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  1. I've been skateing for 8 years, I have a Zero board with some old pos Fast Forward trucks I skate with Converse, and my favorite team is probably Vol too. Oh my favorite pro is Rodney Mullen.
  2. I thought you did already On topic, I've probobly seen atleast 15-18 Tornadoes
  3. Well, considering Im under a Tornado watch right now, Im have my fair share of 'em.
  4. ^ You should totaly do that, It would confuse alot of people, but it would be awesome!
  5. No offense but, stop posting these goddamn death coasters! I thought you got banned a looong time ago....
  6. Woah, I had no idea they had a motion simulator in the same place of the fire.. kind stupid. To add the 8 skeletons to the main gate.. Did the mean that??
  7. Lol, I just saw Dwight playing this on the Office!
  8. If its anything like Texas Giant Migrane, then its a Pos. But we don't have a trim on the drop!
  9. Wow, Thanks for all the info. Do you have any other info on the other mountains?
  10. Aren't you going a little overboard with the contests... This one sounds fun, so Im gonna be in.
  11. Sorry everyone! I forgot it was April (Time flies) Anyway, Please don't vote for yourself.
  12. I like Rage, some Flogging Molly is nice too.
  13. Thanks for the pics of SFOT. The week you came was very cold and wet.. but nice to see you had a good time
  14. I didn't know creeps supported anti-drug commercials.... On a second note... Inside jokes are the new fad?
  15. Thanks for all the tips. I got my tickets today, came with some luggage tags and coupons. They also pick up your luggage at the airport and bring it to your hotel room! Also, one of the coupons is for 90 for the price of 60 Minutes on a Sea Raycer (Those tiny boats on the lake) Should I try one out?
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