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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I am looking for a glasses strap before I go to the park. I'm guessing I can get one at an eye doctor or a sporting goods store.
  2. I am very nearsighted so I don't think I could walk around without them. I'm going to Six Flags St. Louis - do you think they'd let me keep them in one of those neck wallets travelers use? Like stick them in there, tuck it under my shirt when I'm on a coaster? I don't have contacts anymore.
  3. What do people do with their glasses or sunglasses when they ride a coaster, especially one that inverts? I see trip report pictures of people in the loading area, with their glasses on... do the G forces push them on their face so they don't fall off? Or do they take them off and hold them in their hand while they are on the ride?? How do you keep from losing your glasses?
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