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  1. Yeah, I had my doubts at first if it was going to open on time, but damn it went up fast!
  2. I see SFOT everyday, Its ok... I guess...
  3. LOL, your going to love the mug! Its like living in a vaporizer.
  4. Making a statement like that without giving any reasons does nothing but make you look ignorant. All Im saying is that alot of the stuff in her books are lies. She's just an overrated redneck right wing fundamentalist woman... Dare I quote her for the rest to see?
  5. being 5ft tall 200mph launched coaster...
  6. ^^ Thats such a stupid book. I've kicked a ball around with Mia Hamm, and no not what your thinking. Dirty...
  7. So wait, there selling just selling the hub not the supports and stuff?
  8. Yay! You just got me really excited about my stay at WDW. I miss those midday rain storms! Ps *600th Post*
  9. Ohh yeah, if you catch my drift. Did you catch my drift?
  10. ^ I have no idea, Hell I didn't even know they had solar panels!
  11. Er, Still nothing, I have high expectations don't I?
  12. I've already tried longboards, I dunno I guess its not really my style.
  13. Just saw this on the news! http://cgi.ebay.com/The-Original-Pacific-Wheel-Ferris-Wheel_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ13878QQihZ019QQitemZ290222956722QQrdZ1 I'm pretty sure this is legitimate. Too bad its for sale, wonder what the fate of the rest of the pier is? It says on Ebay that 50% of the money goes to the Special Olmypics of So Cal. So right now that means 25,000 dollars! Im sure Ellissa will be glad to hear that Quote from Ebay seller From Ebay
  14. Ooh man, I want to go there! And those pictures of Mind Bender are actually pretty good, I love that loop in the ground thing. And that tent in the parking lot at SFOT was a Virtual Army Game, you get to go in Humvees and shoot stuff.
  15. Dane Cook is AWESOME. You fail at knowing whats funny.
  16. ^ I thought that was real for a second! Thats awesome that it will feature real comedians, maybe some Dane Cook, and maybe you can assasinate Jim Gaffigan??
  17. Only if the Beaver where that tampon. Thats almost as bad as the one with the viagra commercial with two guys, and a piano, playing a duet, without there hands.... So, how was your day?
  18. To be truthfull, Mr. Freeze (SFOT) launch isn't that great. Polty at SFFT is great though, does anyone notice torwards the end of the launch it slows down a bit?
  19. Lol, for the longest time I haven't been able to land a Nose grind, Ok so today I was hanging with some friends, You know, just chillin'. I decide I want to land that Nose grind, I try it, and I just stick it... It felt so good. After that, we were skating near this local lake, on the sidewalk, I try a kick flip (Which Im known to be good at) and right when I landed it, it slipped underneath me, and flew right into the lake, So I went swimming today!
  20. I don't know about SFOG's Mind Bender, but SFOT's Shockwave has plenty o' airtime, and I have never felt in danger. Same thing with El Toro, airtime till it hurts, but I feel safe.
  21. Cause I just bought a Paintball Gun called a MR-2, seriously Frogilicious?
  22. Not that I can think of. I do it all by hand. That too, and try turning off "Caps Lock" while writing the title, Its gonna turn more people away then attract.
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