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  1. Hi all, I'm going with my dad to Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Sunday, September 7th (the day after Labor Day). Should I expect crowds? Most people probably have that Monday off work or school, but it's also a Sunday. Would it be worth it to spend the extra $40 on Quick Queue? Thanks!
  2. Cool TR. I've heard Everland is kind of the "Disney of South Korea", but with more coasters. Seoul Land looks like they stopped trying several years ago after gathering a very plain assortment of coasters. Anyways, looks like a good(?) time.
  3. Most of it can be found here... www.youtube.com/user/artdept2 With one additional film here Enjoy!
  4. Yes, ish. I'm the only coaster enthusiast in my family, and the nearest park is over an hour away, so going to a park is an "event". I get my off-ride and off-season thrills from RCT and Youtube. -le "where I go to college is seriously dependent on how many theme parks are nearby" t1gre
  5. Oh my god, that entire state is constantly under construction. I swear they dig things up just to put them back again. Also, fun TR. Really jealous of everyone that went, it looks like a great day.
  6. That's really cool. You've got some awesome stuff! I have been accepted to some fests myself (namely Los Angeles & Seattle Int'l Film Festivals) and I know that they are a huge deal. You guys have got some great quality stuff, too. Hope to see more!
  7. Hope you guys are having an awesome day. While you guys got ERT on Dominator and Rebel Yell, I got 9 hours of ERT in my car
  8. I just did a quick search of the forums and didn't find a similar topic, so here goes: What are some areas that really need a theme park? I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, which is fortunate enough to be less than three hours away from 3 major theme parks (King's Dominion, Busch Gardens Europe, and Six Flags America). However, none of these are closer than 1 hour 20 minutes away. For a city recently named the "Best City in America to Live In", I would think we'd have at least a small park to open here. Any other locations that you live in that are just unfortunately far from any amusement parks, but are large enough to support its own?
  9. So bummed that I can't make it. I hope you all (y'all here in Virginia) have an awesome time. Come back to King's Dominion soon!
  10. Exploring Six Flags New Orleans would be fascinating. Finally, a Six Flags park with no lines!
  11. Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun. Have a good time at BGE, that park is amazing.
  12. Capitale Express in a shopping mall in Quebec City is my most obscure one.
  13. Mine was BBW as well. Gentle fun with a big drop and fun swinging turns. It's too bad that almost none of them exist anymore. Smaller sized family woodies like Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster at King's Dominion work well.
  14. It's a really cool highway. Like, asphalt and stuff. I'd pay to look at it.
  15. That's your choice to stand in line. I'm pretty positive none of these riders chose to be stuck on a coaster for a lengthy period of time. I know, I'm just being a sarcastic jerk. It's my thing.
  16. So they got front-of-line passes because they lost two hours. Can I get front of line passes after I lose two hours waiting in line? That's not a Boomerang mishap, and not the park's fault! Mannnn, I guess ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it's too much.
  17. If by Coney Island you mean Astroland, and by Astroland you mean the Cyclone, then it is open from May 14 to September 6 daily and throughout September on weekends. That was for this year, but I imagine next year will be mostly the same. I couldn't imagine riding any coaster in a NYC January. Brrr! Have fun!
  18. Nice TR! Those rides look horrifying, and not in the good way that a coaster can be horrifying!
  19. The kid kissed him and he's charged with inappropriate touching? Did I miss something?
  20. Eh, so much for a 500 foot tall reverse launch B&M floorless woodie. We can still hope, though.
  21. I'm an amateur animator, and last winter I made this. It's drawn entirely by hand.
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