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  1. Last time I was at the park (2011), I stayed at a hotel in Ruther Glen, and there were hookers in the parking lot...
  2. I despise Green Lantern. I've ridden all of the B&M stand-ups other than CGA Vortex, and Green Lantern is hands down my least favorite of the bunch. Both times I've ridden Green Lantern, I've walked off the ride with incredible leg pain and a headache. I'm just glad that I was able to use the single rider line and not have to wait forever for it! It easily made my "never again" list!
  3. Bought me a ticket to see the Rolling Stones on 6/20 in Pittsburgh! Can't wait!!
  4. ^ I LOVE Keeping up with Appearances! It's such a great show!
  5. People still watch MTV? I had no idea.
  6. I'll second the recommendation on the Hampton Inn. I stayed there when I visited the park last year, and it was easily one of the best Hamptons I've stayed at over the years (and the cheapest!).
  7. When I went to the park, I was able to do all of the coasters (including kiddies and SkyRider) and several flats with FL in one day. I did the non-FL attractions first before the park got SUPER crowded, and the waits were about 20 min each. However, I'd do Bat as soon as possible. Even with FL, I waited nearly an hour for it.
  8. Sounds like a solid trip! Depending on how much you want to see and do in DC, three days should be plenty. You might want to consider driving to DC and checking into your hotel after Kings Dominion; that way, you won't have to deal with morning rush hour.
  9. You could always stay in Downtown Pittsburgh, but you'll have to deal with the traffic and the nasty road construction going on in the Ft. Pitt Tunnel right now. I always recommend staying in the Belle Vernon area. Even though your choices are limited, you can eliminate the Pittsburgh traffic. All of the hotels are easily accessed from I-70, and you can use Rts 51 & 837 instead of the usual way of going through Downtown Pittsburgh on I-376. However, the trade-off is that you're going to be 30 minutes away from the park. As for other things to do in Pittsburgh, the zoo is always a winner in my book. Although it is fairly straightforward to get to usually, the road construction will be a major issue.
  10. Absolutely agree about Viper. It's easily one of my all-time favorite Arrows. It reminds me of a smoother version of the old Steel Phantom.
  11. Read through some of the reviews of Fury from this past weekend, as I was at the park yesterday. I respect their opinions, but I don't understand how their rides on it were so radically different than mine. I found it to be quite forceful apart from the final helix, and I experienced zero rattle, even after riding it all over the train (and I typically notice it more than others do). It's absolutely a hit for this park, and EVERYTHING I heard from the other guests was nothing short of SUPER positive! I'll second that! ...now for the rest of the park. I happened to read TPR before we left that morning, and I purchased FL+ for all of our group after reading about the super high crowds on Good Friday. It wasn't nearly as crowded, but FL+ was still a much welcomed purchase. I liked the new entrance area, but I don't like it nearly as much as the new one for Cedar Point with Gatekeeper. There were several maintenance issues yesterday. Intimidator didn't open until the afternoon (not sure of the issue), Fury was delayed about an hour or so due to an issue with the trains, and Afterburn was up and down all day. Intimidator also seemed to be trimmed more than I remember from my previous visit. We also tried some new food options (at least they were new to us). The Oreo churros were absolutely delicious, but the Fury Freeze Dippin' Dots were a bit strange for my taste (Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, and Lime flavored). Overall, my friends and I had a FANTASTIC time, and we were blown away by Fury. When I first visited this park, I thought it was terrible, but Cedar Fair has really turned this place around over the past few years. I had zero attachment to this park until my visit yesterday, and I'm certainly going to be back later this season to take more of my friends and family to ride Fury!
  12. You're welcome! I agree that it's expensive, but after a few rides on Formula Rossa, I'm sure you'll find that it's worth it! Nope. Haven't been to Universal for three years. All I've heard about those incidents is what I've seen on here. From what I've read, I think Ferrari World is more strict on loose articles.
  13. Something doesn't add up here. I remember using FL to ride Flight of Fear back in 2012. Did they take it off and then add it again?
  14. ^ They sent out media day invitations to Goliath at SFGAm as well, and it was still delayed. So, that's not a guarantee.
  15. Formula Rossa - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  16. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Holiday in the Park when I was at SFOT a few years ago. I might just have to come see it at GAdv!
  17. Honestly, the Avatar area is the ONLY thing that will bring me back to Animal Kingdom. I'm looking forward to see how Pandora looks, even if I wasn't the biggest fan of the film. Considering the hype Avatar had when it first came out, it will be shocking if it doesn't increase attendance.
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