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  1. Yeah, those restraints won't open. The vest is made of a specially formulated (I believe it is neoprene) rubber that can withstand many times the actual forces that could be put on it by any rider. The vest would not break because wear on the vest would be noted before it could tear. Assuming that it somehow did tear, your enitre lower body is still restrained, plus the metal grab bars would still hold your torso. The pins lock and are secured by a system with 1 or 2 backups (not sure which). If all 2 or 3 systems fail, the restraints lock. Once the restraints are locked in the station, the default position for them is locked. There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that the restraints could fail-rest assured of that.
  2. I think its an Intamin Twist and Turn, but don't quote me on that. See for yourself: http://www.intaminworldwide.com/i_products_roller.htm
  3. So bascially, it's not free, because if you don't make a donation, you'll look (and in my case feel) like an asshole who wants small children to suffer. But yeah, other than that, it's free.
  4. That's a shame. I hoped they would scrap it. That PoS is my only SLC (and hopefully my last....ow).
  5. I went to Vegas in late March of 2005, just in time for Insanity's opening. And also, coincidentally, in time for X-Scream to be down for maintenace for 2 weeks. Insanity's line was just that: Insanity. We got up on the tower by 5 pm, but the line went through the entire queue and into the actual tower. It was enormous! After a 1.5 hour wait, I got on at dusk. It really wasn't as good as I thought it would be. You are so incredibly secure in those restraints that it is almost boring. Sure, it's a cool feeling, but it's really not that great. Basically, you're just really high above some random undecorated roof, with a not very good view of the Strip (you have to turn your head, which made me dizzy after a while). X-Scream, on the other hand, looked amazing, but was closed. High Roller was okay, only because everything was padded. Also, the view was incredible, because when I finally got to ride it, it was night. The lift tires on the second time around actually gave you a very slight pop of air in the front, which scared the bejesus out of me-I wasn't expecting anything from this boring ride. The real deal was Big Shot. Since everyone was in line for Insanity, they let anyone who came up that high on the tower ride as many times in a row as you wanted. They did make you buy another ticket when people showed up for your seats, but that was a rarity. 10 rides for a cheap re-ride ticket was a great deal. The view was amazing, as was the ride. All in all, the Xtreme pass thingy would definately be worth it (although I didn't buy it, since X-Scream was down).
  6. Nice pictures, especially the one of Robin Hood. I was actually lucky enough to go to Walibi Wolrd on a vaction to the Netherlands last October. They definately have some great Halloween decorations-a few of the characters in the maze had real chainsaws! It's totally worth it if you're in the country-they do some things that would NOT be allowed in the US (chainsaws being just one of them). The actors take their jobs really seriously-they'll follow you around for quite a while if you even look at them funny. Great event, plus the line for Goliath is always short
  7. $20 to $50 dollar fine is nothing to some people. It would deterr most people, but really rich folks aren't going to care. By the time they are done getting the ticket, they've made more than $20 in interest on their various accounts. Haha, I could never take Ahnold seriously. When I read that quote, I just could hear him:, "I will be spa-ing on you. I'm going panch you in the face if you do it, stupid" It is a good idea though, maybe it will stop people from going 90 mph, weaving between lanes, doing makeup, eating and talking on the cell phone (which I've seen a few times in Atlanta-it was amazing that their car didn't explode out of sheer amazement).
  8. Those weren't bad. Your trackwork got better as time went on. You still have a ton of pumping on every ride. By pumping, I mean an inconsistent turn radius (should be increasing/decreasing constantly or should be the same). You can sort of see the jerks in the track when the rtadius changes. You can also see this in the back of the train in the sim. Also, don't use prefab supports and space out your supports more. Your invert's 0-g roll was wrong-you need to rotate the track around the heartline like this: http://rcdb.com/ig735.htm?picture=6
  9. ^Actually, due to Airbus being stupid and using lighter (and crappier) aluminium wiring, the A380 won't be making its first revenue flight until at least mid-2007. They might fly to Cancun and possibly Mexico City. They haven't confirmed these routes, and in fact have deferred delivery of some 73Gs. In terms of safety, if you fly on a major airline in North America, Europe, and most of Asia, you are fine. No airline in these regions has a bad safety record. Now, some random carrier in Angola operating 727s and DC-9s into high altitude airports with young pilots would probably not be as safe. Also, Southwest was most definately not the launch customer for the 738 or 739. The only Next Generation 737 they have is the 73G (737-700), because it is the same size (in terms of passengers) as the 737-300s, so they can sub them in and out easily. Also, they carry 149 passengers, which means they only need 3 FAs onboard. Any more than 149 and they'd need 4, which is part of the reason that they don't operate the -800 or -900 (the other being that they can't fill them up). What better amenities? They both carry anywhere from 110-210 passengers. The 737NG has more room than the 737 classics and has just barely outsold the A32x since it entered service. I would say the A32x is more dated than the 737NG, since the A32x came out in the late 80s and the 737NGs came out in 1996-8. The 737NG family doesn't use Dreamliner technology. The 787, 747-8i, and the supposed 737RS will all use Dreamliner technology (raked wingtips, GEnx engines, more use of composites, etc.). Also, the A32x family sells like hot cakes. It's the A34x family that is sold on the cheap, since they get owned by the 777 family.
  10. Looks awesome! I like that they didn't theme this one to the Hollywood Tower hotel (and Twilight Zone also). The only part of the ride that I didn't think was very well done was the architecture. It looks fantastic, but there is this one over hang that makes the building get wider as it gets taller. It just looks excessive and really stupid. Other than that, I really like the theme and general idea of the ride.
