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  1. Cabana Bay is looking absolutely fantastic! The main sign went up a little while ago, but I just noticed the sign for the Starlight building has been hung and is testing. It's clearly visible from the top of the parking garages.
  2. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: American Eagle (SFGAm) SeaWorld Entertainment: Manta or Cheetah Hunt Merlin: Idk, I guess Dragon @ LLF Herschend: Powder Keg Universal: Can I say Gringott's Bank? No? Then RotM Disney Parks: Cali Screamin'
  3. I have to agree until I see a different investment philosophy towards VF by Cedar Fair. VF just does not have the attendance for a $25 million dollar attraction like Banshee. (Do you know if that $25 million included removal/disposal of SOB?). Brian Witherow (Cedar Fair's CFO) presented at the recent UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in 2013 and said, "...the chain sees three parks as having room for significant growth, Carowinds, Valleyfair, and California's Great America..." If he means it maybe they would spend more than $15 million but I still doubt it unfortunately. No idea. And I don't even know how much Banshee cost. $25 million was just a guess.
  4. It certainly takes up a large plot of land for a ride with such a small drop. Reminds me of Orange Streak and Jaguar.
  5. Though I miss the original Top Gun theme, the Bat is going to look great with its new paint job!
  6. The last thing Cedar Fair is going to do is drop $25 million+ on anything at Valleyfair. I'd expect the absolute max price tag for any expansion at Valleyfair to fall somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 million. Silver Bullet and Patriot fall in this range, and WoF and KBF are both similar sized parks.
  7. Ring me up as another person that enjoyed X-Flight! It's definitely not in my top 10, but it blew Wild Eagle out of the water.
  8. That's a frighteningly awesome coaster! The closest thing I have to a scary credit would probably be LoCoSuMo, and that's more bizarre than scary, lol
  9. From an enthusiast's perspective maybe but this isn't Six Flags. They're a family park and I think they're fine with what they have now. If you want a ride that's over the top intense I305 isn't too far away but that's really not what Busch Gardens is all about. They have big coasters but they're rides that still have mass appeal. In a park that's so heavily geared towards families I don't think an over-the-top intense ride is really what they need (though I wouldn't complain). I don't think it would be a terrible decision (Hershey is a family park and they built Skyrush) but they certainly don't need it. I don't think BGW has truly intense rides but I think Montu and Kumba are in the truly intense level. Throw Steel Eel and SWO Manta into there as well.
  10. I'd argue there are a few more noteworthy things to do in Branson... -There are more go-kart tracks than Orlando, Pigeon Forge, or the Wisconsin Dells -Branson's Wild World is an awesome indoor animal attraction, that gets you up close with Bull Sharks, Alligators, Wolves, and a ton of other animals. This was a total surprise for us, and we would definitely do it again next visit. -The town is really centered around their music and variety shows, in fact, I'd argue they are more of a draw then the park.
  11. Right off the bat, without even taking a tour you can already walk through the Kangaroo enclosure and the Aviary. You can pay a small amount to feed them, but it's not even necessary to be able to pet them. Otherwise the Safari is pretty cool, gets you really close to some of the less dangerous African animals, and you can feed some of them too. It's pretty cheap at $19. I've never done the nighttime one, but it looks like a great option! The coaster tour is fun if your into that.
  12. Possibly the best thing about avatar is that Everest can go down the season after Avatar opens, haha. There's already tons o different and new tech that can save the beast, they just have to close the ride. That's why it's number two, lol.
  13. Animal Kingdom's plans for the next few years ranked by my excitement. 1. The park being open at night 2. The yeti getting fixed (hope to god they finally take Everest down for a while once Avatar opens) 3. New nightime show 4. Fixing the tree 5. Then Avatar, lol Building Avatar is going to benefit the park in so many ways; it's got me more excited than the land itself.
  14. I wasn't implying that Knott's guests are somehow more sophisticated. There are just a greater number of a certain type of guest here that really doesn't care about rides in general; the type of people that have annual passes to Disneyland and pretty much just go to ride the train and swing dance. Knott's has been doing a good job of attracting them with a combination of cheap passes, vasy improved food, and improvements to some classic Knott's offerings (log ride, mine train, atmosphere entertainment, return/refurbishment of scenery items). Knott's has also been the new home to at least 2 musical acts that Disney let go. This along with the general improvements being seen at CFP properties is broadening their appeal. Compare this with previous management decisions that closed their only dark ride, closed the Haunted Shack, stuck Silver Bullet in the center of the park, etc. I wasn't arguing you thought they were. I was arguing against your idea that the company is adding better themed attractions to Knotts than the rest of the chain
  15. All scafolding is down in front of London facades, and the sign for Cabana Bay is going up! Looks like it'll be ready for the Harry Potter Celebration next weekend. Looks great!
  16. C'mon guys! They're still getting blasted on their Facebook page; go leave a good comment in their review section!
  17. Is it definitely going to be a family coaster? That length seems as long if not longer than a lot of full size B&M inverts. And has there been a B&M ever before with a low height restriction? An inverted mine train with multiple lifts came to mind That's basically what Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot America is. According to RCDB that's 400m, so this ride would be 2.5x bigger than that, I mean the closest B&M invert to 3258ft I could find on RCDB (at a glance)to this kind of length was Silver Bullet. Haha, I meant the inverted mine train style.
  18. Is it definitely going to be a family coaster? That length seems as long if not longer than a lot of full size B&M inverts. And has there been a B&M ever before with a low height restriction? An inverted mine train with multiple lifts came to mind That's basically what Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot America is.
  19. I don't really know what your basing that on. The rest of the parks in the Cedar Fair chain are getting, or have received additions just as nicely themed as Knotts' most recent... I don't count the Log and Mine Ride, because they're holdovers from a different era, but as far as the Boardwalk and Camp Snoopy? My home park, Valleyfair got a really well done, and nicely rethemed kiddie area, and is getting another well themed area with a family "coaster" attraction and some well themed flats. So I wouldn't say the Knotts demographic expects anything better than the rest of the parks' visitors do.
  20. I love the line in the last review that talks about "no matter how much you spin it in the media". Lol
  21. That's like buying a Rolls Royce golf cart... I wonder how much more than a Vekoma it was?
  22. This is it, right here! The returning thrill seekers won't spend as much money, though. They're the ones who've been to the park and don't need to spend a whole day. When they don't spend a whole day, they won't eat full meals in the park, they aren't going to be buying merchandise, and they aren't going to spend nearly as much money. Say a family of four goes once a year, that's four tickets, four meals, some merchandise, a few treats, maybe an on-ride photo, pretty soon you're up to $3-400. I used to have seasons where I'd go to a park 30 times and not spend that much, (which is way higher than the norm). As a fan of amusement parks, it does suck when you get expansions like Route 76 at Valleyfair, and the new Gemini Midway at CP, but they're necessary. What is exciting though, are things like Wonder Mountain and the Log and Mine Ride redos. Things that'll appeal to people across multiple age groups. Disney's always been the king, and it seems after like 58 years, some of the other parks are finally catching on.
  23. Sorry to double post, but I just had a look at Busch Gardens FB page to see what people are saying about the park, and they are getting absolutely blasted in their reviews section. I think TPR could help change that! Seriously, Fuck these people!
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