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  1. I dare say, a comparison of Knoebels is not complete without mentioning the Skooters, Flyer, Grand Carousel and Haunted Mansion. I love Kennywood also but would rather ride The Flyer and Skooters over any coaster at Kennywood. And that is not a knock on Kennywood.
  2. I love em all also but will go with Superman Krypton Coaster for its uniqueness and setting in addition to a great ride
  3. Having been to all parks in the poll I would select Knoebels for a family, unless your family is adrenaline junkies. There is plenty to do, it's relaxing, lines are rarely present and best of all economical. If all your family members are big coaster fans I'd pick Cedar Point over Great Adventure, mainly based on atmosphere ad as Parktrips says it is a mecca.
  4. my faves: Blue Streak @ CLP - the only drop I can not do with my hands up, violently serious air Cyclone @ Astroland - just plain scary Hades - into the tunnel to Hell Roar @ SFA - practically tosses you out of the side of the car Shivering Timbers - perfect floater air, out of my seat for 3/4 of the drop best non-first drop - Cyclops (stands out because I wasn't impressed with the rest of the ride)
  5. gum walls, gum posts, gum on the ground I have never liked gum
  6. I always contemplate telling the girl that asks me that I'll only take a picture if she is in it with me. However, these girls must be warned about this in training becuase whenever I visit the park solo the youngs girls with cameras ignore the 38 year old guy.
  7. People who pay an average of $60 for a season pass and visit the park 20 times bringing their average visit down to $3 and then complaining about the park raping them on expensive food. things that annoy me: a coaster full of screaming pre-teen girls smoking in queues trains with empty seats when the ride ops don't even call out for single riders groups of 4 in front of me that don't understand if I slide ahead of them to fill a empty seat that I am not causing them to miss a ride idiots who refuse to get off the rails when the ride ops ask idiots who push on the air gates people who complain when their kids don't meet the minimum height requirement people who refuse to try the test seat and then complain when they can't fit on the actual ride. a lot of things annoy me, I could go on forever
  8. I came across a magazine article stating that this is one of the better factory tours in the US. I wish I had known about this two years ago when I had a day to kill in Jax [/url]http://sallycorp.com/company/tours.htm sorry if I messed up the hyperlink
  9. Personally, The Comet just didn't do it for me. Maybe I caught it on a bad day last summer. LaRonde was a charming little place, easy to get to by public transportation with some unique, well run flats. Too bad the coasters aren't on par.
  10. Also, when I was at SFStL in April (during Final 4) they allowed one reride on the coasters (except Mr. Freeze) for the first 2 hours of park operations. They just quickly stopped the train in the station before sending it out again.
  11. September 2004 - 8 times on Xcelerator, 6 times on Ghost Rider Labor Day 2005 - 6 times on Skyliner at Lakemont July 2000 I went to Coney Island on a slow week day and rode The Cyclone 6 or 7 times without getting off with my wristband
  12. so you ask - the best eight parks outside of Florida. It all depends on what you want but here are my thoughts on a Top 11 lumped geographically in you take 3 trips. MidWest - SF Great America, Indiana Beach, Holiday World West - SF Magic Mountain, KBF East - Cedar Point, Kennywood, Knoebels, SF Great Adventure, BG Williamsburg, HersheyPark If I had to list only 8, I'd take out KBF, SFGAm and Kennywood, but if you are that close to these parks you won't go wrong visting these 3 also. To me Knoebels, Cedar Point and BGW are the ones that have all 3 qualities that you favor: great rides, quality staff, good food and scenery. here are the slight deficiencies i see at each other park if it helps you make a decision: SFGAm - Scenery Indiana Beach - Food Holiday World - coasters are great, but lack of quality flats SFMM - Food, Staff KBF - Scenery, lack great variety in flats Kennywood - Scenery SFGAdv - Staff, Food HersheyPark - Scenery
  13. I'm glad that coaster05 and his wife are reserved as I know them and can vouch they are good people. Too bad I can't vouch for myself!
  14. ^damn Joe I didn't know you were here too. I can't keep track of all your screen names. Thanks for the comments on the time between Atlanta other places. Driving from Atlanta to North Florida always seemed to take forever to me. I'll update my suggestions per your notes
  15. thanks another friend and his wife are supposed to be sending their deposit checks in to you this week, I will tell them to get out it
  16. I'm new here (but not to coaster and APs) and just sent my check in for the UK trip based on the great TRs from the 2005 Europe excursion. Sounds like fun and I hope my check arrives to Robb in time.
  17. my suggestion: this is based on minimizing driving time on the trip (less than 2-3 hours a day ideally but 5-6 hours max a day) Also, there are many smaller parks near these bigger parks but again I wanted to avoid hours of side trips. Day 1 - Coney Island and Lake Compounce (the Cyclone is better in the AM and Boulder is better at night) about a 2-3 hour drive between parks Day 2 - Knoebels (about 4 hours from Lake Compounce) Day 3 - HersheyPark (about 1-2 hours from Knoebels) this is an area where you could potential hit some smaller parks but only Williams Grove is within an hour of the itinerary) Day 4 - Dorney Park (about 1-2 hours from HP) Day 5 - Six Flags Great Adventure (2 hours from Dorney) Day 6 - Morey's Piers (the best of the Jersey's Amusement Boardwalks) (about 2 hours from SFGAdv) Day 7 - Six Flags America (about 3 hours from Morey's Piers) Day 8 - Paramount King's Dominion (About 3 hours from SFA) Day 9 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (About 1 1/2 hours from PKD) Day 10 - Paramount Carowinds (About 5 hours from BGW) Day 11 - Six Flags over Georgia - (About 5 hours from Carowinds), if SFoG wasn'tan all day park I would suggest trying Lake Winnepesaukah also) Day 12 - Wild Adventures (only because it is along the way and prevents a long drive between Atlanta and Tampa) (3-4 hours fron SFoG) Day 13 - BGT (3-4 hours from Wild Adventures) Day 14 - hit Orlando the time between parks is based on my own recollections of driving and may not be accurate. Certain side trips could occur from certain places if you fancy such such Six Flags New England (less than 2 hours from Lake Compunce) or Dollywood (about 5 hours fron SFoG) but these would create longer drives on other legs of the trip. Rye playand is on the way between Coney Island and Lake Compounce, but not worth the money IMHO. Also, while Dania Beach Hurricane is a neat little woodie I would not suggest driving from Orlando to the Fort Lauderdale area and back just to ride it unless you were planning to drive to Miami anyway. This total trip should put you on quite few woodies that are better than DBH in my opinion (Cyclone, Boulder Dash, Phoenix, Twister, Lightning Racer, Wild One, Roar, Georgia Cyclone)
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