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  1. Just came back from a small business trip. After landing we drove too far at the gate, and the plane had to be pushed back slightly. Everyone had to sit back down. Pilot blamed it on a "mistake in the taxi guiding system". Too afraid to admit his mistake? I don't know, but either way it was a first for me.
  2. Haven't had an american beer in a while, but bought a couple today. First out is Oskar Blues IPA. I thought this one was quite good!
  3. Awesome that you are doing this! At first glance it seems very easy to use. Looking up a coaster was super-quick to do. As others have experienced, I was not able to drag-and-drop in Chrome, but it's working in Internet Explorer. As I was going through my list of ridden coasters, I found the following parks to be missing from the database. Now I completely understand that not everything is or ever will be included in the database so take this feedback however you'd like, I was just listing them as I went through my list. And I like that kiddie coasters are not included in the list as that would just be pointless. Europe: Linnanmäki - Finland Powerland - Finland Legoland - Denmark Tivoli Friheden - Denmark Terra Mitica - Spain Holnemvolt Park - Hungary Wiener Prater - Austria Fantasiana - Austria USA Luna Park - Coney Island Playland Park - Rye
  4. ^^LOL the background music at 1:05 is just perfect!!
  5. It really is remarkable to think that only four Intamin woodies were ever built between 2001 and 2008. I was sure we would be seeing a lot more of these. Balder for example has a perfect layout for cloning! I can only assume that cost has been a huge factor. I see for example that Balder cost twice as much as it's neighbor Thundercoaster a couple of hours up the road. This despite Thundercoaster being a terrain coaster, while Balder was built on flat terrain. Of course we know that Balder is a far superior ride, but one can definitely understand parks are not willing to spend that amount of money with much cheaper options available.
  6. Those are some awesome pictures! I love the one with the hydraulic cutters tearing through the track with bits and pieces flying everywhere! As for the retracking, I never thought there would come a day where a standard cookie-cutter loop/corkscrew coaster would receive completely new track. I assume it must be a very popular ride with the locals??
  7. Love this thread, so many awesome and beautiful pictures! Tusenfryd posted a lovely little video on Facebook today. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  8. This is starting to get really exciting! I'm really looking forward to see supports and track going up. I also went back and re-watched the POV and I think this ride looks to have a really solid layout! I love the immelmann-turn-zero-G-roll combination! With my last visit to Liseberg being in 2016 it's definitely time to head back in 2018!
  9. Not gonna argue with this statement. That feeling when you're being pulled over the top in the pretzel loop is a proper "oh shit" moment! Love it!
  10. That was great! Theres a good chance I've said this before, but I absolutely LOVE these mounted backseat POV's! Gives such a great view of how the train moves along the track, cars shaking, etc... love it!
  11. That was an awesome video! I love the famous "Intamin fart sound" it makes going over those hills. The video also reminded me that this summer it will be 10 years since I rode this beast!
  12. Tennessee Tornado did get the new-generation train design, but I believe that they went with the old-style blocky body for thematic purposes. There are some giveaways, such as the taller headrests. From what I understand, Arrow built five coasters with the new-generation train. I believe that Tennessee Tornado and the roller coaster at Al-Sha'ab in Kuwait have the new chassis with the old-style body; Drachen Fire and Canyon Blaster had / have the new chassis and new-style body. The fifth is the Hot Wheels SideWinder at Dreamworld in Australia. When it was the Cyclone there and the Big Dipper in its previous location, it had the new chassis / new body, but a few seasons ago they put the new Vekoma trains on it. I would assume that the Adventuredome bought the old trains to use for spare parts. Obviously, Arrow started using a new track rail / spine / tie design in the mid-90s too. Al-Sha'ab's coaster and Tennessee Tornado have it, and Road Runner Express at Fiesta Texas has it as well. Those, and X at Six Flags Magic Mountain, were the only "big" coasters that Arrow built with the newer designs before they went down the toilet for the last time. It kind of makes me wonder about the kinds of coasters we'd be seeing from Arrow today if A) they were still around and B) Schilke was still doing work for them. Since you mentioned it, I must say that I find Roller Coaster @ Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park a very intriguing ride. At first glance it looks like your standard Arrow loop/corkscrew coaster, but it's definitely not. Not only does it have the newer track style, but the track shaping appears to be a lot more advanced and smooth compared to the rides Arrow built just a few years earlier. I wonder how well it rides...
