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  1. Your going to want to make the supports as usuall, then make to nodes close together and have them a little bigger then the support you just built.
  2. Lol, I think you might like Flip, am I right?
  3. ^ Well, the other two family members who are coming with me don't really like coasters.. So I'll have to take advantage of the single rider line! - David
  4. Alright, heres the story. My Family had the "Great" idea of making a blog... I am gonna post, for the heck of it, Adding the "Coaster Nerd" dosage to the mix. Most of my family is on there, the exception of my Mom, who isn't really with this side of the family. Anyway, look around, read some posts, and if your going to comment, please refrain from bad language, (Personally I'm ok with it, but the rest of my family isn't) or just plain stupid stuff, It will be deleted. Anyway this is it! Thanks for checking it out, - David
  5. Lol, Richard, you can see the back of my head! Im on TPR!
  6. I love GTA, and if they let you ride Cyclone, I love it even more!
  7. Am I the only one who still wears Adios?
  8. In the scenary section, scroll down a bit, it should be there. If you are wondering how to add pictures, just hit browse and find your pic in the folder it is in.
  9. Not sure if this has been said yet, but SFOT supposable has a ghost of a young girl who died in a creek on property. She haunts the yellow food building near the intersection of the entrance of Titan and the road torwads Texas Giant. She likes to fool with the security guards trying to open the door. I wouldn't be walking in the park at night though..
  10. An American solider during WW2 was captured and put in a German pow camp. In the camp they have to amputate his leg, they do, and the American asks "Can you send it to my base, they might be able to sew it back on", The Germans agree. Next week they amputate his other leg, He asks again, they agree. Then they need to amputate his arm, He asks, but the German replies, "No, we think your trying to escape".
  11. Make those baby Koalas a baby Kangroos and maybe some Cadbury, Then Maybe. Actually, I wish I could go, but seeing as I have 92.36 dollars in my bank account, I'll have to decline. Have fun though! - David
  12. ^ Those I won't go on... I probably would get sick on those, and they don't thrill me!
  13. Muppetvistion 3d, such a tearjerker....
  14. Btw, That creek at the bottum is NOT a landing pool, unless you want us to bleed from the ass... Theres abunch of rocks and glass an shit... I dont feel like digging all that up.
  15. I would... since your building it on my land.. but sadly I dont have rct2...
  16. Yes, well some. The "Some" would be traveling Pinfaris where the whole ride sways with 5 mph winds...
  17. ^ Ah, but Vekoma's do have there moments...
  18. In the picture you have explaining the dirty windows, Is that waterslide like the one at SFHH in Texas? Nice Tr though.
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