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  1. According to the video, the people running towards it were "parents trying to get their children off". Trying to jump in front of a moving ride to get a child off is only going to hurt both of you, if not others. How about the next time you and your child get out of the car you both try a tuck-and-roll at 20 mph.
  2. My brother has, and he said it was a really fun time, one of the best experiences he's had. I can't speak for firsthand, though.
  3. Thanks! I really appreciate it. I do hope that my Japanese will get slightly better before I leave, though...
  4. Hey guys, In April I'm going to Japan, Hong Kong and maybe China and I'd like to hit a few parks. I only speak a little Japanese and no Chinese so I'm curious as to how easy it is to get around, especially in theme parks. I'm going to be generally around the greater Tokyo area. Are Japan and China largely very accepting to English speakers, especially if they at least try to speak the language? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Those are both my home parks, so it's cool to see what they looked like before I was even born. I haven't been back to BGE since '00, though, so I'm sure it would be pretty different for me as well.
  6. Heights heights heights heights heights. So is my dad, so when we went to Chicago last spring to the Sears Tower I got out on the Skydeck for the sole purpose of freaking him out (and myself). I got a good picture, though. For the uninformed, this is the skydeck...
  7. It looks and has the texture of shoe leather, but in desperation I had some and it turned out to greatly exceed by (albeit low) expectations. Given the recent events, would you still ride Terminal Velocity at Extreme World if given the chance?
  8. That looks & sounds like a great time. Are you hitting up Buffalo Bill's? It's kind of a long way out, but apparently Desperado is a hell of a ride. I also feel like the only reason I would do SkyJump is if my dad is there and I can freak him out, because he is deathly afraid of heights. Of course, so am I...
  9. ^Seems like a decent fella. vKnows where his/her towel is.
  10. I am not gay, nor are my parents homophobes, and one at least one occasion they have told me they are glad that I'm not gay. Not because they dislike gays and/or think homosexuality is wrong, but because they are glad I don't have to face the prosecution and hate faced by many gays in this world. Hopefully the repeal of Prop 8 will start the move to take the nation a step away from that.
  11. I have a bright future ahead of me! Chop it up....?!
  12. Minus the turn after the drop, Hurler at PKD was fast and enjoyable. Until the end when you regain consciousness and realize you broke twelve bones.
  13. Driving is still far, far more dangerous. The problem with the media with these sorts of reports of "incidents" and "accidents" is that, after one happens, they ignore the fact that, say, millions of other people have ridden that ride without injury. It's the same with plane crashes too. How about the news reports all of the thousands of planes that land safely and all of the roller coasters that didn't fly off the tracks? Also, at least two of those accidents in the article (potentially more, but others were unclear) were the VERY DIRECT fault of the victim and had NOTHING TO DO with the safety of the ride.
  14. Early and late season, yeah. I haven't been a park enthusiast long enough to know that! I'm sorry about that.
  15. In response to your question about the park filling up before Memorial Day weekend, I doubt it would. Most people only have that Friday and Monday off, so the Monday through at least Wednesday should be just like any other week in early season. In other words, light.
  16. I hate the sorry state of the animation business. I spend months creating a 3 minute completely hand-drawn short film, and some a$$clown at [studio left unnamed] (*cough* *cough* DreamWorks *cough*) spends $50 mil to create some stupid talking-animal movie that gets universally panned but pulls down the #1 spot in the weekend box-office. Meanwhile, it seems no one over 18 realizes what a fantastic person Hayao Miyazaki is. Humph! My asinine pet peeves.
  17. My brother was marooned in one during the (in)famous December storm of '09 that all you guys in SoCal laughed at. He said it was nice.
  18. I never rode Volcano because the wait time was three eternities. Same with Flight of Fear, but I got in line for that anyways. The fact that it was an hour and a half wait really brought it down because it made the ride feel "not worth it". Rebel Yell in the front seat is SMOOTH! And Dominator, I think, in the front right, amazing. KD has a rather large children's area with a lot of rides and attractions. They might like Hershey more though, because of all the candy
  19. I rode it twice last weekend. I really don't see why it's the worst ride in the world, except the first curve. It's rough, but not painful. also, it's almost always a guaranteed walk-on.
  20. I will never drink them based on the ads alone. Their spokesman is so smarmy! Like the weapons dealer from Iron Man 2, but WORSE.
  21. Interesting how the anchor in the video says that the girl saw Terminal Velocity on the Travel Channel and wanted to do it because of that, presumably the same BtC episode some on here have used to reference.
  22. Sounds like you had a frustrating day. I'm not a big fan of waterparks in general - seems like they tend to move slower than theme parks. The rides also tend to be about 2 minutes shorter than anything you could ride at a theme park. I'd take Jurassic Park at USH or Escape from Pompeii at BGE over a waterpark on any 100 degree day.
  23. I have probably the worst vision of anyone I know (it's like a -8 or something) and I need my glasses to see anything. At King's Dominion I wore them on 7 of the 8 coasters I rode (only exception was Flight of Fear, which is dark anyways, and has a forcey launch) sans strap and they were absolutely fine, including several that inverted. I rarely had a problem and if I did I just pushed them back on my face. I also brought an extra pair in a case in my pocket, just in case. People tend to be wary about glasses on loops, but centrifugal force will push them back into your face.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm Reid, I'm from Virginia, USA, closest (about an hour away) from King's Dominion. I'd been a lifelong fan of roller coasters thanks to RCT even though I'd only visited a couple of parks, though last weekend I went to King's Dominion and rode 8 coasters, including Dominator, and loved every second of it. I can now call myself a virtual and real coaster enthusiast. I also make movies.
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