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  1. Vacation has come to an end, tomorrow is back to work. Meh....
  2. RC Racer - Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris. Very fun ride, but I wish the ride cycle was a bit longer.
  3. Hyperspace Mountain @ Disneyland Paris. I love how the structure glows during sunset. It's also a kick-ass ride!
  4. Here is my list: Djurs Sommerland Hansa Park (new) Disneyland Paris Resort (new) It may seem like a short list, but for me this was actually a fairly good year.
  5. Second time at Charles de Gaulle. Still a terrible airport!
  6. I use pretty much facebook only. The only thing I normally check on twitter is TPR, to see if there are any special highlights, before I go into the forums. And yes, I did vote in the poll!
  7. Reading all these posts about El Toro makes me miss the ride as well! Spent two days at SFGADV in 2008, and had a great time. El Toro was easily the highlight of the trip and still stands as my favorite wooden coaster.
  8. I have nothing planned for 2018 yet. I think the only thing that is certain is that I will be making the trip to Liseberg to check out their new B&M dive machine!
  9. I'm usually not one to get sentimental over a ride shutting down, most of the time it's because a ride has reached the end of it's life, it suffers from low ridership or the ride quality just isn't holding up anymore. But I must admit that seeing the video of how it was when the ride was dueling, something which I never got to experience, and knowing that we'll probably never see a ride like this again does make a little sad.
  10. That's pretty cool that one of these are actually getting built! You won't find me on it though, it seems kinda claustrophobic and I'd be terrified of getting stuck inside!
  11. Looking back to the one day where we had "proper summer" this year and I went swimming in the sea for the first time in 3 years. Water temperature was a lovely 17,7*C (~64*F) at the surface.
  12. One new ride added to my list: 2017 DrageKongen - Djurs Sommarland
  13. Nice report! But seriously, that food looks delicious! Big mistake looking at these pictures while being hungry lol!
  14. After a short transfer at Charles de Gaulle yesterday I can definitely understand why people hate this airport so much!
  15. That is one happy train! I must admit, until I saw the track in the background, I had completely forgotten that this is a MACK coaster. For some reason I just had this thought in my head that since it's at Disney, it must be a Vekoma...
  16. What is your worst day at a park?
  17. Awesome report! I don't really care for the "scary horror" events, but this one definitely looks like my cup of tea! (yeah I'm a bit of a Disney nerd too) Perhaps the seasonal event I would like to visit the most, it looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!
  18. ^^That one was pretty crazy indeed! Not to mention the challenge getting in and out of the cars...
  19. This will for sure be an interesting construction to follow. I have no idea where they are going with this one...
  20. Well, that list sure is up for debate! But I did it anyway, came in on a staggering 17/100 lol...
  21. I actually prefer back seat mounted POVs. They are more difficult to get mainly because: - Most people seem to prefer front seat so I have to focus on that and it depends on time. - Many times due to the train design it's hard to get a good mounted view without much obstruction. - I only like to post the back seat POVs if they are actually very smooth. This one was a bit borderline but mostly due to the seat in front being wobbly because it was empty. I've had a few other back seat mounted POVs that I ended up not posting because sometimes from the back seat the coaster videos much rougher than it rides, which is often not the same for the front seat POV. I can definitely see the point about it being difficult to find good places to mount the camera in the back. Watching the cars in front wobble/shake/rattle/whatever around the track is actually one of the main reasons I like these mounted backseat POVs. But I can also understand why the majority prefers the smooth front seat POVs. LOL that picture from Gröna Lund is great! I was in Denmark two months ago, and there I saw a bus (regular bus) in a bus station with a big ad for a plastic surgery clinic, featuring plenty of uncensored boobs on the side of the bus.
  22. That's an awesome video! I *LOVE* mounted backseat POV's, you don't see them very often, but I find that it gives a really interesting view of how the train is moving through the different elements.
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