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  1. Nice report Chuck. Looks like a great event! Oh, and just for the record.... "After Dark" is a strip club in my city! Just saying....
  2. ^I'm gonna assume that it's not your standard seatbelt buckle, and probably something that has a failsafe locking system. But still, a seatbelt only on a drop tower looks f**king terrifying!!!
  3. ^That would be Rutschebanen at Bakken in Denmark. (if only I had a dollar for every time something in Scandinavia was thought to be in Germany...)
  4. Yup, very pleased that this one is available in the shelves here in Norway. As for the brewpub thing it sounds awesome, but if I make it across the Atlantic again I think Michigan is rather far down on my list of places to visit...
  5. Not many... but those I can think of from the top of my head are Space Mountain @ WDW and X:\ No Way Out at Thorpe Park.
  6. ^^Well that was certainly not what I had in mind lol... Right now I'm enjoying what has definitely become one of my go-to beers, Founders All Day IPA. I really like this beer and it's one that I keep buying.
  7. So one of my local breweries (7 Fjell) recently launched their first canned beers. I love this brewery and I was rather excited to try these, so today I picked them both up on the way home from work to give them a try. First up was their "HĂ„ndverkspils" (HĂ„ndverker is Norwegian for craftsman). It was alright, but nothing special. But at the same time what you'd expect from a pilsner. The second one was Republikken Pale Ale, and this one I thought was pretty good. I don't think the name requires a translation, but it's basically a play on the fact that local patriotism is strong here in Bergen. While on paper we're a city in Norway and nothing else, we have a saying that "I'm not from Norway, I'm from Bergen" and hence the nickname "The Republic".
  8. While I have no idea where the track/trains for this coaster was built, I did spot this on the Vekoma website: https://www.vekoma.com/index.php/col1/production-facilities
  9. Going to Denmark with a friend in 4 weeks. We have three parks on the agenda, so it will either be Djurs Sommerland, Legoland Billund or Hansa Park. We haven't made any plans yet for when we will visit the different parks.
  10. Vekoma just posted a video of the maiden run on facebook. For a first run it definitely seems to carry some decent speed! Warning! (vertical video)
  11. As always fantastic pictures! Epcot is such a unique place compared to any other parks, I love that place!
  12. Testing out the Karma Grip with my GoPro. The image stabilization on this thing is crazy, this is handheld footage! And yes, I do like trains...
  13. Love watching the webcams when I have nothing better to do. Just watched TTD roll back twice in a row.
  14. That's a very nice location for a giant frisbee ride. Should provide some great views of the surrounding rollercoasters! I haven't been on the HUSS version so I cannot compare it, but the Zamperla Giant Discovery at Tusenfryd was a lot of fun!
  15. Apart from the usage of the word "svin" in the name, bacon was not really what I had in mind while drinking this beer... Right now I'm enjoying a Hoppy Joe American Red Ale 4,7% from Lervig Aktiebryggeri (from Stavanger, Norway). I quite like this brewery, I've had a couple of beers from them and they've all been good.
  16. Happy liberation day to all my fellow Norwegians!!
  17. Wow those are some incredible views from that tower! The rides, the scenery,.... Such an awesome location for a drop tower!
  18. Just came back from watching Chris Thompson and Mads Eriksen Band play their annual gig at Madam Felle. As always I had a blast, when they get the classic rolling towards the end (Blinded by the Light, Mighty Quinn, You're the Voice, etc...) the atmosphere goes through the roof! As always there was also a guest artist. This year it was Nick van Eeede playing a couple of songs halfway through the concert, and he definitely raised the roof when playing "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight". Overall a great evening!
  19. It's only been just over a week since it was snowing outside, but this week it's almost summer outside!
  20. That was a really interesting trip report, thanks for sharing! Not only does it look like the park has some very decent theming, but I also like that they kept some of the historical parts, like keeping parts of the mining town. Oh, and Tower of Terror is still one of the most unique and interesting rollercoasters ever built!
  21. WOW! I'm almost speechless, this is just on a whole other level from anything I've seen before! This will without doubt be a HUGE hit for Disney and Animal Kingdom, and it will be very interesting to see how much their attendance numbers will increase with this addition. I'm very happy they went with this direction! The world of Pandora is amazing, but I wasn't a huge fan of the storyline in the movie...
  22. Over the last couple of weeks I've had to dish out $1000 on repairs on my car. While it has all been changing of parts that wears out on all cars (brakes & wheel bearings), it sucks when you have multiple things wearing out at the same time...
  23. I'm trying to sleep, but something is making a dripping sound right outside my bedroom window and it's driving me nuts!!
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