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  1. The new entrance sign is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Love your description of Nighthawk - "big clunky mess" is quite accurate! Although, it's a bit of a shame that you didn't ride Carolina Cyclone, as it was running very well when I was there a few weeks ago.
  3. Thanks! Yas Waterworld was an amazing park, and we definitely underestimated how much time we wanted to spend there. I'll definitely give it a full day on my next visit. Ferrari World is across the street from Yas Waterworld, but it's not within walking distance since the entrance is inside of Yas Mall. I'm so glad to see the new coasters for the park, and I really hope business picks up for the park. I 100% recommend the VIP experience. It's well worth the extra $50. The mall with Ski Dubai is Mall of the Emirates, which is another of the UAE's many large malls. Our visit
  4. ^ You've got Batwing nearby, but it's not hard to compete with that rattling death trap!
  5. ^ I was just thinking the same thing. I'm very curious to see how well it will ride.
  6. I'm not a fan of Europe in the Air, either. I do like that it has transitions between the "destinations," unlike Soarin' that randomly jumps from place to place.
  7. Part 6: Dubai Mall, Sega Republic, and Burj Khalifa: At the Top This part of the trip was probably my favorite. As a structural engineer, the Burj Khalifa is simply amazing to me. It was so awe-inspiring to be at the foot of it - let alone go to the 140th floor! More on that shortly. After our brief visit to Wonderland, we took the Dubai Metro to Dubai Mall - the world's largest mall. The Metro station is connected to the mall by a sky bridge that seemed to go on forever! It had to be at least a fifteen minute walk, but at least it was fully air-conditioned. Once you (finally) make it
  8. ^ If the Beast wasn't trimmed as much, it would easily be the #1 wooden coaster in the chain. Shivering Timbers delivers an out-of-control ride that the Beast no longer does.
  9. Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it. I also rode it that same August. I probably would have ridden it again, but it had an incredibly long line and it was a very hot day.
  10. I'll vote for Voyage to be RMC'd. I share Robb's opinion on it. Last time I rode it (2010), it beat me up worse than Son of Beast EVER did. I'm hoping for a better ride at HoliWood Nights this year.
  11. Thanks for the great report! Can't wait to ride Impulse in June!
  12. Usually club discounts are good for at least one (non-club member) guest in your group.
  13. There's a bright side to all of those comments...less people in line for Fury!
  14. I've never seen that happen on any other Windseekers. I've been the "smaller" rider on the outside plenty of times. Also, did anybody get pictures of the Timber Wolf retracking?
  15. Just to catch up on a few things: 1. Love the name Valravn! I guess Cedar Point thinks we can all handle scary things now. 2. I like the new location for Tiki Twirl (or whatever its called). That was a terrible dead space.
  16. Great news for Ferrari World! These rides will fit in extremely well to their lineup. Hopefully, this will mean people will stick around for more than Formula Rossa.
  17. Thanks for the lovely comments! Next part should be up this evening!
  18. I have never seen a park sell out of Flash Passes before, even on the most crowded days of the season. I would wait until you get to the park to judge the crowds before you spend the money. Although you'll have the security KNOWING you have the passes, sometimes you'll only end up wasting your money (I've done this a few times).
  19. ^ I 100% agree! We had a half-inch of snow yesterday. What happened to Spring???
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