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  1. ^ Whoopie! I remember in Sims 1 I used to place people in doorless rooms and make 'em light firecrackers!
  2. At SFOT, most of the abandoned rides are already replaced, I.e The Sky Ride station is replaced with Texas Giants photo booth.
  3. Ok, Everything looks great! As for breaks, Just have skids, As in have them but dont make it stop all the way. And the color is fine, but this isnt NL where you can just tell someone to clikc and change the color, you have to go buy new paint.
  4. 1. Montu 2. Raptor 3. DD Fire 4. DD Ice 5. Alpengiest 6. Patriot 7. Talon 8. BTR GADV 9. BTR MM 10. BTR SFOT
  5. Yes, I do believe this is WAY overpriced, but Im not going to harrass the company just to get it down. I always thought if you think the pass is too much then just by single tickets each time you go. I don't know the ticket price to season pass ratio but usally its cheaper to go with the pass.
  6. 1. Medal Of Honor 2. Call of Duty 3. Medal Of Honor Pacific Theatre 4. Call of Duty 2 5. Medal Of Honor Frontlines 6. Call of Duty 3 7. Call of Duty 4 8. Medal Of Honor Airbourne 9. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 10. Mario Bros
  7. SFOT - Buy Unused land behind BTR (Shopping Center) Add Flats or small coaster -Take Texas Giant out replace with Intamin Woodie - Take Flashback out replace with Intamin Halfpipe - Re add La Salles Boat Ride - Re Add Skull Island - Re add Tower slide
  8. Oooh Yeah.. You think your car gets bad mileage. I wish...
  9. Thats what I use, and I have to do them one by one.
  10. So wait, If I join I pick a color, I pick Yellow if it hasn't been picked yet.
  11. 2 months ago in Denver When Was the last time you broke somthing?
  12. American Eagle Pants, nothing else Sexy Huh?
  13. I wanna do the supports! Can I!? Huh? Huh? Huh? I can do great supports! Can I do it anyway just to show you!? I suck at making them but supporting I can do.
  14. Sorry for the double post, but I can get you a bigger image of that if you'd like.
  15. ^ Sorry to hear that, Glad you got over it though, I guess I really shouldnt bitch over a simple middle school relationship. This is officialy now the Emo page.
  16. Hi, Second Tr on SFOT 3/12/08. Im going to be posting these atleast once a week, do you think I should make a update thread like Jahans SFMM one? DSC00772.bmp Finished up riding everything went home and picked up some food, Hi Elissa DSC00755.bmp Rode Judge, they had these ducks at the exit, and after this picture they nearly bit me. DSC00756.bmp I ran into in XanderLee on Mine Train, I think he broke it. DSC00760.bmp Giant from Oil Derrick DSC00757.bmp I love Freeze. DSC00698.bmp They're made for eachother! DSC00697.bmp I still miss "The Right Stuff" but I guess this is better then Spongebob. DSC00696.bmp It was like this most of day. DSC00695.bmp New sign for the "Million Dollar Renovation" DSC00694.bmp Ok I dont have many entrance photos, So here is some of the stuff passed it DSC00771.bmp Ouch.. DSC00770.bmp Hi SFOT!
  17. Its cool, Got a little edgy on the laterals. And te airtime hill over the station has NO supports on it!
  18. ^ Yep I actually saw people get there stuff thrown out! They just need to have a central locker unit and charge about 13 ish dollars, It would be the same cost if you rode everything. The lockers the have now are not the best.
  19. No, It will just fall off and land in a dimension populated totaly by dogs who will eat it.
  20. ^^^ Does that have anything to do with religon??
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