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  1. Great pictures Jake! I watched a POV of Dodonpa, and you can definitely see where the ride does this weird little flat turns before and after the loop to compensate for the lateral movement of the loop instead of just a straight piece of track.
  2. Want to have all of Gröna Lund to yourself? As a part of a charity event, the park is auctioning off two "Magic hours" where the winner gets the whole park for two hours. According to Mattias Banker in Parks & Resort, two hours with a fully staffed park is worth about 1,3 million SEK (about $150,000), but the park is hoping to get at least three times that amount to donate to charity to prevent child trafficking. Source (in Swedish): https://www.di.se/nyheter/grona-lund-auktionerar-ut-sig-sjalvt-kom-inte-med-skambud/ Mattias is urging the country's business leaders to bid "until it hurts the budget".
  3. That looks like a very fun little coaster! Definitely cloning potential here. I also really like that it launches into a vertical loop, gives a little bit of a 'classic feel' to a modern ride.
  4. Very cool little layout, definitely unique and should be a ton of fun! I like it!
  5. I'm mostly surprised at how sophisticated the track design is. For such a simple and temporary track, you would have thought it would be sufficient with a simple two-tube track, but this almost look like something a real coaster manufacturer could have created.
  6. Anyone see the new behind the scenes video for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? They build a little rollercoaster to record one of the scenes, I assume there will be a scene with the gyrosphere falling from somewhere... At the 2:06 mark
  7. The first drop on Steel Vengeance looks amazing, but I have to say that the pictures of Millenium Force are my favorites. Such a majestic and elegant structure!
  8. Fantastic pictures from one of my favorite parks. Liseberg looks absolutely stunning with all the Christmas lights! On a side note, I cannot believe that it's already been more than two years since we met up at Liseberg. I will definitely have to go back next year!
  9. This sums up my thoughts exaxtly. And it also has an incredible launch! Still one of the best launches I have done. Fluch Von Novgorod is by far my favourite! It is such an awesome ride. It's the only Eurofighter I have ridden so I will refrain from voting, but I can only add to what you guys are saying about Novgorod. Everyone thinks of Kärnan when Hansa Park is mentioned, and it probably is my favorite ride at the park, but Novgorod was by far the biggest surprise of the trip for me. Particularly the launch, turn and airtime hill was absolutely fantastic! I also thought it was a pleasantly comfortable ride, a couple of minor jerks in the turnaround, but nothing that really detracted from the ride experience. The part in the dark was awesome also, just a shame it wasn't just a little bit longer. But overall an awesome ride!
  10. Went yesterday to see the gingerbread city here in Bergen. It's an annual tradition and claimed to be the worlds largest gingerbread city. All gingerbread houses are provided by schools, kindergartens and from the general population in Bergen.
  11. Alright, continuing to play catch-up. Had a double from Nøgne Ø brewery tonight, first and American IPA (7,5%) followed by an American Pale Ale (6%). Both okay beers, but nothing out of the ordinary. Either that, or I'm getting spoiled with the huge amount of high-quality beers that have poured (pun intended) into the Norwegian market in the recent years.
  12. I think I might be one of them lol... And yes, that part is cool. But everything else is just a giant waste of time!
  13. You are 100% correct sir! I haven't even had any beer in my fridge for the last week or so, but today I decided to do something about it on the way home from work. Currently enjoying Trolltunga Gooseberry Sour IPA 6,5% from Buxton Brewery. I'm normally not a big fan of sour beers, but this one is quite nice!
  14. So.... does that mean we can expect a ToT makeover in Paris also? I would love to see a new land added to the Studios Park, like Pandora or Star Wars. Get rid of the stupid Tram Tour, make some space to put in a new land and turn it into a full-day park!
  15. Weather is shit and it's fully dark by 5 PM! Not my favorite time of year, that's for sure...
  16. I came across this trip report for the first time yesterday, but now I've read through the whole thing and I think this is one of my favorite trip reports on this site! You have a great writing style, a good doze of humor without "trying too hard to be funny", and a great balance between text and pictures. And speaking of your pictures, you definitely have some skills here because I LOVE THEM! I was just about to write that I hope you have more to share, but I just saw that the SFA post was the last one. But anyway I really enjoyed so thank you for sharing your trip with us!
  17. Woah I never seen that before! What is the point of those shoulder shields? They make zero sense to me...
  18. First snow!!! But probably all gone again in half an hour... Picture taken from the roof terrace of the office
  19. Have to agree, that is a cracking shot! And it reminds me that I haven't been to Gröna Lund since 2011 and it's probably time to make another trip.
  20. Every time I see a new post in this thread I'm thinking "Oh god, what new ride are they announcing now?" It actually took me a few seconds to realize this was just a name announcement for the new Intamin hypercoaster. The theming looks very interesting, if it's well executed it looks like it could be really awesome!
  21. Must go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party..... must go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.... Awesome report!I I'm pretty sure I wrote the exact same thing last year, but this event is sooooo high on my bucket list! I don't care much for all the 'proper scary stuff' that other parks do, but this just looks like so much fun which is exactly my cup of tea! Love the onride photos! I can't believe Jake is riding Space Mountain with the castle hat on!
  22. LOL I love the "Shit happens" sign! Rode this one in 2005, it was awful back then and it definitely doesn't seem to have gotten any better with the years...
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