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  1. Sorry, but I simply fail to see the draw of Disney. Overrated and outdated thrill rides (Raging Spirits is a 1990's Intamin design that sucks, and it cost over $50 million) combined with horrendous crowds and poorly maintained rides (oh yes, I said it, Disney's maintenance is terrible, look at Screamin' and BTMR) make for a terrible park experience. I really don't like Disney.
  2. Well, I have an idea for the logo, even if I am too lazy to make it. Crop a pic of Olympia Looping and place "2005" somewhere in there. 1.A (GG represizzle!) 2.B 3.A 4.H 5.B 6.B (El Condor sucks worse than an industrial vacuum cleaner) 7.D (Favorite of those on the list) 8.A (Goliath r ownage) 9.J
  3. 6 ft., 126.6 lbs. I was measured Friday for a swimming physical. I also have only 1.7% body fat, which was in the "dangerously low" region of the chart. Basically, if I were to get lost on the Arctic Tundra, I'd freeze in about 30 minutes (or get eaten by a polar bear, whichever comes first) . If anyone has some spare body fat they wish to donate, PM me so I don't freeze.
  4. 6 ft. even, exactly as tall as my dad, grandfather, uncle, and aunt (yes, she is that tall).
  5. The best way to avoid blacking out is to tighten all the muscles in your body. This forces the blood up towards the heart and keeps the blood flow the the brain up (or at least keeps the blood from pooling in your legs). ^That one is used by fighter pilots when going through 6+g turns and manuvers, in addition to their G suits.
  6. Uhhh, great for you I guess.......... I was really underwhelmed this year, it has been worse than the last few years, the employees seemed even more lethargic than in the past (which is saying a lot). This is coming from someone who has been 6-7 times in the past 4 months. Basically, I have routine now: Acro until there is a line (1-5) Deja Vu until the line gets back to queue house (1-2) GASM until I have to wait for a decent seat (any non-3rd row) (2-5) S:UF if I really feel like it (1) Mindbender (no line only) (1-2) B:TR (1) Scorcher (1) Cyclone (2-5) Usually I get about 15-20 rides in before 12:30 and leave, as it gets hot and the lines get ridiculous after 1-ish. I have gone to SFoG for 2 hours, gone to Atlanta to hang out with some friends from Duke TIP, and then go back to SFoG for the last 2 hours (the best when it's dark). Oh and parks I am going to in the near future: Walibi World (Yay! Europe for Fall Break) on 10-14 (5 days, someone please help me in the thread I created in Ask Alvey). SFoG on Season Passholder Day.
  7. Number two definately looks the best. One and four are the same thing, except #4 is probably the finalized version of #1 (better coloring-can anybody say Magnum and Iron Wolf?Yeah, they already have, but.....). 2 gives it the modern look that it needs.
  8. I'm going to Walibi World from 2-8 p.m. on Friday (10-14-05). Does anyone know how to save some money on the admission, at 25 Euro it is a bit steep. Also, any tips on what to ride, where to sit, how long the lines will be, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Those wheels are part of the storage track. Note the rails at the beginning of the track piece, then notice how it is only wheels. These wheels roll along the train spine/brake pad area and move the train down the storage track.
  10. But I won't be there in the morning, I'm going to be there from 2 p.m. to about 9 p.m. (not my choice on the times, but it's better than nothing). Once again, if anyone has any tips, please PM me.
  11. Anyone here know how the crowds will be two weeks from today? I'm going Friday, October 14 from 2-9-ish before heading down to Belgium. Any other tips/tricks about the park would be greatly appreciated.
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