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  1. Haha....Dick Hertz....hahaha Elissa's dad is the man!
  2. Nonono, you used the wrong quote for this picture. It should have been: "This is some inter-species erotica going on here!" Former Yeti+Jew=?
  3. Uhhh.....your grandfather was a criminal, and he wasn't sent back to Italy. IMO, your grandfather was more of a criminal than most illegal immigrants, so in your scheme he should have been deported. Also, that's great that you graduated from high school at the age of 16, but: A) It's irrelevant to the topic B) College matters more than high school Sorry to be an ass, but I'm in a pissy mood right now. Feel free to wig out as much as you want over this post.
  4. ^....while searching desperately on Google for, "Gary Sinise porn videos" Needless to say, you'll get promoted.
  5. OMG, the left hand column is freaking amazing! Searching "gravy buffet" on yahooo gives you, well.....just go to the site. Hahahaha
  6. ^They just needed to tighten the elements a bit more, unlike Mantis, where the elements are too small and they had to add a trim (and it still goes too fast through the elements-plus, it sucks!).
  7. Well, I rank them like this: 1. Speedcoaster (Goliath followed closely by AC) 2. Sitdown (Hulk sucks, but Kumba is amazingly intense and old school) 3. Invert (This would beat sitdown by a ton if not for my recent visit to BGT and the awesomeness that is Kumba-I rank them: Montu (trimless), DD (together), Raptor, TG (Carowinds), Nemesis (but I rode it only once in 2001), Alpie, B:TR) 4. Floorless (only Kraken) 5. Dive Machine (SheiKra with Oblivion pretty close because I don't particularly like either) 6. Standup (Scorcher, then Vortex (Carowinds), then Mantis) 7. Flying (S:UF-meh)
  8. El Condor at Walibi World. The world's first ever SLC. Why ride it when there are some great (Goliath, Robin Hood, Mine Ride) and decent (Xpress and La Via Volta) coasters in the park?
  9. Why? It doesn't affect the ride at all, it maybe slows the train by 2-3 mph at most. Take the freaking trims off Georgia Cyclone, retrack it, and buy new trains. This time around, actually care for the ride so it can remain top 10 in the world instead of slowly sucking more and more. Detrim Mindbender. Retrack and reprofile GASM so it actually has airtime instead of boring, low hills. Give Gwazi MFs with the most recent retracking (this past year). Take the retractable (!) seatbelts off the Carowinds woodies. Do something with SheiKra other than floorless trains (add something-no, anything-interesting, the ride is owned by its older siblings). On a similar vein, remove the trims from Montu and let it run like it did years ago (and that includes the MCBR, the ride shouldn't be nearly stalling before the last trench run/corkscrew). Retrack Shivering Timbers' turnaround and helix if you feel generous. Get it back to the way it ran pre-Cedar Fair. Remove the trims from Beast and Mean Streak before I go to PKI and CP (again) next year. So what if you have to pay more for maintenance? The rides will be better, pleasing guests, which is pretty much the best way to run a profitable park (coughcough....unlike SFI....coughcough).
  10. Balder, Colossus, and El Toro will pretty much not age. In fact, they'll probably age better than Intamin's steel coasters (which don't do so well IMO). It's all about maintenance. Those Summers & Dinn woodies could still be smooth if the parks actually cared for them. The problem is that Cedar Fair simply can't maintain wooden roller coasters-they just don't know how to do it, which explains Hercules, Mean Streak, and Ghostrider's fades from their original glory. Shivering Timbers is now getting very violent on the turnaround, but Cedar Fair insists on treating wooden coasters like steel coasters and never retracking them or giving them proper maintenance. The ideal woodie for a CF park is a plug-n-play, not a GCI (Renegade), which will most likely be quite rough by as early as 2011 or 2012 if CF continues its current trend. Just maintain the rides and they will be fine, though some of them are undersupported. That can be fixed by replacing wooden beams with steel beams (you can paint them to match or you can leave them unpainted) during retracking. Also, undersupported coasters (S&D, CCI) need much more retracking than others, as the heavy PTCs eat the track up after a few years. Another coaster that could be horrible as soon as the end of next year is Voyage. The coaster is so fast and so violent that if HW doesn't do heavy maintenance and some retracking yearly, it will become a big, rough piece of crap like SoB.
