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  1. Born in Massachusetts Live in Virginia Arizona California Connecticut Georgia Florida Illinois Indiana Maine Maryland New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Tennessee Virginia West Virginia and I've been within 50 yards of Michigan.
  2. Cool TR. I've never been to the state fair in my state (Virginia) but my county fair pales so much in comparison to this it nearly brings me to tears.
  3. X-Cars and Eurofighters sure seem to be the "in vogue" coasters for parks to build right now. I've seen more of those popping up recently then anything else.
  4. I haven't graduated from high school yet, but I have a good idea of what my major is and that is film.
  5. They kind of have, but not nearly to the scale of TTD. I think the number of elements could be a blessing and a curse - fun, more excitement, potentially increasingly painful, long (slow loading times because of the long ride cycle; could become boring; otherwise having to burn off/trim 120 mph) - not to mention that, like someone previously in this thread said, everything would be from 400 ft tall down! Not to say we can't dream, though. I feel kind of like a Debbie Downer in this thread...
  6. Thanks! I drew tons upon tons of pictures on standard 8.5x11 paper and took pictures of them in a program called iStopmotion (only for Macs, I think). Other than that just simple drawing! Of course, I nearly got Carpal Tunnel 20 times...
  7. You do realize that is a Fan Drawing and not done by an actual engineer, right? I do yeah. I'm guessing that fan didn't exactly think through "surviving" the ride.
  8. I can't imagine it taking those smaller overbanks and turns at 90 mph... it looks like that would have to have been heavily trimmed.
  9. No one is as sue-happy as Americans are! This is the same reason as to why things like Big Bad Wolf somehow had to operate with OTSRs, and we can't have crazy rides like boats that fly through the air. Although most amusement park food is more dangerous than any foreign ride...
  10. This post is over a month old but it went unanswered soo... It's Maurer-Söhne X-Car track, it just also happens to be box section track. The X-Car has had box section (see here), Schwarzkopf style (Formule X at Drievliet in the Netherlands) and a hybrid of both (G-Force at Drayton Manor).
  11. I would travel the world. Although I imagine that that could be sort of difficult... I imagine lots of anarchy in the last years.
  12. Myspace mirror self-portrait fractal shot ftw!
  13. Great update! I'm having a great time reading through it. Still baffled as to why anyone would think a Stand-Up floorless drop tower is a good idea... maybe all the sadistic women engineers got hired at Intamin after TOGO went bankrupt.
  14. Haha, great! Here's mine... It's been to a few film festivals and stuff. I'm working on a new one that should be done this winter sometime...
  15. On second thought, that soil doesn't really look like red clay (to me) so that would rule out pretty much the South.
  16. It's a risky proposition weather-wise (to an untrained eye like mine, I guess) if you look at what happened to SFNO. Of course, I don't know if there is a chance for that sort of thing to happen as far inland as this park is proposed. I suppose it's just as risky as building parks like Knott's and Nagashima Spaland in earth-quake prone areas.
  17. I'd love to see Busch Gardens Williamsburg getting a terrain woodie, but it's probably not there (stemming from the Drop Tower rumors)
  18. Jeez, Dubai is currently growing exponentially... but what's going to happen when the oil dries up? There is nothing else there besides some of the most ridiculous (albeit awesome) displays of wealth in the world.
  19. It is the same way. So if the first time you got a 540, 710, 650 and the second time you got a 640, 640, 700, the score your colleges would look at would be 640, 710, 700. If you aren't applying early decision, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to take the SAT again as well as the ACT once.
  20. Don't they remember what happened to Six Flags New Orleans?
  21. Shockwave is a coaster that people "Love to Hate." I actually don't think it's that bad either, but I love to rip on it! Good to know! I guess it's better to hop on the bandwagon than get run over by it.
  22. Not sure if you want to make this a thread devoted to animation by TPR members and in general, but I've made some as well. I'm a pencil-and-paper guy myself...
  23. Am I the only one who thinks Shockwave isn't terrible (excluding the second to last turn)?
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