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  1. That's the coolest sky ride I've ever seen! We need one of those in the States!
  2. Volcano - the Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion
  3. I found myself quoting Little Britain today at work. Guess that's nature's way of saying that I need to rewatch it again!
  4. Going to see The Who at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh in October! I'm surprising my mom with tickets! She saw them live once before...when they were a warm-up act for Herman's Hermits!
  5. I used to fly with Delta, but my flights with them started to become very irritating. I've moved to United and the Star Alliance now, and I'm very pleased with them so far.
  6. Minecraft on my PC last night. Currently working on building a new spawn area for my server.
  7. All of these positive reviews and the media day coverage have made me SO excited to ride Fury on Saturday! My mom (who LOVES Millennium Force) really wants to ride this, but can't go this weekend with me, so it already looks like I'll be making two trips to ride it!!
  8. Part 4: Ferrari World & BONUS Construction Update! After visiting Yas Waterworld, we made the short drive to Yas Mall for Ferrari World! For being an all indoor park, this park is HUGE. Just like the Burj Khalifa, you truly don't comprehend how large it is until you've seen it in person. We took many glances at the park while at Yas Waterworld, and we'd seen Fiorano GT Challenge cycle several times, but not once did we see Formula Rossa. It wasn't until we were pulling into the parking garage that we FINALLY saw it cycle, and a huge weight of nerves was lifted off our shoulders! We
  9. Lines shouldn't be bad at all, but there may be some school groups there both days. They'll all start to clear out about 4:00, so it should be fairly dead in the evening. I'd wait on getting FL until you get there. Since you can't do spinning rides, those are the only three flats I'd recommend riding.
  10. Damn! They really did built this thing quick! All I need is for this and that 10 inversion coaster in Ankara to open, and I'm going to Turkey!
  11. Such a shame that our favorite pregnant lady walkthrough wasn't as great this time around. I'm so glad that Bullet is up and running again, and in such a nice park, too!
  12. Thanks for the great travel advice, Chris! I'll definitely be in touch once I schedule a trip!
  13. Granted, the coasters aren't going to look 100% perfect, but considering they're solely made of blocks, I think it looks pretty good! I'd love to see more!
  14. I'm guessing we won't actually be lucky enough for this to be your last post, but a man can dream. I was thinking the same thing!
  15. Even though I disagree with this new policy, at least it's at a park where the lockers are free and not priced out of this world like Cedar Fair or Six Flags!
  16. I visited here a few weeks ago after my afternoon at Ferrari World. I thought the food at ROGO's was pretty good, but the idea is definitely better than the food. As for Yolo Works, that coaster is bizarre! I shot some off-ride footage of it while I was there. At some point, I'll upload it for everyone to see.
  17. Firefox is my go-to, other than on my Apple devices. I've used Chrome a lot (not by choice), and I absolutely hate it. It's better than IE, but not by much.
  18. Burgers! Also, thanks to PhantomNick for sharing the Burgatory menu! I've always wanted to try it after passing the adverts for it near Robinson Town Center!
  19. Is that a giant mall under construction? Looks very similar to the Dubai Mall.
  20. Great pics, Chris! Glad to hear how awesome Bullet is! I'll definitely have to visit this park again soon and do the zoo as well. How easy is it to do Mexico City and Guadalajara on your own?
  21. I enjoyed Medusa before, but damn this ride looks incredible! Definitely got to get back down there one of these days!!
  22. At least I can finally try out namtaB without having to travel very far. I'll have to head over there this year and give it a whirl!
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