  11. Well, any time you get a coaster turning at over 75 mph, you are going to have some shuffling and vibrations unless the wheels are less than a month old. Even then you might have some. Look at the Intamin megacoasters, a lot of them have weird vibrations too. It's really just the speed.
  12. For your lfight, you might check Orbitz or Cheaptickets for fare sales, then go to the ariline's site to book the tickets (since it's usually a few bcusk cheaper). I'd recommend flying into Clevland, Toledo, or Detriot, as those are the closest commercial airports. To fly into Clevland or Toledo, you have to change planes. Also, if you're going to be only 18 next year, you need either a parent or someone to take you to the park, as you can't rent a car unless you are 21 (or maybe it was 25, not sure) and there is very little decent public transit in the U.S. (very different from Europe).
  13. willski


    We call this, "Pulling a Barry" And probably the main reason that you are excluded by ACErs is that they've never actually had friends before/had never belonged to a group, so now that they belong to a crack team of elite gravy-eating supernerds, they exclude people. It's all I've got on the matter, Elissa and Wes stole all of it.
  14. Before TPR, I was a middle school aged child who got picked on, listened to Linkin Park, colored my hair black, called myself emo, and thought about how much life sucked since I was 13, privileged enough to own a computer with internet and have a place to live. Now I realized that I just sound like a stupid, angsty teen and should suck it up and talk to someone with actual (gasp!) problems. THANKS TPR! ....end sarcasm....
  15. Don't even get me started on how much this season sucked. Shapiro: "Let's raise prices to reflect that the new Six Flags will be better than it used to be, without actually having experienced a season and knowing how difficult it will be." So, logically, the price of everything goes through the roof. General admission, season passes, parking prices (but you get a free map for your $15, even though it seems to have been created by young children with crayons), even food prices went up at SFoG. And, of course, as soon as June was over, the real crowds hit and the park went down the crapper. Now, in terms of the old management, this was to be expected. But I would think that if you charge people more money, you'd actually try to make some sort of an improvement. Ha! I'm wrong. Also, Acrophobia sat for several months in the exact same position with no work being done. They didn't even attempt to get it running again during the season. Also, what's up with running 1 train on rides on Season Passholder Day and failing to get Acro or DV running? It sends the message, "Hey, thanks for buying a season pass, we don't give a damn about you now that we have your money." Plus, Deja Vu was constantly down due to lack of staffing, while at the same time I saw many employees simply wandering about the park. No, they were not on break and were not sweeps, we saw them many times over the course of the afternoon. It was honestly like they were getting paid to walk around the park and not help anyone or tell people to put out cigarettes. The no smoking policy is NEVER enforced, and line jumping became rampant towards the end of the year; even when employees witnessed line jumping, they just looked at the line jumper and went back to their personal conversations with other non-working employees. Goliath ran one train on several occasions this season when lines were well over 45 minutes. There was nothing wrong with the other train (no one working on them, sheds were devoid of any workers), they just didn't bother to put them on in the morning and then held up the line further by putting the trains on later in the day. Generally (and I refer to 99% of the employees and supervisors here), the employees were extremely lazy, stacking trains on Goliath when all they had to check was 8-10 restraints in 2.5 minutes. These employees checking restraints moved as if they were terminally ill-each step (and thus, work) was more painful than the last. To top it off, there would usually be anywhere from 12-15 employees working the ride: -1 at entrance not check large people in test seats or anything, just watching people get in line -3 at Q-Bot entrance-go figure, they always talked and ignored customers and acted inconvenienced if-God forbid-they were actually interrupted to do their jobs -1 preventing people