  13. I have always said that BGT's collection is "Quality over Quantity" as they don't have a bad ride in the mix! In fact closing Gwazi actually IMPROVED their overall quality of coasters! I'm not going to argue with that one! I rode Gwazi once in 2014 and that was more than enough! My friend somehow liked it and went to ride it a second time, but that was without me...
  14. Great video! Is there a park with a better collection of high quality steel coasters than Busch Gardens Tampa? I'm struggling to think of any...
  15. Did anyone say 'white Christmas'? (photo from local newspaper)
  16. I only visited four parks this year, two of them being the Paris Disney parks, so my selection of rides to choose from is rather limited. But my 2017 Top 10 list looks something like this: 1) Schwur des Kärnan - Hansa Park (new) - Totally f*cked up ride, but in an awesome way! 2) Piraten - Djurs Sommarland - It's an Intamin Mega-Lite. Do I need to say more? 3) Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission - Disneyland Paris (new) - The biggest surprise of the year, this mid-90's Vekoma kicks some serious ass! 4) Fluch von Novgorod - Hansa Park (new) - Another great surprise, smooth and intense ride. Just wish it was a tad longer. 5) Juvelen - Djurs Sommarland (new) - Fantastic family ride, and more intense than I expected. 6) Nessie Superrollercoaster - Hansa Park (new) - A very fun Schwarzkopf looping coaster, and it runs great! 7) Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Paris (new) - Solid mine train coaster, but the ride features a couple of trims which detracts a little from the experience. Fantastic ending! 8) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Disneyland Paris (new) - It's good, but not great. 9) Dragekongen - Djurs Sommarland (new) - The only slight disappointment of the year, it's a family coaster but I was still expecting a bit more. Also a bit rattly for a brand new ride. 10) Crush's Coaster - Disneyland Paris (new) - It was a fun ride, but not memorable and the only reason it's on this top 10 list is the lack of other choices...
  17. Had some great luck on soccer/hockey betting over the last couple of days. Put 300 NOK ($35) into my betting account on Sunday, now I'm up to almost 1900 NOK ($225).
  18. Well that's cool, I didn't even know this was a thing. Guess I learnt something new today.
  19. Love the pictures of Batman running in the snow, must be quite an experience!
  20. Well, didn't drink it yet but Christmas Ale from 7 Fjell Brewery is ready to be consumed in a week or so...
  21. ^So in which direction would they be able to expand? The south end of the park is very close to a residential area, and it's not that far in the north either. For a noisy attraction such as a rollercoaster I presume this is something that will have to be taken into consideration.
  22. https://response.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/ShowQuest?QuestID=5107666&sid=XtxY0ngW73 Thanks for the link, I have provided my feedback. If I were given the choice, I think I would go for a mega/hypercoaster style coaster. Something with a regular lift, open cars, lapbars only and high speed with lots of airtime. If the park decides to go for a looping style coaster, I would love to see them build an inverted coaster. Now what I'm really curious about is where would the park build a new rollercoaster (if they were to do so). The terrain is obviously a challenge and would make the building of any new coaster more expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if Loopen were to leave the park after operating for 30 years next year, but then again it wouldn't really free up that much space. Does anyone know how much land Tusenfryd owns? No one will argue that Liseberg is a far, far better park than Tusenfryd, but we have to remember that the parks are operating on different terms. Now don't get me wrong, I think there are plenty of things we can critize Tusenfryd for, my last two visits were both quite terrible, and I can guarantee you that I will be going back to Liseberg before I go back to Tusenfryd again. But on the other than I don't think it's completely fair to constantly compare a park like Tusenfryd to a park that's located right in the middle of a large city where the park is so much more easily accessible for the local population. As for the anniversary thing, it's been mentioned on these forums over and over that parks will build new rides when it financially makes sense, not because of how old the park is.
  23. ^That is about as visually pleasing as it's possible for a beer to be. I want one!
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