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  1. That looks like a really great little park, with three credits to boot. Thanks for sharing coaster adventures from a far corner of the world (to me)!
  2. It has a very Mega-Lite design, but the measurements are larger. So it's a Mega-Full.
  3. This may have been answered before, but is there any rhyme or reason as to what order the track is placed in? Is it just what order the pieces come from the manufacturer, or does it have to do with cost, or something else?
  4. Cats are scared of vaccuum cleaners. Just imagine a vaccuum cleaner somewhere in my avatar.
  5. This is a fantastic ending to a fantastic thread. I would buy every single one. (except maybe the one with the butt on it, but that's because I go to a Quaker school and that would be frowned upon.)
  6. Pray for your parents? I wish there was a way to "like" posts on the forums...
  7. I am honored. This is the best photoshop contest I've seen anywhere, and I used to hang around Worth1000. They've got NOTHING on you guys! At least one of these HAS to get made for lols.
  8. The SEC East is the new Big 12 North.
  9. I'm thinking that their classification of "drop" means it starts and ends going the same direction. bellhop96, this is a Screamin' Squirrel, for reference:
  10. On Saturday, I saw an elderly woman in a wheelchair get "randomly selected" for extra screening at Chicago O'Hare. I love America!
  11. It's hard to win when you get down 21-0 before half time (yes, I know they took it to 2OT).
  12. I have a 2008 Macbook Pro and once upon a time I had RCT3 installed on it. It works, but not dazzlingly. Many of the graphic settings have to be on much lower settings and scenery and parks can't get too large, otherwise it might become very laggy and rather unplayable. It works fine for one-coaster parks, though, and the coaster sandbox mode. Edit: or that too^
  13. The only game I'd be worried about there is Oregon State. It's always Oregon State. Who beat Cal at Cal when Cal was ranked #2? Oregon State. Who beat USC two out of three years to spoil an undefeated season? Oregon State. Who beat Arizona when Arizona was in the top 10 for the first time since 1999? Oregon State.
  14. Trapper Slider looks insane, thank you for posting that POV. I guess I always underestimated alpine coasters. I wonder how much it'd cost to get one of those to BGW...
  15. This is really great! So nice for a Six Flags park! I'm surprised there aren't any DC Comic-themed rides yet
  16. That is exactly the problem. They are getting re-released solely for the purpose of making more money. Not to contribute to the modern day culture spectrum, but to make more money. I understand that money makes the world go round, and I like money too, but sometimes, a line needs to be drawn, somewhere in between "greed" and "originality".
  17. I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder this, but does this include the infamous "Jeff Johnson credits" or is it generally agreed upon?
  18. right, because that's ALWAYS an accurate deduction http://www.myteamisbetterthanyourteam.com/ This is a fantastic point. It seems that every year, the SEC plays one or maybe two games out-of-conference against a supposedly "good" team. Last year it was Alabama vs. Clemson, this year it was LSU vs. North Carolina (lol). South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, LSU and Alabama have, among themselves, played a total of 5 non-conference games against major BCS conference teams. And two of those teams were South Florida and Duke. Before you plunge into the "we can play cupcakes because our conference schedule is so tough" excuse, remember that Auburn, in their undefeated 2004 season when they got shafted, played The Citadel, Louisiana Monroe and Louisiana Tech. Not quite prime rib.
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