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  1. Great pictures! That hill after the second turn looks like it's going to produce some serious airtime!
  2. Those are some cracking pics! Definitely a visually stunning ride. The narrow track also makes it looks a lot taller than it really is. I'm really curious to hear the first reviews of these rides, and I hope we see a lot more of them in the coming years.
  3. Alright I have submitted my ballot. Very difficult to judge since some coasters I have ridden recently, while others it's 10+ years since I rode. But I think my top 10 looks something like this: El Toro Intamin at SFGAdv. Wildfire RMC at Kolmarden. Storm Runner Intamin at Hersheypark. Nitro B&M at SFGAdv. Kumba B&M at BGT. Phoenix PTC at Knoebels. Boulder Dash CCI at LakeCompounce. Montu B&M at BGT. Katun B&M at Mirabilandia. Balder Intamin at Liseberg. And then my dishonorable bottom 5: Coaster Express RCCA at Parque Warner Madrid. Super Flight Zamperla at RyePlayland. Cobra Sartori at TivoliFriheden. Condor Vekoma at Walibi Holland. Volare Zamperla at Prater.
  4. Easter vacation has started. Almost a whole week off work, fantastic!
  5. Getting to Krakow by plane is really easy, if you're flying into any of the major airports in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, etc...) there are daily flights to Krakow. Katowice is also nearby, but I don't know the flight connections to this airport. But what I do know however is that I need to go to Poland in the not-so-distant future!
  6. It's not settled yet, but looking into doing Heide Park in late May as I will be in the area.
  7. Those backstage shots are awesome! I particularly love the picture taken at the bottom of the first drop of Piraten, fantastic shot! I definitely agree with this one. I visited Djurs last year and I was very impressed by Juvelen. So much fun and a couple of surprisingly intense turns! One of the best family coasters I have ever ridden! Thank you for sharing!
  8. The theming and effects looks specactular! Great to hear that also the ride itself also delivers.
  9. My WDW trio arrived in the mail today. At first glance they look great, and I really look forward to getting them framed and put them up on the wall!
  10. I love seeing all the different stadiums and arenas in this thread, thanks for sharing! Those viewing areas (or whatever they're called) in the upper deck of T-mobile arena is definitely a unique touch, never seen anything like that before in a stadium/arena. Since I don't follow NFL I didn't know that Raiders are being relocated to Vegas. I know it's more of a common thing in the US, but for me the thought of relocating a sports team from one city to another is just completely absurd.
  11. What the actual f*ck? I'm so happy I live in a country where suing for these occurrences is not a thing, because this is seriously out of control!
  12. Not many of the Cyclone clones remaining now. Texas Cyclone, Psyclone, White Canyon and Aska have all been demolished. And with Georgia Cyclone now being converted, this only leaves Bandit at Movie Park Germany and Viper SFGAM as the only operating Cyclone clones. In addition to the original of course... That being said, the new pictures looks fantastic and I have no doubt that this will be one kick-ass ride experience!
  13. The train for the new Jungle Rally children’s coaster has been put onto the track, and it looks adorable! [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  14. Four days of annual military service training done! The country remains safe.
  15. Going local tonight with a lovely Ulriken Double IPA from 7 Fjell (7 Mountains) Brewery.
  16. Woah fantastic news! We all knew something would happen with the Walt Disney Company completing their take-over of the Paris resort, but three new areas with different theming is definitely beyond what I was expecting! I'm really looking forward to see more details of what is planned.
  17. These look fantastic, thank you so much for sharing the link! I just ordered the WDW poster set.
  18. Visually I must say this ride looks absolutely stunning!
  19. That wonderful feeling when it's well past 5 PM and it's still daylight outside!
  20. Those are some fantastic shots of Steel Vengeance! I'm really looking forward to see some video of this thing in action, not to mention how jealous I am of everyone who will be riding this beast this year!
  21. That looks like a very nice park/zoo, and a Vekoma Family Boomerang (well, two of them) seems like a great fit for this type of park!
  22. I second that! Based on the drifting picture it looks like a super-fun ride, and it makes me very curious to see what kind of speed it has around the course.
  23. For the 2018 season Tusenfryd is jumping on the VR bandwagon and adding VR to Western-Expressen, the parks Vekoma family coaster. Source (Norwegian): https://www.oblad.no/tusenfryd/underholdning/vinterbro/tusenfryd-setter-vr-briller-pa-til-30-arsjubileet/s/5-68-370931 Translation (google) In other news, Thundercoaster is being renovated for 5 million NOK, which equals to about $640,000. The Burnout Stuntshow will also return for it's fourth consecutive season.
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