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  1. IPA (6,5%) from Austmann Brewery in Trondheim, Norway. A nice and fresh IPA. Visually one of the most appealing beers I've ever had, you cannot see anything through the glass. Good stuff!
  2. That sounds like a puke-machine in the making! Imagine you're a bit dizzy after the ride and then immediately you're subjected to a Madhouse-style effect. Sounds like torture to me LOL!
  3. So I got a surprise credit on Saturday! I was in Hamburg for the weekend, but when I was travelling down there I had no idea that Hamburger Dom started the same weekend. Once I realized and I saw that Teststrecke (formerly known as Laser at Dorney Park) was on the lineup I had to go check it out. The ride looks great with it's fresh colors. It definitely does not give a feeling that you're getting on a ride that's nearly 40 years old. Unfortunately I found the trains and restraints to be very uncomfortable, and I would much rather prefer to have the original trains or maybe the Gerstlauer trains that they put on Sooperdooperlooper, those also looks great. But that being said, the ride itself was great. We were riding in the front of the last car, and while it wasn't as intense as I thought it would be, it was definitely a lot of fun. But perhaps most impressive of all is that it was SMOOTH AS GLASS!!! I've been on a couple of Schwarzkopfs so I know that they are generally smooth rides, but I didn't expect smoothness on this level of perfection. Overall well worth the 4 Euro I paid to ride!
  4. Going to Hamburg, Germany tomorrow with friends. Main goal is to visit Miniatur Wunderland. We've been talking about going for years, finally it's happening! As a model railroader I am super excited!!! Sleeping tonight will be difficult...
  5. We're already on page 3 and no one has suggested RMC Leap the Dips?? I'm shocked...
  6. ^If only they had a bit more room so they could build a B&M inverted coaster. Oh wait....
  7. Awesome report Chuck! Rollercoasters, vikings, food, beer.... what more do you need? Looks like the train passing underneath Invadr will create some nice smoke effects!
  8. To Øl - Dangerously Close to Stupid - Imperial IPA 9,3%. Good combination of fruit and bitterness, and also very drinkable. I quite like this one!
  9. ^^What an awesome post! Very interesting to hear how you control the speed of the ride. And yes, Kanonen has a very powerful launch. Far superior to for example Speedmonster! I'll admit that the rest of the ride I wasn't the biggest fan of. Don't get me wrong, I always had fun on Kanonen, but during my recent visits it became a ride I would ride once and that was it. I remember when it opened in 2005 it was something new and exciting, since it was the first launched coaster in Scandinavia. I hope it can find a new home in a smaller park where it can regain the status it once had as a major rollercoaster.
  10. Yeah that looks great! Hoping to visit Hansa Park in June!
  11. Last night me and a friend sampled a bunch of different beers. We had some bland ones, we had a truly awful one from Estonia, but there were also some highlights. The clear winner of the evening was Hoptropolis Double IPA 9,0%, a collaboration beer from Amundsen Bryggeri/Against the Grain Brewery. This was a wonderful beer, rich in flavour and also very drinkable. I'm definitely buying this again!
  12. WOW! Just wow! From that angle it looks like the reincarnation of Thriller!!
  13. That looks really good! I look forward to see the printed version.
  14. Is this the first time we see this used on a drop tower? I cannot recall having seen it elsewhere...
  15. That certainly looks very good! I might have to take advantage of the cheap direct flights between Bergen and Katowice next year!
  16. New article in national news. Not a whole lot that we didn't know before in the article, it says that they are working to have 200 million NOK (23-24 million USD) in place by the summer in order to progress. No word on opening date, but it says construction start is planned in 2019. Based on that I guess a 2021 opening sounds most realistic, let's see. Link: https://www.nrk.no/hordaland/norsk-fornoyelsespark-vil-bli-verdas-vikinghovudstad-1.13410714
  17. Nice pictures! I did the trip between Langesund and Hirtshals back in 2014 with the same ship. Definitely a very nice ship for short/overnight trips. Bonus points for featuring Bergen in your report!
  18. Definitely very exciting to follow the construction of this ride. And seeing that this park is only 60 km from Energylandia, I think a trip to Poland in 2018 might end up on my agenda!
  19. So I gave this one a try today. I don't think it's my favorite style of beer, but it definitely was pretty good.
  20. ^I think you might be looking at it wrongly, the last picture posted is showing the backside of the fun house building. The slide is on the other side of the building.
  21. Cecilia Brækhus, the worlds best female boxer, is coming HOME!!! Two years after professional boxing was legalized in Norway (yes, I know), Cecilia's third match in Norway will finally be here in Bergen, her (and my) hometown. Match will be outdoors(!!!) on June 9th, I don't know how many tickets will be available, but somewhere in the range of 15-20k is likely. I'm getting my ticket as soon as they're available for purchase!
  22. I always go back to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Arrogant Bastard Ale. Sierra Nevada Celebration, their Christmas brew, is also excellent. I'm very happy that we get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale here in Norway, it's a very good beer which I also buy quite often. I also see that Arrogant Bastard Ale is available in the shops here, I will definitely give that one a try!
  23. Thanks - that was me. Also, I followed ALL rules that we were given to us about photo taking on the tour. A long zoom and a bit of cropping are what got this done - taken from the same spot pretty much everyone else was taking pics from... Anyway - I am soooooo excited to see this transformation and I find all this speculation fun! Sweet photo! The angled ledgers created one hell of an optical illusion which really had me fooled in previous pictures. It looks a lot more "normal" now (but still fairly batshit-crazy), but that's the thing with RMC, you never know what they're gonna come up with next. This picture also gives a great idea of how much taller the hill is now compared to how it originally was.
  24. Going back to local beer tonight with this IPA 6,5% from Lysefjorden Microbrewery. A good beer, but I wish the taste was a litte bit stronger.
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