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  1. ^^ Ah, my mistake. I was thinking New South China Mall and Great Mall of China were two different names for the same place.
  2. Get off the plane and walk right into a casino? Sounds like Vegas might have some competition.
  3. Considering that ~95% of the retail space was empty when the mall opened (and a lot still is), I'm surprised the park project is still in the works. Actually, I'm surprised that this mall is even still OPEN.
  4. That's...uh, quite a list. Thanks, Weather Channel for compiling this list instead of doing your real job...making bad weather predictions.
  5. I'm glad to see the support is fixed already. The new path is looking good, too!
  6. Fiorano GT Challenge - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  7. When I was there the day before Easter, Afterburn stopped on the lift multiple times throughout the day. I'm surprised they didn't include those "incidents."
  8. I've had every intention on getting this up sooner, but a busy schedule, procrastination, and some Internet issues have delayed that....until now! So, without further ado... Part 5: Fun Works, Yas Mall, and Wonderland Dubai We left Ferrari World not long before closing at 8 PM, so we decided to go get ourselves another credit! But first, we wanted to grab a bite to eat. In a giant mall like Yas Mall, we had plenty of options, but there could be only one....ROGO's, the roller coaster restaurant! Neither of us had eaten at one before, so we thought it might be a great place to eat. Finding this restaurant was surprisingly difficult. The mall is still opening new stores and such, so the guides aren't up to date. While the novelty was cool, we simply weren't that impressed. The food wasn't the greatest in the world (I had chicken alfredo and Keith had a burger), and it was too expensive for how small the portions were (It was $45 for the two of us). After our meal, it was off to Fun Works for the most bizarre coaster of the day...Yolo Works, the other YOLOcoaster! For how small this ride is, it packs a punch. The drifting is more powerful than it looks, and it actually is somewhat entertaining. I don't understand why the designers decided to put OTSRs on it, as they're not needed and only cause pain. Although it's not a great ride, it's worth checking out if you've got some free time after Ferrari World closes. I've filmed some offride footage so you can all see the ride for yourselves [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The next day, it was back to Dubai. The original plan for today was to drive up to Sharjah to visit Antic's Land, but we'd read that some other enthusiasts had problems getting the credit. It simply wasn't worth making the drive through the heavy traffic between Dubai and Sharjah to risk being turned away. So, we relaxed a bit in the morning, and we went to Wonderland. I've heard Wonderland described as "The World's Emptiest Theme Park," but we found a DIFFERENT side of Wonderland...you'll find out in the pictures! Hope you all enjoy! After leaving Ferrari World, we walked around Yas Mall to find ROGO's. (KK) And here we are! (KK) The tracks in here are quite impressive. The food might make you a bit loopy. The FEC was much easier to find. It's quite nice looking. I felt like I was walking in a playground at first. It's one of the bigger FEC's I've visited. But it's time for a credit! (KK) The train is pretty cool looking. (KK) Whoosh! (KK) You'd be surprised how fast this ride goes. (KK) Sometimes, the turns HURT. (KK) Yolo Works isn't that great, but it's worth checking out if you're already here. (KK) Jump to Wonderland! The first thing Keith said to me when we got here was "I thought this place was supposed to be empty!" This nearly full parking lot DOES seem rather suspicious. Will these two SBNO rides provide a clue to the mystery of the crowded parking lot? Probably not, but we can dream. Moments after this picture was taken, we headed up to the admissions booth to purchase tickets, but they were CLOSED FOR RENOVATION! Will Wonderland ever reopen? The parks says yes, but we say NO! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 6: Dubai Mall, Sega Republic, and the Burj Khalifa! (This one should come much sooner, I promise!)
  9. ...if after downloading GTA V, you immediately go to their version of the Santa Monica Pier to ride the coaster.
  10. A little late to the party, but the Thunderbird plaza looks simply amazing! Can't wait to see it in person at Holiwood Nights!
  11. The entrance to the queue for Phantom's Revenge is directly under the first drop.
  12. Good to hear Bizarro is running better this year. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to visit the park this year.
  13. I'm still on the fence for counting this as a new one, but I'm leaning toward not counting it. I'll make my decision after I ride it next month.
  14. ^ They did have that feature, but it seems to be missing now. I think it's due to the changes Google made to Maps a while back.
  15. I have a few connections in the Dubai parks, and I haven't heard anything about any B&Ms for those parks.
  16. 1. Cedar Point 2. Canada's Wonderland 3. Knott's Berry Farm 4. Kings Island 5. Carowinds 6. Kings Dominion 7. Michigan's Adventure 8. Dorney Park One of these days I'll end up visiting the other three.
  17. I uploaded a video today, and I'm getting an error "200, Stream not Found" when it's played. Not sure what to do... www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=YoloWorks_kl2y
  18. 10 AM, I think. Based on my visit, I'd recommend riding Mad Mouse as soon as possible. It was literally the only ride that had a line (20 min) the entire time we were at the park. As for Shivering Timbers, when I rode it two years ago, it was by far one of THE smoothest woodies I've ridden.
  19. ^^ I did that same trip a few years ago and the park was dead. We were able to do everything by 1:00 PM, and that included many rides on Shivering Timbers!
  20. Here's a few from my 2015 trips so far. Pleasant Surprise Formula Rossa - I wasn't expecting much from this coaster, to be honest. From the POV's, it seemed like it had a great launch, hit the brakes, and then fizzled out. Most certainly not the case! The trim isn't horribly noticeable and there's some great floater air on the hills. Adventureland UAE - This FEC is simply amazing. It's beautiful and the rides are simply amazing (ESPECIALLY the MotoCoaster)! Spin Gear @ Sega Republic - What a great little compact spinner! A tight, spin inducing layout with a perfect touch of themeing. Unpleasant Surprise Staring at a closed Bandit Bomber at Yas Waterworld.
  21. Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
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