from entering the station-not assigning seats or anything, just causing more people to fry in front of the station, where there is, of course, no shade, encouraging purchases of $5.50 cups of terribly flavored ice. -5-6 restraint-checking ops, who, apart from Richard, managed to set new world records for slowest time to check 8 restraints with no seatbelts -1 head op, who did nothing to speed the other ops (great leadership!....not) -1 op to keep people off the exit side of the platform who was usually using a cell phone to text people, hiding it from the head op behind a well-placed garbage can -2-3 supervisors or ops to stand around and take up space That was just one of many examples of how bad the operations are. On one of the rare days the DV happened to be open, two of the ride ops were using their cell phones to make personal calls-while checking restraints. As if the ride really needed any help at having a lower capacity, given that it has two seatbelts and an OTSR, plus, the loading technique used by the park is terrible. On a very good day, the ride hits 320 pph (one dispatch every 6 minutes), but on this day, with the ops on cell phones, the ride was barely getting 192 pph (one dispatch every 10 minutes). It is absolutely ludicrous that the supervisors were not immediately at the ride to determine why the crew was operating so slowly. But, it IS SFOG, so the line became two hours before the ride broke down and remained down for the day. So, to sum it up: -Prices up for admission -Prices up for season passes -Prices up for parking (with pathetic map) -Prices up for everything (food, merchandise, etc.) -Customer service was great for about 1 week, then steadily declined to old SFI levels. -Lack of rule enforcement for the entire year (even in March) -Terrible operations -General return to the park as it had been for several years, but the prices are higher. Consensus: Shapiro, Snyder, et al suck at running theme parks and were completely delusional when they bashed the old SFI, as they have proven that they cannot do any better and will charge more for the same poor experience.
  16. Cameron, you thought 6' and 148 was skinny? You don't know me then. I am bigger than I was last year and I'm still only 6'1" and 140. I swim about 6000-7000 yards Mon-Sat and try to bike some as well. I used to be primarily a swimmer, but I got a really nice road bike for X-ams/birthday last year and I love riding. I think I might start doing some triathlons or bike races. As for bike training, I just tool around, although on Sundays I do try to ride for at least 3-4 hours depending on the weather (record distance in 4 hours is around 70-75 miles, but I'm working on it).
  17. Yeah, this has been said ad nauseum, but roller coaster designer (not along the lines of B&M, I'm not so much into mechanical as civil and structural) i.e. Stengel. If that doesn't work out, aerospace engineer or pilot (I'll have my private license on my 17th b-day-I have the hours, but you have to be 17). The good thing is that both of the schools I applied to (MIT and GaTech) have great civil and aerospace programs.
  18. Of the ones I have been on (in order): Goliath (SFoG) Shivering Timbers (at night after a hot summer day is ridiculous) tie-Apollo's Chariot tie-Goliath (WW) Georgia Cyclone (trimless on the one day it runs that way....drools) Magnum (but that doesn't mean I like the ride....ugh) Hopefully I can add to that list with Voyage and perhaps some other coasters next year.
  19. If they were to get floorless trains, they would be 8 across, not 10. 10 across would extend over the station platform.
  20. Just look at it this way, people aren't going to kill Saddam, a rope is. Also, you can't hang someone slowly, since the entire purpose of hanging is not suffocation but breaking the victims neck.
  21. Eh...GASM wan't running that well yesterday. I still think its a good ride, but pretty overrated, as most of the hills are too shallow to have airtime. Also, the back car desperately needed some axle grease, it was squeaking horribly and was really slow.
  22. Haha, emo. The very word makes me laugh. For our AP Lit satire project, we dressed up as emo kids and went around the school asking people why they were emo. None of them could come up with a coherent answer, all I heard was a bunch of whining and, "My life sucks because my parents didn't buy me what I wanted, so I turned emo." Wes, you crack me up, haha.
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