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  1. I hate the location of Screamin' Eagle's queue entrance. It was very difficult to find, and the old entrance is very misleading. I'm sure the reason it's located in its current location is to try to get people to play the damn games so they'll make more money.
  2. ^ You won't have any issues riding Woodstock's Express, it's a really fun ride! It's more exciting than Iron Dragon and the Mine Ride.
  3. Jack Rabbit at Kennywood. 36" height requirement and everyone loves that famous double dip!
  4. ^^ I agree! This just looks like a vomit-inducing machine from my nightmares. If the spinning is kept at this pace, there's no way I'd ever ride it.
  5. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach
  6. A great looping coaster is exactly what the UAE needs! It doesn't look like much has changed at the construction site since my visit two months ago.
  7. ^ You can always wait until you get to the park to buy FL. It won't sell out.
  8. ^ Lines shouldn't be that bad on that day, although there may be a few groups running around. You should be able to ride at your leisure.
  9. ^ Exterminator is well worth checking out, in my opinion. Even though it's a standard spinning mouse, the inside is maintained and the theming is a great compliment to the ride. If you arrive at the parking at opening and ride it early, the line will be pretty short.
  10. Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags over Georgia
  11. I would do Bayern Kurve, Swing Shot, and Exterminator early, as they are all popular and low capacity, especially if Swing Shot is only running one arm (which is typical). Hopefully, Phantom and Thunderbolt will be running two trains on your visit, or else you may be waiting a while. The lines for Black Widow, Sky Rocket, Racer, and Jack Rabbit all move pretty fast, so you can ride those any time. Other flats I'd suggest are Kangaroo (only one in existence), Turtle (one of two in existence), Noah's Ark (only one in existence), and Auto Race (only one in existence). These all get very long, slow lines, but if you're pressed for time, you can skip them and ride them on another visit. EDIT: Also, the Log Jammer is one of the best flumes around. If they're using both sides of the station, it's definitely worth the wait.
  12. T3 opens May 30? I'm going on May 31, so I really hope it doesn't get delayed!
  13. Thank JEEBUS that they put these new restraints on Maverick. Maybe I'll actually enjoy it now.
  14. ^ August weekdays can be fairly crowded, especially if you visit during Fall Fantasy. You'll still be able to ride everything, though. As for Noah's Ark getting new scenes, I'm glad to see they've given that ride some much-needed TLC. I'll have to make an effort to go this year and check it out for myself.
  15. Great TR! It's such a quirky little park, and I love how they're promoting sustainability!
  16. Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it again this year.
  17. Europe in the Air wasn't too bad for me, but Corkscrew Hill was what made me sick. That ride taught me to take all simulator rides with precaution!
  18. I wouldn't recommend doing any of the daytime tours. It's very easy to do everything on your own, and you're in full control of every place you visit. Almost every museum in DC is free, so you're basically only paying for the convenience. I've done the Monuments by Moonlight tour, and it's decent. When I did the tour several years ago, it was daylight for part of it. Most of the time we had to explore was at the Lincoln, FDR, and Vietnam/Korea memorials, which it was daylight/dusk. Once it was dark, we drove past Jefferson Memorial, White House, and Arlington Cemetery, but you couldn't get off the bus to look around. Even though it was a nice tour to see everything, it simply wasn't what I had expected it to be.
  19. Holy guacamole! That looks phenomenal! I may just have to come back this fall!
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