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  1. That's the coolest sky ride I've ever seen! We need one of those in the States!
  2. Volcano - the Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion
  3. I found myself quoting Little Britain today at work. Guess that's nature's way of saying that I need to rewatch it again!
  4. Going to see The Who at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh in October! I'm surprising my mom with tickets! She saw them live once before...when they were a warm-up act for Herman's Hermits!
  5. I used to fly with Delta, but my flights with them started to become very irritating. I've moved to United and the Star Alliance now, and I'm very pleased with them so far.
  6. Minecraft on my PC last night. Currently working on building a new spawn area for my server.
  7. All of these positive reviews and the media day coverage have made me SO excited to ride Fury on Saturday! My mom (who LOVES Millennium Force) really wants to ride this, but can't go this weekend with me, so it already looks like I'll be making two trips to ride it!!
  8. Part 4: Ferrari World & BONUS Construction Update! After visiting Yas Waterworld, we made the short drive to Yas Mall for Ferrari World! For being an all indoor park, this park is HUGE. Just like the Burj Khalifa, you truly don't comprehend how large it is until you've seen it in person. We took many glances at the park while at Yas Waterworld, and we'd seen Fiorano GT Challenge cycle several times, but not once did we see Formula Rossa. It wasn't until we were pulling into the parking garage that we FINALLY saw it cycle, and a huge weight of nerves was lifted off our shoulders! We walked into the park and immediately headed for Formula Rossa. We had the Premium passes again, but unlike Yas Waterworld, there were lines here. Formula Rossa had a 20 minute wait...and we waited less than five! All loose articles were collected by attendants before entering the loading platform, and they gave us a number to retrieve them after the ride. I was shocked by the thoroughness of this procedure. The attendants had eyes like a hawk, and they would snatch up any loose article in seconds! You definitely don't see that in the US! We were handed our safety goggles (with special ones that go over glasses), and we were on our way for a front seat ride! The launch on this ride seems like it never ends; like the Energizer Bunny, you just keep going, and going, and going! Neither of us felt the brake on the first ride, but we did on a few others. The rest of the ride is comparable to Millennium Force. The curves show off the speed, and the hills have some great floater air! Formula Rossa simply blew us away! Of course, we also did the Fiorano GT Challenge racing coasters. I remember Robb describing them as bizarre rides, and it's an appropriate description. To a degree, it does feel like you're on a race track with the varied launches and curves. On the yellow (left) side, the turns are banked appropriately, but on the red (right) side, the turns are mostly unbanked, which makes for some painful laterals. Then came one of the more interesting parts of this park, the Bell'Italia car ride. It's a simple car ride through Italy, but we were stranded in the Alps! There we were...stuck in a traffic jam in the Alps due to a ride malfunction. Luckily, we were "rescued" in about 15 minutes. As for the dark rides, it's quite a collection. First came Made in Maranello, which is reminiscent of the ride at Hershey's Chocolate World, but not nearly as elaborate. It didn't delve into as much information as the Hershey ride, and it was honestly more of an advertisement to purchase a car. Next was Speed of Magic; what a strange ride! It's the same type of ride as Spiderman or Curse of DarKastle, but with a very strange story line. Essentially, a kid is having trouble beating a video game, and his dad offers to take him for a ride in his Ferrari as a break. He asks his son to hold onto the keys for him while he gets ready, and the character in the game (Nello, who is also a park mascot) jumps out of the game, steals them, and takes the keys back into the game. Your job is to retrieve the keys from Nello for the kid and his dad. Bizarre plot aside, it's a well-done ride! The final dark ride was Viaggio in Italia, a Soarin' knock-off. As you chase a Ferrari through the streets of Italy, you'll find that the ride is incredibly boring. We rode Formula Rossa several more times all over the train, and we even had a chance for a night ride! It's just as good in every row of the train, but you'll probably notice the brakes more when you reride it. A night ride should NOT be passed up if you have the opportunity! It's a very nice park with GREAT employees, but it leaves something to be desired. It feels more like a bunch of undecorated buildings covered by a giant awning. Other than Formula Rossa, there's not a lot of "wow-factor" here, especially if you're not a car fan. This park has TONS of potential, and I think with this new Dynamic Attractions coaster, this park will be scores better than what it is now. BONUS Construction Update! Okay, we all know about the new Dynamic Attractions coaster, Mission Ferrari, but there's MUCH more construction than it going on at the park! First off, there's a new ropes course on the way called Racer's Edge, and it looks to be mostly (if not completely) finished. Then, there's the construction that can be seen from outside of the park. It's all next-door to Fiorano GT Challenge, and it's still in its beginning