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  1. Have you heard of groups of 50+? and did they visit that amusement park?
  2. Except for the fact that North Korea is a closed communist country, and you wouldn't be able to get in, because Kim-jong il has everyone in the country convinced that the west is evil, and the fact that the country is so communistic you think people in the country most likely don't have the ability to just go to an amusement park, and hop on a ride. So I believe this is a rare credit, because the dear leader doesn't allow free time. Also look at every picture on rcdb of that park, how many people do you see?
  3. http://www.rcdb.com/2883.htm (Pyongyang, Pyongyang-si, North Korea) Don't think alot of people here have ridden this haha.
  4. Guys, This isn't supposed to be racist I just love watermelon, and this is about the fourth photoshop that I have added someones head to a watermelon.
  5. Hey guys for my senior research paper I am writing mine on GCI, I am only allowed to do companies based in the US, but could you guys direct me to some info about GCI other than Wikipedia, or their official site. I am having trouble, some help would be nice thanks guys!
  6. Smoking that's one thing, but molesting? In a maze with god knows how many other people in it. I am not saying he is telling the truth, but I don't think you can sit there, and say he's a liar. How many people in this world make up lies about someone else, because they dislike them. There is a very high chance that someone doesn't like him, or he annoyed someone so what do they do? EASY lie.
  7. It's obvious they are building a dive machine with a 45 degree drop haha.
  8. I just saw Chris Daughtry at Hershey, but that was because he was performing there later in the day. I was one train away from riding Fahrenheit with him!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdwkS6n-ys Haven't been to one for awhile, but this was by far the best concert I have ever been too!
  10. If walking distance is fifteen miles, so no. Do you like hockey?
  11. Very nice pictures, as much as I dislike waterslides, that one does look alright.
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