasters that go up and down and have airtime? SFMM would be hard-pressed to add something that is ABSOLUTELY UTTERLY different from anything else that you can find at the park. They already have: Launches Woodies Hypers Airtime Flyers Boomerangs Vertical drops 4 dimensions Inverted B&M Arrow suspended Juniors Racers Stand up Shoot-the-chutes So, that leaves... Aquatrax. Unless anyone thinks a dueling-giga-wooden-inverted-4-dimension-stand up that swings and has a splash down is out opf the running yet. There's an idea, dueling.
  17. GCI was founded in 1994, which I guess is relatively young for a wooden coaster manufacturer. You might be better off researching some of the guys who founded GCI (namely Mike Boodley) who left Custom Coasters International before it went bankrupt and went on to start GCI. Good luck!
  18. I agree with you. It's a terribly sad story, but it's obvious that there were no safety standards or failsafes in place. I'm glad the other children were okay, it sounds like there could have all too easily been more injuries.
  19. Nice TRs. I enjoyed reading your report of Pacific Park... even though I only spent about an hour there last year and only rode the West Coaster once, I do remember it having some airtime on that first hill after the helix! It also did pick up some speed at the end, especially going around that last turn. Maybe it was a slow day, but the ride ops let us go around twice and just coast through the station, whereas it looked like you guys had to stop.
  20. ^ Things cited have been the park's performance (which is surprising since it had pretty much a monopoly on the 6th-largest population center in America) and that the land value that it was sitting on was more valuable than the park was.
  21. The theming leaves a little to be desired (it looks quite sparse and empty, and the station is boxy) but you sure do have a real unique ride there. I wonder how the dark-ride portion would really work, though, with the riders on their backs. Unless it's all on the ceilings?
  22. ^You're right. Also, the former SFoG GIB is being rebuilt at Mirabilandia for next year. Big year for Vekoma.
  23. Wow, that did come out of nowhere. I would have thought that the GIBs would be infamous now due to all the problems they've been having. Maybe this one can break the curse by having a different paintjob.
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