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  1. Bruno Mars is a "he" not a "they".... Every year people get so hyped for the commercials and end up disappointed. I can't remember a single "good commercial year", and this year was more of the same from everyone. I honestly thought this was a great year for ads, and going back and checking my tweets, there were a lot I forgot about that were really good. -Like everyone else said, the Radio Shack one was decent, but their stores are still dated looking, even with the ravamp lol -The Maserati commercial was god awful -The Jaguar commercial on the other hand was a highlight. -I don't really get the big deal about the Coke commercial. All of their commercials are bland and uninteresting, and this one was no exception. -I kinda dug the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial, although some might call it selling out. -The Matrix commercial had me yelling "what decade is it?" -I liked Tebow's two commecials. Really showed how many things he's better at than throwing a football. -The Doberhuahua commercial with the Sarah McLaughlin cameo was pretty excellent. -I liked the Jerry Ricecake commercial -The Chevy commercial with the bulls was almost vomit inducing. -McDonalds bad lip reading was as great as the YouTube videos -Ellen in the Beats commercial was the weirdest endorsement of the game. -I loved the Volkswagen commercial with all the Engineers. -Muppets and Terry Crews was fun. -GoDaddy gave us Buff Danika Patrick, which is something I really did not need. -And the Esurance Hashtag commercial was the smartest ad ever.
  2. Honestly, I couldn't tell you, but Antojitos on the other hand, has like 200 different Tequilas.
  3. I ate at Red Oven a couple weeks ago. I'd also recommend eating there, lol. I had the fennel sausage pie and it was excellent. It's not a full service like Antojitos, instead you order at a counter and they bring your food out to your table. It's similar to Be Our Guest Counter Service, in that they give you a locater to put on your table that tells them where to bring the food. The pizzas are all thin crust, and done in a more italian style than something you'd find in New York or Chicago; lots of weird names, lol. It actually took quite a while to get my pizza, but it was well worth the wait. Crispy around the edges, but soft towards the middle, and with an abundance of toppings. It's a decent value at about $12-14 for a 12" pizza. I ate one myself, but it could easily be split between two people. And like Antojitos, they do have AP discounts.
  4. I had a chance to eat at Antojitos the day it opened. I'm one of the few who doesn't hate the exterior of the building. I think if they would have just stuck with a plain brown facade, it would have looked pretty boring looking. Not saying I love the way it looks now, but I don't find it revolting like most. The patio outside is great, and I'm sure it will be packed on those beautiful summer nights. Right now, though, it's been a little cold to sit out there. When I visited, it was pouring and the ground was really slick; saw quite a few people almost eat it. I didn't get a chance to see the VW Bus out front, but it should balance out the view from the front. The restaurant interior is a trip. The walls are adorned with all kinds of art, from graffiti to traditional Mexican landscapes. It's not my favorite looking inside, but I can't say it's not great to look at. I was seated on the main level in the back of the dining room near the stage. Never saw any activity on it, but I'm sure they'll put it to good use. My waiter was very helpful throughout the meal, although I couldn't help noticing how god awful their costumes were. Short sleeve white button ups, with embroidered blue trim, under a denim jacket...... They would have been ugly in the 90s. Didn't affect his service though. He kept my drink full, and refilled my chip basket a couple times. The chips themselves were fairly decent, a little under salted for my taste, but they were brought out hot and fresh. The salsa on the other hand was a bit of a letdown. I liked the abundance of cilantro, but I'm not a huge fan of their liquidy style. I much prefer ones like the corn salsa at Chipotle, light on liquid, and lots of chunks. This was just too mushy for me. This is where my issues with the place end. I chose the Duck Tacos as my entree, deciding to try something a little outside the box. They came out after a very short wait, and the plating was excellent. Three tacos stood up in a rack, with a miniature cast iron pot and lid holding the rice and beans. Even better than the presentation, was the taste. I wouldn't call myself an expert in Mexican food, but each item was the best version I've ever had. The rice, beans, duck, and the tacos themselves were all out of this world. Seasoned and sauced really well, the tacos were pretty small, but filled with mostly meat, and the rice and bean combo was outstanding for something I wouldn't usually order. I can't wait to get back here and try some more things on the menu. I've heard nothing but good things from other reviews, which is just making me more excited. And the price makes it easy to justify coming back. I think I paid around $20 for the tacos, a soda, and three boats of chips and salsa.
  5. Chickie and Pete's seems the most likely, although I'd still like to see them add something with a little more of a Minnesota flair.
  6. Could be any number of Half-Pipes, Shuttle Loops, or Impulses. (I'm sure there are a few other coaster types with similar layouts)
  7. After Earth in the Best Movie Quotes thread...
  8. You can say that again. Even when driving from Minneapolis to Branson/KC, and to St. Louis, it was still way the heck out of the way.
