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  1. I would hope they get a new parade in before then! I was under the impression that the new night time show would open in 2016. Seems like they'd be able to run a parade again once that happens.
  2. Yeaaah, I don't think the park's drop tower is 200'. I would be willing to bet the Windseeker will be 200' though! EDIT: The park's site does say their space shot is 200 feet, but I really don't remember it being that tall.
  3. If that is the case, then I guess we have nothing to worry about. Despite that, it still feels a little embarrassing because Banshee is already finished with track construction, and this area still doesn't look like much. Something else to consider is the fact that Banshee probably will require more preparation and testing than standard flats will. Nothing embarrassing about it. And the fact that its been 30 below zero for the past two years in Minneapolis.
  4. Oh boy, another parade closing?!? You know what that means: Another Random Dance Party!!!
  5. Funny, I just had this for the first time on Sunday. Ended up spending $14 for the sandwich, a side or fries, an Oreo cupcake the size of my head, and a souvenir refill. Might be the first time I've ever truly felt full from an amusement park meal. I was kind of bummed, though, because later on when I was walking through the BB&BBQ event area, there was a booth selling chicken and waffles with Red Pepper Flake Syrup for $5.99. Looked like a decent amount of food for a very decent price. I'll definitely be going back to try it if I end up going back again for the event.
  6. I'll second the Smokehouse. SeaWorld parks always have great BBQ! But I'd also give a shout out to the Crown Colony Restaurant. Pretty unique decor, and you can't beat that view of the African Plains.
  7. Oh Hell Yes! Theses are one of my favorite slide types, and by far the best spin off of the Aqua Racer. The one at Noah's Ark is a great slide, and probably in my top three! Way more excited for this than Aquatica's new slide.
  8. It's about damn time! It was such an eyesore, in what was otherwise a gorgeous area of the park. When Planet Snoopy went in they added that beautiful water feature in front of the Ferris Wheel, but left the wheel itself, stripped down to its bare frame. Probably the best looking spot in the park!
  9. Okay, but we're still talking about 1990s money. Forbidden Journey's got a lot more groundbreaking technology and that ride barely hit $100 million. And that was in 2010 money. Find me a source that says it ran anywhere near $200 million and we'll talk.
  10. I don't hate this layout, but without the little bunny hop they took out after its first few years, the straight away after the drop is a little weird.
  11. Definitely Jaws! So happy I got to ride it right before it closed. Rode it 7 times that day, and I'm hoping it won't be gone, by the time I get to Osaka. A few other notables: -Alien Encounter at TMK -Dueling Dragons at IOA -Back to the Future at USF
  12. I think the difference between Universal and Disney in the next few years, is that we know everything Disney is building through 2017/18. With Universal, there are very reputable rumors for King Kong, Jurassic Park, WonderSea Island, and a 5th Hotel, that haven't and won't be announced until they are well under construction. Heck they've already started land clearing in separate areas in Jurassic Park for two areas themed to different IPs. Universal is not slowing down, and Disney is definitely not catching up in terms of new attractions. Think about Avatar, they made the announcement in 2011, 6 years before its expected opening date. With Diagon Alley, they didn't make the official announcement until last fall, less than a year before opening.
  13. Had such a great time last night at the opening night of Mardi Gras. Didn't really expect to enjoy the parade as much as I did, not really being a parade person, but it was so much fun! The floats themselves are awesome, loved the Day of the Dead and the Steampunk style ones. I had an awesome spot right at the beginning of the route, which meant I got to see the floats at the beginning and the end. Didn't even have to stake out a spot early either. Went to the 6:30 Horror Make-Up Show (my favorite Team Members were performing) and just walked out the exit and parked myself on the street right as the parade started. The atmosphere was awesome and the walking performers were great! Also I caught so many beads. I didn't really try, but they just toss them everywhere, and it's either catch them or let them bean you. Ended up with at least 100 strands, which I ended up giving to a couple of little kids, who's eye just lit up. Can't wait to get back next weekend when there's a tolerable band playing, even if they did shit all over SeaWorld.
  14. No it didn't. Spider-man came in at a lot closer to $100 million. I googled this and researched it on another TPR forum and the general consensus was that the price was around $200 million. Just quoting the facts I read. There's just no way. That was what? 15 years ago? I understand that the software to do the moving 3D was expensive, but besides that, there really isn't anything overly complicated with the ride. Motion simulators have been done, the sets are great, but nothing overly crazy, and while the screens are impressive in scale, they are just screens.
  15. No it didn't. Spider-man came in at a lot closer to $100 million. Even Forbidden Journey was less than $100 million. Disney dark rides on the other hand, rarely fall under a $100 million any more, with rides like Radiator Springs Racers pushing $200 million. That has more to do with the different ways the companies are set up than the actual attractions themselves. Don't expect Dollywood to ever add anything that expensive though. There are a lot better ways the park could spend $100 million. Now as far as this mystery attraction, I don't think a RMC is out of the question. The price doesn't exactly have to match Wild Eagle at $20 million. When you factor in themeing, a new train station, and a new esplanade for the ride, that $10-12 million Outlaw Run cost, quickly balloons to $16-20 million. Also keep in mind that Outlaw Run is a pretty short ride, and if they wanted to spend the money, they could add a couple more thousand feet of track, raising the price again.
  16. While I can't say I love the new front page, (it still looks a bit dated to me), I can appreciate the amount of work that went into the redesign. It certainly looks a million times better than it did!
  17. What relevant themes does Six Flags still have the rights to? DC and Takis? I'm sure Sally has tried to pitch them their Justice League dark ride concept, but I think we've got a better shot at a Taki themed walkthrough.
  18. And to think, we've got 6 more food options opening at CityWalk by June.
  19. Guests without tickets won't even make it to the entrance of the train station, let alone the train itself. There are going to be ticket gates that guests must pass through when exiting and entering each park. This is where you'll need to show your Park to Park. The yellow structure in the foreground is the turnstyle. The brick structure way in the back is the actual station itself.
  20. After Valleyfair dropped their Challenge Park Upgrade for Season Passes, I never rode the go-karts again. It was always fun to go for a few cycles when the park got really busy, but they're not fast enough to warrant actually paying for each run. That being said, the track was pretty interesting, it just took up to much prime real estate.
  21. If the rumored plot for Jurassic World is true, I think that'll be my favorite. Supposedly they want to set this one a few years after the others, when the Park has actually been open to the public for some time.
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