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  1. Explain...? Wtf is Dvc?
  2. Yep, Me and Riccoasetr were there today, saw them filming around Texas Giant and Gotham City, Intresting....
  3. ^ I didn't punch anyone either, I just grabed him by the scruff and pulled him
  4. Last week, Small town. When was the last time you seriously injured yourself?
  5. About 2000 Dollars right? 20 buck for a new flight simulater.
  6. Bad Karma Huh? I have actually been punched by a kid I wouldn't let pass me. He was younger then me so I draged him to the ride op and got him ejected from the park
  7. Oh, and aren't they just the most kind fun loving people ever? Thanks for all the advice!
  8. The Rodeo? I think that counts as a Tilt-A-Whirl.
  9. Dude, That must have been really awkward...
  10. Yeah, I might call them.. Its not like im gonna go running and screaming down the Utiladoors.. Or am I??
  11. Man, I looked the "Keys to the Kingdom" and its only 60.00 Dollars, not to bad right? Well I scroll down a peice, and It says people under 16 can not go on the tour, So im kinda pissed.
  12. ^ What is a stallation? Im guessing one of the pylons that is connected to the motor fell off.
  13. Thank you! Thats the answer to just about everything, Politics, religoun...
  14. OMG, That looks horrible! It scared me at first. Damn, Im sure they might sue.... God no more flats for me! P.s Is that real!?!?!
  15. Ok maybe not that exact wording, Lemme reprase that, Become there friend first, then ask.
  16. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? Most of the time, updates of some of the TPR trips 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? Nothing really. 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? Its a little, but its not hard to get used to it. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? Not at all 5. How often do you look at the front page? Everyday 6. How often do you click on the "whatsnew" link? I haven't 7. What would you like to see added to the front page to make your visits to TPR better? Just a suggestion but have a "Best of each thread of the week link". 8. Anything else you would like to mention? Like any thing else you would like to see us add/change/leave alone/etc? Nope, everything looks good!
  17. ^ Ha, "The Friend Zone", Yeah but take his advice, not too long. And like others said, suck it up, walk up to them, and say "You wanna go out?".
  18. Thanks, I am going to ride RnR, It's a credit. And we already have reservations to the Sci-Fi Diner (Little much?)
  19. Hi, I have been to WDW before, but not as a theme park enthusiast. I haven't even ridden "Rock 'N' Rollercoaster" Any way do you have any reccomendations, I.e The seat on so and so ride is better then the rest. I have reservations to WDW for 8 days 7 nights in the Pop Centurery Resort. The reservations are set for May 3-11. Is it crowded in the time frame im there? Someone also reccomended the better slide for the "Crush 'N' Gusher", He said something about the middle slide... More airtime or somthing . Anyway, thanks in advance - David "Sooo Excited" Gaston
  20. They had one in the series except it was a magnetic crane and a guy in a metal robot box thing.
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