  9. Tonight was crazy foggy! Visibility on World Drive was like 50 feet on my way home.
  10. Between the front entrance and the High Roller turnaround, where Dinosaurs Alive is currently.
  11. Man, that list makes me feel like I desperately need a trip up north. All I've got in the top ten are Outlaw Run and The Voyage. 10-30 though, I've got almost all of the American woodies.
  12. Little nervous about the new location, as the old one was very heavily wooded and had a lot of great elevation changes. It's nice to see them bringing the Autos back, but hopefully they don't just plop them down in an unshaded grassy field.
  13. I haven't heard Wing Coaster, but I have heard B&M Hyper somewhere between the Nautilus theatre and Happy Harbor.
  14. You are not the first to pass this way... . . . and you vill not be the last . . ." Well, maybe you might be; when Frozen hits!
  15. So did anyone else have the chance to try Warm Butterbeer? I honestly wasn't a huge fan. I mean it tasted good, but the way people were praising it on Twitter, you would have thought it was liquid sex. Don't get me wrong, I love the Butterbeer topping, (which I'm pretty sure they've been messing around with, it seems like the foam continues to expand the longer it sits), but the warm drink itself was basically just milk, butterscotch, and marshmallow. Really just a latte without the espresso. It tasted faintly of the other two styles, but the fact that it was only served lukewarm was kind of annoying and puts it at the bottom of the WWoHP exclusive drinks, (after Pumpkin Fizz, both Butterbeers, and Pumpkin Juice).
  16. Sitting in Antojitos at the moment. Just finished some excellent duck tacos. Probably the best duck and best tacos I've ever had. The side of rice and beans were also excellent. The restaurant itself is a little weird looking inside, but if all the food is this good, I'll be here often. PS: AP Discounts FTW!
  17. Because when was the last time CF bought a TGG woodie...? Come to think of it, TGG hasn't built a full-size wooden coaster in America since Ravine Flyer II, and I think there' s a reason for that.
  18. I'm not so much a coaster enthusiast as I am a themed environment enthusiast. I love the thrills, and have really enjoyed a lot of coasters, but give me a Forbidden Journey or an American Werewolf In London Haunt any day!
  19. After a little mix up with the mail I finally got my "Care Package" today after much salivating over everyone else's in this thread. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting it together! Between this one and the IAAPA one I got through Coasting for Kids, I swimming in the Company Brochures and Park maps! 3 Brand New Shirts, including the Ride Entertainment/IAAPA/Give Kids the World Polo Brouchures from Rocky Mountain, Maurer Sohne, Intamin, Premier, and ProSlide ICW Magnet and Lip Quenching Balm Muppet MidShip Map and Playing Card. Also Disneyland and Monstrous Summer Buttons. TPR Cooling Towel, Poncho, Stickers, Pin, Ornament, Pen, Flashlight, Luggage Tag, Pens, and Mints Mini Tokyo Tour Bus, Cartoon Spin Ride Vehicle, Electric Railway Vehicle, TDL 30th Anniversary Bag, 2 Hello Kitty Stamps, Mini Puplip Plush, Buzz Lightyear Plush Cube, Toy Story Alien Charm, 2 animal charms, TDSea Mickey Pin, Random Anime Vending Machine Toy, Super Mario Bros Wii Bowser Wash Cloth, Random vinyl circle fishy thing. Park maps from 3 Continents, including multiple Disney and Universal Resorts The whole lot! Don't mind the mess on the bed. 3 DVDs!
  20. Keep in mind the park has a lot more to do than just coasters. Iceploration is a fantastic show, and i would argue it's "can't miss". Walkabout Way and the Aviary are both really cool animal encounters that allow you to get up close to feed and pet some exotic animals. Make sure you look at the feeding times through out the day, as they give you unique opportunities to see the animals brought to the front of the enclosures. And be sure to ride the train as it's the best way to see the animals on the Serengeti Safari. If you arrive early and knock out all of the coasters in the early hours, you can spend the busiest part of the day doing the rest of the park before returning to the coasters for the last few hours.
  21. I'll gladly trade you our inverted coaster for yours. I'd much rather have an impulse than an SLC. And I would much rather have Thunderhawk than Steel Venom. That ride is very smooth for an SLC, and has a lot more re-rideability than SV.
  22. Isn't Banshee like 30 feet shorter than Alpengeist...? More than a few feet at least. (And isn't Wicked Twister technically taller at 206'?) I wouldn't hold your breath on CF ever building the tallest invert. In fact I wouldn't expect any one to build one any time soon.
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