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  1. People are entitled to whatever opinions they want, but opinions can be wrong.
  2. Wood responds much more poorly than steel to the elements over the years, and it's unfortunate. I guess that the roughness adds some of that "good 'ol woodie charm", but ask anyone who's ridden Hurler or Mean Streak and they might just disagree.
  3. In all honesty here, I don't think Paranormal Activity was a good choice for you to show off your acting/directing chops. For one, the acting is little more than flailing around and yelling (which you do well) but it doesn't exactly showcase the best acting. Also, because it's one static shot and the aforementioned acting, it's hard to get a grasp on your direction. I would like to see you put together a short film and post that up here, as it would be a much better gauge of your acting and directing talent.
  4. Looks nice! I really like the color scheming of the buildings. That whole area reminds me of that scenario "Frightmare Hills" from (throwback!) RCT1.
  5. I'm not trying to fuel the fire at all here in any way, I'd just like to clear something up: I thought that the reason people posted parks on here was to get feedback (which includes criticism and suggestion) from other members. Am I wrong? I feel like it would be silly to post any work of yours anywhere if you didn't want any sort of feedback on it, but maybe that's just me...
  6. I guess the obvious way to go would be a B&M hyper, but those are really a dime a dozen. I feel like you could use.... an INTAMIN HYPER!
  7. I never did understand how the pipeline made it into RCT3. In fact, I never knew that it was ever considered as a production model. Cool find!
  8. To Kingdom Come - Passion Pit Current fave.
  9. Dear Title Fairy, First of all, I feel kind of weird asking about this, like somehow I'm stepping out of my bounds, even though I know I'm not. Anyhoo, I would appreciate something like to "This guy!". Many thanks!
  10. Parallels is a program that allows you to install Windows onto a Mac machine. Since RCT/RCT2 never came out in a Mac-readable CD format, it is needed to play on a Mac. Parallels can also be installed on Windows if you wanted Linux/Mac OSX or any other operating system that isn't Windows. Basically, the reason Parallels has showed up so much is because it is one of only two really viable options for playing RCT/RCT2 on a Mac (and thus, iPad). Hope that helps! I'm glad I have become "That parallels guy".
  11. I imagine one of the things that would be so appealing about RCT or RCT2 on an iPad is the iPad controls, in RCT, i.e. dragging the screen around and pinching to zoom. I'm not sure if that would port over RCT, much less would it be as fun as say, navigating the internet on an iPad.
  12. ^^ Not only that, but he never should have left Boise State. They did pretty well in the Hawkins era, but have done immensely better in the postHawkins Petersen era.
  13. ^^^ The reason NoLimits has copyrighted company names (i.e. Gerstlauer Eurofighter) is because Ole Lange and NoLimits were approached by the companies (Vekoma, Gerstlauer and Maurer Söhne, I believe) to have some of their designs included in the program. Also, NoLimits is targeted to a more hardcore enthusiast crowd. Putting in the names of all those companies into RCT4 (including some, like TOGO and Arrow that don't even exist anymore) would be downright impossible. Having some, but not others, would also be a little weird, in my opinion. The solution is to continue adding generic coaster types that are blatant copies of real life styles. Now, I wonder if it would be out of the question to create fictional coaster companies, like "Sparrow" creates multi-dimensionals and corkscrew types while "G&N" deals with inverts and floorless....
  14. It's not nearly as easy as you might want it to be, but see here and then read this.
  15. ^^Is it just me or does the pacing get really slow on those last few hills? It looks like if it was going faster they could pack a great airtime punch, although I'm not sure they do now. Though I bet dubaidave has a different opinion, considering he's been on it a couple times now.
  16. They don't teach it in school anymore.
  17. In order: Universal Studios Hollywood King's Dominion Busch Gardens Europe.
  18. Why do one-day visas have to be so expensive? Loving this progress, this thing looks insane.
  19. Flannel pants are a fantastic article of clothing.
  20. Also, lift hill speed maybe? EDIT: Where are you getting the duration times from? I just watched and compared POVs of Intimidator 305 and Millennium Force and found that I305's time from lift hill start to end of brake run was around 68 seconds, whereas the time of MF from start of lift to brake run was about 100 seconds.
  21. It's really just a more sophisticated swinging ship or disko.
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