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  1. I'm a huge fan of Founders All Day IPA, which is available in the supermarket shelf here in Norway. I was therefore rather excited when I on a recent trip to Denmark found Founders Centennial IPA in the shelf there, so I bought two six-packs and brought back home with me. Although I do prefer their All Day IPA, this was also an excellent beer. I really like this brewery!
  2. That looks like an awesome ride! I love the roll through the station, that looks fantastic! I'm really excited to hear the first reviews of this ride.
  3. Visited Hansa Park for the first time today. Ended the day with a ride on Nessie, a very fun Schwarzkopf classic!
  4. Piraten @ Djurs on Tuesday. The ride was absolutely flying!!
  6. ^I would if we were going there, but we're staying on the mainland for this trip. But we will visit Djurs, Hansa Park and possibly Legoland.
  7. Lol I just watched a POV of that ride. What an absolute disaster of a rollercoaster!
  8. Only two more days of work and then I go on a two-week vacation! Roadtrip to Denmark, I can barely wait!
  9. ^That video was so awesome I had to watch it twice! Loved the final shot looking down the main street, very Disney-like! I'm definitely genuinely excited for this update!
  10. That is great news! Awesome! I loved Wildfire, so looking forward to see the footage!
  11. I cannot find one of the memory cards for my camera. And I really don't want to spend another $60-70 on a new one, although it looks like I will have to...
  12. ^^I was actually going to make a comment highlighting that picture before I saw your last post. It's a great picture and like you say, it does have that postcard-feel to it.
  13. I really like 1664 Blanc, I think it's a great beer. However, yesterday me and a buddy tried 1664 Blanc "Fruits Rouges" and bloody hell what an absolute f**king disgusting beer! We didn't even manage to finish one bottle between the two of us! Never again!
  14. That front car looks absolutely ridicilous... which somehow makes me love it just because how nuts it is!!
  15. ^You're correct, the first SLC's that were built had the final turn go under the first drop instead of above, and they go in a straight line instead of doing that little twisty bit at the end. I think there are only 2 or 3 of this version. Edit: I checked RCDB, it lists this and Condor @ Walibi Hollanf d as the two 'prototype' SLC's.
  16. ... second one's better. I'll admit I got so focused on the new Mean Streak photos that I didn't really look much on the other pictures. But I agree, it is indeed a beautiful picture of Sky Ride!
  17. ^Love the first picture! As for the photos of the first drop on the previous page... Holy crap!!
  18. ^^That is so awesome! They could easily have just gone with a "factory look" on the roof, but instead they also turn this part of the building into something beautiful that you can only see from the flying island ride.
  19. So last year my local craft beer brewery "7 Fjell" gave us The Donald - Ignorant IPA. Today their brewmaster posted this picture on facebook!
  20. I think several major terrorist attacks have influences the big attendance drop (-14,2%). According to this site, there was a drop in foreign visitors to Paris of 15% from the beginning of 2016.
  21. ^I actually had completely forgotten about Tower of Terror, and I have been on that ride multiple times. However that ride does not give you any impression of being high up (except for that moment when the doors open at the top), plus you're inside a ride vehicle and not dangling your legs off the edge..
  22. ^^^Well I'm sure standing in line that close to the ride will help calm down nervous first-time riders lol!
  23. Holy crap. Bar or package store? Thats from the supermarket shelf. In a bar it would be more expensive. A beer in a bar in Norway normally ranges from $7-12, depending on what type of beer. I haven't seen Founders in any of the bars here, but I would guess around $8-$9 for a bottle if that were the case. Of course you're standard draft lager/pilsner is not quite as expensive in the stores. For example a 0,5 liter can of beer from Hansa (one of the largest breweries in Norway) is currently at $3,8 in the shelf. But compared to other countries I guess it's still pretty damn expensive.
  24. ^The second hill is significantly lower. Look at the position of the big horizontal steel beams where the track crosses over Zeus.
  25. ^It's about $5 per bottle for it here... but everything that includes alcohol is really expensive here in Norway!
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