stages. So far, it looks like only groundwork has been done with the footers dug, but not poured. But then there's something else that I happened to spot. Unfortunately, my picture of it didn't come out (Sorry, my camera didn't like the lighting inside), but there is a POURED FOOTER in the middle of Bell'Italia's theming. Now, you may think it's just for lights, decor, or something...but I've seen plenty of footers in my time. This is a COASTER footer. So, unless Mission Ferrari is going to circle around the park, I TRULY believe that Ferrari World is building a second coaster. PLUS, this footer is on the other side of the park as the construction next to Fiorano GT Challenge. Onto the pics! I hope you all enjoy! Here we are! The entrance to Ferrari World inside of Yas Mall. But first thing's first...to Formula Rossa! (KK) Floaty airtime goodness! (KK) Swooping turns! (KK) And a few bunny hops for good measure! (KK) I can't imagine how crazy that airtime would be if it didn't have the brake. (KK) The viewing platform gives fantastic views of the ride! And they're off! Their Chinese New Year celebration ended the day before our visit, but there were still plenty of paper lanterns hanging about. Would you ever have guessed that there are cars in here?? The spacious walkways successfully accommodate the INSANE crowds here today! I love the support structures of the park. They really add to the "cool" factor for me! In case the bounty of non-moving Ferraris wasn't enough, here are two that spin around. Does anybody know why the drop tower that used to be here was removed? They didn't have a full outdoor viewing area for Fiorano GT Challenge like they did for Formula Rossa, but you still get a nice view of the ride from this window in the queue. Time for the racing coaster! (KK) The loading platform. The drop out of the station is pretty surprising! (KK) Our Italian chariot arrives! (KK) They did a nice job with the little villages. (KK) On-ride shot! The footer is just beyond this "hill." (KK) Oh, no! Traffic jam! (KK) The ceiling is so cool. Note the construction in the background. Looking back at the tunnel on the ride. I wonder how excited the riders stuck inside were! Back by Fiorano GT Challenge, we see some parts awaiting construction! An overview of the construction site. Zooming in on those footers...I don't see any concrete. There's still a lot more work to do here. Is that more construction I see? Yes! This is the new ropes course! Racer's Edge...coming soon to a Ferrari World near you! Another car. Who would've guessed? (KK) Another chariot awaits! This time for the factory tour ride. (KK) There's some old cars. (KK) Some for drag racing. And then one that brings you back to the '80s! Some new ones. There's even a playground for the kids! There are plenty of reminders of the Ferrari brand. Just in case you happen to forget. (KK) Near the entrance/exit, there's this lovely machine. (KK) Goodbye, Ferrari World! I can't wait to come back for Mission Ferrari and more Formula Rossa goodness! (KK) Up next, stay tuned for Part 5: Yolo Works, the strange drifting coaster at Fun Works! Coming soon!
  9. Lines shouldn't be bad at all, but there may be some school groups there both days. They'll all start to clear out about 4:00, so it should be fairly dead in the evening. I'd wait on getting FL until you get there. Since you can't do spinning rides, those are the only three flats I'd recommend riding.
  10. Damn! They really did built this thing quick! All I need is for this and that 10 inversion coaster in Ankara to open, and I'm going to Turkey!
  11. Such a shame that our favorite pregnant lady walkthrough wasn't as great this time around. I'm so glad that Bullet is up and running again, and in such a nice park, too!
  12. Thanks for the great travel advice, Chris! I'll definitely be in touch once I schedule a trip!
  13. Granted, the coasters aren't going to look 100% perfect, but considering they're solely made of blocks, I think it looks pretty good! I'd love to see more!
  14. I'm guessing we won't actually be lucky enough for this to be your last post, but a man can dream. I was thinking the same thing!
  15. Even though I disagree with this new policy, at least it's at a park where the lockers are free and not priced out of this world like Cedar Fair or Six Flags!
  16. I visited here a few weeks ago after my afternoon at Ferrari World. I thought the food at ROGO's was pretty good, but the idea is definitely better than the food. As for Yolo Works, that coaster is bizarre! I shot some off-ride footage of it while I was there. At some point, I'll upload it for everyone to see.
  17. Firefox is my go-to, other than on my Apple devices. I've used Chrome a lot (not by choice), and I absolutely hate it. It's better than IE, but not by much.
  18. Burgers! Also, thanks to PhantomNick for sharing the Burgatory menu! I've always wanted to try it after passing the adverts for it near Robinson Town Center!
  19. Is that a giant mall under construction? Looks very similar to the Dubai Mall.
  20. Great pics, Chris! Glad to hear how awesome Bullet is! I'll definitely have to visit this park again soon and do the zoo as well. How easy is it to do Mexico City and Guadalajara on your own?
  21. I enjoyed Medusa before, but damn this ride looks incredible! Definitely got to get back down there one of these days!!
  22. At least I can finally try out namtaB without having to travel very far. I'll have to head over there this year and give it a whirl!
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