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  1. Rangers is maybe half a mile from Six Flags entrance. I park at the very edge of the parking lot to go to Rangers games. Cowboys is about 5 miles away from Rangers.
  2. Me too! Even I am Legend made me nauseous from some of those shaky scenes!
  3. Can I have some? I really want some older pics from my home park!
  4. One at a Time!! Peter: Have You ever sat on your hand until it got numb and played with yourself? Meg Boyfriend: Tell you the truth... Yes Peter: Not anymore because your dating my daughter!
  5. "Head On Apply Directly to the Fore Head Head On!"
  6. Eeew Just like on I Am Legend I Get to see my sisters dorm blow up! On wiki they say Military are going to nuke New York Heres a Vid of the Monster SPOILER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KcYrGxsNIQ&feature=related I was going to post it on here but it wouldnt work
  7. Except for that new Cowboys staduim they are building in Arlington. You know, the one right down the street from our MLB stadium? Neither of those are in Dallas! Yeah I guess your right God I Hate Sports!
  8. Was the Marina like a bumber boat type thing? Looks kinda fun.
  9. ^ No rednecks know how to use some grammer! Allow me to demonstrate Hey Billie Joe look here at the race car box! Yeah! another left turn! Go shoot that Possum out side with the bb gun! Hey Look what I can do!
  10. You can go to the Rangers Stadium and if the game ever sucks you can walk to Six Flags! But Arlington is going to be hell with the cowboys stadium coming in. Arlington was already crowded. What if IKEA is PIKEA? Would they sell pies? Hey Kraken change the thread name to Ikea superthread!
  11. Is IKEA all capitalized because there so great therfore they need big letters to tell everyone there great?
  12. Cloverfield, Sounds ok but I get to see my sisters dorm room blow up! Be kind rewind, Jack Black is fat therfore he is funny
  13. Ah it's nothing. Only up in Lubbock is were you get all the Football crap. Sports isnt a big deal in Tarrant County area. And yes Ikea is in Frisco! Yeah for cheap Italian stuff!
  14. Amen. Except my girlfriend has nothing to do with all the cowboy stuff You'll find that that stays in the state fairs.
  15. Howdy, I saw this thread and I had to write in. I'm from Ft. Worth (20 or so minutes from Frisco) and Its a nice place to live. Our weather is nice with a few storms from the March to August range, And yes it does get blazing hot in the summers, but other then that the weather is good. Themepark wise, I haven't herd any flack against SFOT or SFFT. I've heard some say it the greatest SF park ever. Anyway the main thing I hate here is the Right wing close minded republicans. But if you are one, You should fit right in. Anyways, Good luck on that move, Weathers nice here now, so it shouldn't be too hard to move. And most of all Welcome to Texas! - Dave
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