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  1. Not really getting what's dumb about that. Pretty much what's been happening lately.
  2. I haven't read anything about this on here and a quick search showed nothing, but has anyone heard about the Polar Plunge event that they're doing at Aquatica next month? Basically they are chilling the wave pool down to near freezing temperatures and having fundraisers run into the icy water to raise money for Special Olympics of Florida. I know TPR is all Gung-Ho about Coasting for Kids so I figured this would be a popular event for the site as well. http://specialolympicsflorida.org/get-involved/fundraise/polar-plunge/ If anyone would like to donate, here is my page. It works just like the Coasting for Kids donation system does. Thanks! https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/trygvenelson/2014-florida-polar-plunge
  3. Polar coasters are great and everything, but they're really just for breaking height records, there really isn't much thrill in a Polar coaster. What color is your Delorean? Or are you just speculating?
  4. That's some crazy looking track work up there in the top right!
  5. I've been to Lucas Oil a few times. It's alright. Nice, but kinda boring looking inside. As for IN Beach, I used to love that park! Seems like shit has gotten out of hand with how downhill it's gone. My first visit, the place had the charm of a Herschend park, and the rides to compete with one. Now it's seems like the ghetto has taken over. Can't wait to see how much Duck Dynasty merchandise they sell through out the park in your next update, lol
  6. It'll probably be 2016 (if they don't expand the water park next year, otherwise we could be looking at '17 or '18) before it happens, but Valleyfair! is still in desperate need of some inversions! The last coaster built with inversions was Corkscrew back in '80. Renegade was the last coaster built; in '07. I think the park has improved dramatically since then, but for a park with such a high percentage of it's visitors holding season passes, it's getting a bit stale.
  7. Hopefully this project will mean more attractions like Transformers! Put the R&D into that park's budget and clone it in America for cheap!
  8. I'd argue that you've got it backwards. I'd start my day at IOA, but get over to USF by lunch and spend the majority of my day there. USF's must see attractions are Transformers, RotM, Rockit, Men In Black, Despicable Me, T2:3D, E.T., and Simpsons. Whereas IOA really only has Spidey, Potter, Hulk, Bluto, and Jurassic. Either way, you should be able to do everything in a day if you hurry and use single rider lines.
  9. Ugh, Crossfit. Where they brag about doing 100 pull ups, but can't do more than 10 real ones. Where it's more about using your momentum than actually working your muscles. And don't get me started on the tube socks. A bunch of 30 and 40 somethings dressed like middle school girls. Never, never, never.
  10. How feasible is it to put it upstairs in the arcade building?
  11. Well it's an interesting concept. Looks like something the families would be all over.
  12. Don't know where that came from. I was just taking a jab at Disney for moving slow.
  13. Bummed I didn't end up making it for this. Was a little scared I'd be stuck in the parking lot for a while at the end of the night, and decided to make other plans. Looks like it may have been worth it, those dance parties look awesome!
  14. That's the problem... I won't even recognize Universal in two.
  15. My own personal list, definitely not what I though were the best films this year. 1. The Wolf of Wall Street 2. American Hustle 3. Saving Mr. Banks 4.12 Years a Slave 5. Catching Fire 6. Frozen 7. Captain Phillips 8. Mud 9. The Conjuring 10. This is The End Also saw: Lords of Salem Iron Man 3 Star Trek Into Darkness Pain and Gain The Hangover Part III Fast and Furious 6 The Lone Ranger Pacific Rim Monsters University Man of Steel World War Z The Purge You're Next The Conjuring Don Jon Despicable Me 2 The Wolverine The World's End The Way Way Back The To Do List Gravity 2 Guns Thor 2 Anchorman 2 Bad Grandpa Escape Plan Out of the Furnace Elysium
  16. Who says it'd have to be Voyage sized? Make it more on the scale of Wooden Warrior, and I think you'd have a winner! Also, is that the company with the Giant Whip design on their site? That is something I'd like to see added to some parks.
  17. Top Three New Credits: 1. Outlaw Run 2. SkyRush 3. Storm Runner Top Three Overall 1. Outlaw Run 2. SkyRush 3. Montu Didn't get to too many new parks this year, nor did I get to many of my old favorites, lol.
  18. He did say his favorite Disney ride is Mission Space... That being said, Future World still has a loooooong way to go to really be something special like it used to.
  19. It's winter, so it's all about LL Bean Boots, Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots, and Red Wing 1907s.
  20. New B&M lifts are almost silent... The spring loaded chain dogs take away any noise.
  21. Ahh, one of the twelve people that saw the Lone Ranger. Bob Iger would be proud.
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