  11. Yeah, IntaRide, LLC. is Intamin/Ride Trade's North American ride broker/constructor. They handle everything in North America to make it easier in terms of manufacturing and transport.
  12. Like blocked by your place of work or blocked by the government? That's some serious government censorship. I didn't even know they could do that without being hounded by free speech activists. I know China does (did?) the same thing, but they've been called on many times to end the practice.
  13. 80,000 ft?? You'd be dead by then. Couple of years ago two Northwest pilots decided to attempt 40,000 ft on their CRJ model while there were no passengers on the plane. Their plane jacked up and crashed, killing both of them. I believe that happened maybe Missouri or Kansas (I might be wrong about the location). The highest I ever flew was 38,000 ft on Qantas Boeing 747-400 on way to New Zealand. Anyway, back to the subject of this thread. I prefer Northwest since I am orginally from Minnesota and that is where they're based. So yeah, I have a lot of mileage with them. Second preferred airlines is United. Yeah, the two pilots were retards for going up the the service ceiling of the aircraft (41,000 ft.). Both of the engines flamed-out due to the altitude, and since the engines are what they are (too powerful fro the CRJ-200), there was core lock in the one that they tried to restart. Plus, the fact that they didn't tell the controller that they had a double engine failure until they were really low didn't help them survive either. The highest I've ever been is FL420 (42,000 ft.) at the end of HKG-JFK. I think the second highest was LAX-LHR or DFW-LGW (FL 410). If you're flying Southwest, all you need to do is check-in online and get an A boarding pass. Then, just be one of the first 6 people at the gate, and you have a guaranteed emergency exit row seat. I'm not a big fan of it, but if it's the cheapest....
  14. This list is off in so many ways. I can see Orlando, since the roads are always full of dumbass tourists. But Nashville and Birmingham ahead of Atlanta?!?! I wasn't even aware those cities had rush-hour traffic. Atlanta has terrible road rage, as does LA (36th, ha!).
  15. oneworld alliance members for me, since my dad is oneworld Emerald (highst level). He also is a Diamond in the Marco Polo Club (the highest level in Cathay Pacific's FF system) since he travels to Hong Kong 6-8 times a year in business or first (AA from ATL-JFK and CX from JFK-HKG). We went with him to Hong Kong one time and he upgraded all 4 of us to first class on the 16 hour flight. Great stuff. So, favorite airline would definately be Cathay Pacific internationally and American domestically-they aren't bad in first, especially the Signature Service (which has gone down a bit, but is still pretty good). I'd love to be a Star Alliance member, but my dad was formerly Chairman's Preferred at US Airways and hated it. This was very early on in US Airways' involvement with the alliance, now it is much better. Also, he's not a big fan of United because he was involuntarily bumped from business class on a HKG-ORD flight and all of the remaining UA flights out of HKG that day were booked. He ended up going through NRT and they lost a suitcase full of important documents and stuff, plus he got home much later. So no Star Alliance for us (and no Singapore Airlines ).
  16. The next person that says shenanigans in here is getting pistol-whipped! "Hey Farva, what's that restaurant you like with the trinkets on the wall?" Shenanigans! end random quote The capacity on this won't be too great unless they have separate loadin area (a la MF, but in one station, so a la Shakira). 6 trains is nice, but only 12 people per train?!? That's a max of 72 on the ride at once, and you could get that with two MF trains. Also, if they have seatbelts in addition to the OTSRs, the capacity will be terrible.
  17. ^No, they were complaining about the Olive Garden going into the complex, which a lot of people think is inferior to Carabba's. Personally, I'd take homemade Italian stuff over that any day, but if you have to eat at a nasty chain place, Carabba's is pretty decent. Am I the only one who noticed that the name of the newspaper in one of the links posted was "The Intelligencer"? Hahaha....only in West Virginia.
  18. You couldn't really see the guy very much, but it looked like Dan from what you could see. Maybe we should email him and find out...... The best way to deal with obnoxious people like that is to have 1 or 2 very bad songs (death metal or really sappy country) on your computer and just blare them over and over until the other person stops. I have "Have You Forgotten" by Daryl Worley on my laptop for this very reason.
  19. The rest of the world also thinks soccer is exciting. I'll gladly take a 5 minute major penalty to prove you wrong. Ever felt my CCM across your forearm? Eh, slashing is only 2 minutes if it's not entirely intentional (you just have to try to make it look like an accident). That, and Easton owns CCM.... Aha! We agree on something finally! I mean, uh...., I couldn't disagree more!
  20. Great TR! I was thinking about going, but couldn't make it to the park (stupid work calling me in at the last second-at least it wasn't filing papers ). That sucks about GASM being rough, you probably sat in the rear of one of the cars. Sit in the middle or front of each car-the ride is much smoother. Still doesn't hold a candle to Cyclone, but it makes it a little better.
  21. Wow, soooo old school..... I prefer my omelets without anything in them (aka scrambled eggs).
  22. Hey, that looked like a great party. No strippers, but what can you do? I was in that very PATH station less than a month ago during a summer program in Hoboken at Stevens.
  23. Jesus, Robb, have some compassion! I wouldn't think anyone's death is a ......
  24. ^Yeah, same here. Except the first half of fall break is my visit to MIT and I have classes at UGA that day (neither of my high school classes, but stupid UGA...grrrr).
  25. Yeah, I know the video you're talking about. He's sitting in the Xcelerator train talking with some ride-ops and other random peeps. Then, the ride-op staples the hell out of him (and his balls). He groans, and the coaster launches. Also, it has rollback testing and them testing the motor at 114 mph (I guess to see if it could work-the train flies through the course). I had it before our hard drive died-you might try googling it or Youtube.
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